Colin Hegarty is nothing less than a Maths superstar. He is an inspirational teacher with a passion for helping pupils achieve their best, both in maths and life! As well as teaching at Preston Manor School, he has set up and Initially this was aimed at supporting his classes with extra revision, helping absent pupils to catch up and enabling parents to guide their children at home, however it has grown to so much more than that. His websites are used by literally thousands both nationally and internationally, completely for free! He has broken down KS3, GCSE and A Level Maths into well-explained learning modules and created over 1000 videos, all aimed at helping students understand Maths. And it works! Colin believes that there is no such thing as “being good or bad at maths” or it takes is the right kind of explanation, some support and some hard work, and the results are phenomenal. Teaching Awards judges observed Colin in the classroom and described him as “breathtaking”. He is truly a very deserving winner of this prestigious Award.