Darren Morgan
  • The Award for Headteacher of the Year in a Primary School
  • Kings Road Primary School
  • Stretford, Manchester

Darren began his successful teaching career in 1998, taking his first Headship in 2010. He joined Kings Road in September 2015 as the Headteacher and embraced a school that needed vision, leadership, morale and support.

Darren has worked tirelessly to establish the school that it is today and has embedded this growth mind set amongst the staff, governors, children and parents. He has built, and leads with conviction, a happy school for everyone! His dedication, passion, drive and ambition for excellence is truly phenomenal. He is a keen sports person and his enthusiasm for sport is infectious with the staff and children.

Darren’s leadership has created a school that is a thriving hive of activity, in order to give all of our children the very best outcomes and life chances.