• The Award for Lifetime Achievement
  • Highgate School
  • 2020
  • Highgate Village, London

Dr Andrew Szydlo has taught Chemistry at Highgate School since 1972, as well as other subjects such as automotive engineering, photography, meteorology, mycology and bee-keeping. He has shared his passion for Chemistry inside and outside the classroom, to the benefit of countless students and numerous colleagues within the school and the wider academic community. Dr. Szydlo is renowned for lessons which incorporate spectacular experiments, such as blowing fire and cooling hot drinks with liquid nitrogen, and even playing the violin while teaching.

Dr. Szydlo is also a key part of Highgate’s award-winning programme of partnership teaching with state schools throughout London. Each year, he performs his demonstration show, ‘As If By Magic’ in over 100 schools and interacts with over 25,000 children. He also lectures throughout the country and across the world, including at the Royal Institution, The University of Cambridge and in Poland, Mauritius and Namibia.