Gavin Molloy, St Marys College

Mr Gavin Molloy has been an exceptional teacher of Technology & Design and Engineering at St Mary’s College, Derry for 20 years! But never one to stand still he has recently developed an innovative and creative “DigiTech” curriculum which has inspired his students to develop the knowledge, skills and hands on experience to equip them for an increasingly technological and ever changing world. 

Through his dedication, commitment and passion Mr Molloy has helped pupils engage more in STEM (Science, Technology and Engineering) subjects, achieve the highest possible standards and helped prepare them for STEM related careers. Mr Molloy’s very effective teaching style stimulates pupils’ early interest in STEM subjects by building on what they already know, choosing projects that are relevant and interesting and providing them all with opportunities to engage in many STEM related activities. His passion for teaching is apparent in everything he does, whether that is engaging learners in the classroom, supporting colleagues and other professionals or connecting with engineers, designers and manufactures in his constant pursuit for developing his already immense skills. He truly is a gifted and passionate educator and a worth winner of this prestigious Award.