James Brookes, Sherburn High School

James Brookes is quite simply an inspiration! He is an outstanding teacher; dedicated to his students an exceptional coach and role model and a supportive colleague. When he arrived at Sherburn High School, Mathematics was an extremely unpopular subject. It is now enjoyed by virtually every student and James has played a massive part in making that happen. His reputation beyond the school is phenomenal. It is said by colleagues that wherever you go people will say ‘Sherburn High School; is that where James Brookes works?’ This was reflected recently when a workshop presented by James at a local teaching and learning conference was three times oversubscribed! His is a gifted and inspirational teacher, one whom pupils will remember long years after they have left his classroom and gone on to their careers, his contribution to the futures of the young people in his care is immense, and his is a deserving winner of this prestigious Award.