• The Award for Teaching Assistant of the Year
  • Halesowen College
  • Silver Winners
  • 2023
  • West Midlands

Claire has worked in Learning Support here for over four years and regularly goes the extra mile. To her, the job goes beyond helping students with their academic studies – it is about offering encouragement, being a good listener, giving praise for achievements and being a role model.  She regularly offers additional support above her workload.  

Her role is also about getting to know the students well – their likes and dislikes, how they like to work best and being able to sense when there is something troubling them. Claire describes a strong sense of pride when she sees students grow in confidence, make friendships and gain independence.  

Claire has worked with numerous students with complex needs. She completed a Level 2 Cache Counselling Course, enabling her to improve skills such as active listening, controlling body language and eye contact, and asking advanced open-ended questions – all helping her to support students who are struggling to build friendships, organise themselves or suffer anxieties.