• The Award for Making a Difference - Primary School of the Year
  • East Plean Primary School
  • Silver Winners
  • 2023
  • Scotland

East Plean Learner Leadership programme is a vital aspect of this school’s nurturing environment, empowering young people to value themselves and their role in society. Developing self-awareness and a strong sense of self-worth are integral to health and wellbeing development and progressive skills planning. The Learner Leadership programme focuses on developing skills in meaningful and impactful ways. Learners confidently and willingly engage in training, stand for election and lead.
Each year, Primary 6 pupils are trained to become Curriculum Ambassadors to support younger learners in literacy and numeracy learning. The training looks at communication, feedback, learning approaches, strategies and resources. A Reading Leadership Group and trained Sports Leaders are also key.
The school’s fictional character, Marvel, creates a safe, secure learning environment for children to learn effectively. Over the past five years Marvel’s five-prop toolkit has focused on developing a growth mindset, good listening skills, resilience and self-regulation. Each new aspect of Marvel’s journey has been introduced and shared at assembly, in newsletters and through learner achievements and awards to share the vision.