• The Award for Headteacher of the Year in a Primary School (sponsored by Hays)
  • Allerton CE Primary School
  • Gold Winners, Silver Winners
  • 2022
  • Leeds, West Yorkshire

As an Alumni of Bretton Hall, Leeds University, Helen has evidenced throughout her 30-year career a burning passion that the Arts are not the additional advantage of the privileged but the transformative right for every young citizen. She is a strong, inspirational and open leader with the courage to take risks – always with a smile – and tenacity to see projects through to fruition. She has gathered partners and forums together and led those with purpose.

Justice and opportunity for every child is at the heart of what Helen has dedicated her time and energies to over the years. She is their voice when their voice is not heard. Helen has thoughtfully and creatively transformed her school from 200 children to just over 700. Her vision for Allerton CE Primary has made it the school it is today: flourishing, dynamic and striving for the very best.