• The Award for Teaching Assistant of the Year
  • Moorcroft School
  • Silver Winners
  • 2022
  • Uxbridge, Middlesex

Danielle has been at Moorcroft for 17 years and has been a speech and language therapy assistant with the Eden Academy Trust for over 10 years. She is dedicated, knowledgeable and finds time for everyone. She works hard to make each pupil feel valued and important. Danielle has been responsible for many school-wide initiatives that have increased engagement, including a weekly student council, which included all pupils, whatever their abilities. Her determination to make sure that all students should access this in a meaningful way meant thinking in completely new, multi-sensory ways.

She even signed the school up to an environmental award due to her determination for SEND pupils to make a contribution to save the planet. And when other speech and language therapists suggest ideas, Danielle is eager to help and frequently goes one step further by selecting new resources to try out.