• The Award for Unsung Hero
  • The Coppice Primary School
  • Silver Winners
  • 2023
  • Worcestershire

A true legend of The Coppice community for a quarter of a century, Elaine’s selfless passion for children’s personal development has enabled thousands of pupils to thrive socially, spiritually and physically. Her playful sense of humour is infectious; if you see a huddle of happy children on the playground, Elaine is probably at the centre, accompanied by two Thrive support dogs and wearing a crazy hat!  

In recent years she has specialised her practice in the provision of Thrive to support pupils’ social and emotional wellbeing. Elaine’s creativity has played a huge part in developing indoor and outdoor wellbeing spaces and she leads a highly successful social club. She lends a helping hand to all types of activity, no matter what personal challenges are involved. Supporting adults and children alike is in her DNA.  

Elaine embraces special events and organises several whole-school activities. She’s a keen supporter of Children in Need and is particularly strong in creating elaborate costumes.