• The Award for Lifetime Achievement
  • Joseph Leckie Academy
  • Walsall, West Midlands

Gary Craven epitomises the teacher that we all remember for the rest of our lives- fun, energetic, enthusiastic about his subject, caring, exciting, interesting, ambitious and with a seemingly endless drive for improvement and development of both his teaching and others. Gary has been a fundamental part of the structure of Joseph Leckie Academy for over 25 years and there has not been a student who has passed through the school who has not, in some way, been assisted by Gary’s wonderful talent for getting young people to shine. He is versatile, yet knows what works; he is friendly to all he teaches, but all pupils know their boundaries with him; and he has a natural ability to make even the dullest historical topic interesting to the widest of abilities of students. He has been as impactful on the teaching of the school as he has been on the learning of the students.