• The Award for Headteacher of the Year in a Primary School
  • The Gold Star Federation – Goldbeaters & The Orion Primary Schools Edgware, London
  • Gold Winners
  • 2018
  • Edgware, London

Chris is an inspirational Headteacher who founded The Orion Primary in 2000, and took over Goldbeaters in 2004.

With his infectious passion for success, Chris has essentially transformed the community that he teaches in, and taught his pupils that they can do absolutely anything if they put their mind to it. Everything that Chris does is focused on making people’s lives better. He supports his children’s families and communities by hosting local events such as ‘dad’s breakfasts’, cinema nights and ‘mums pamper nights’ to engage everyone and to ultimately, make parents and students feel as though they are part of a solid society. He even set up his own cleaning company to give jobs to the local community.

His assemblies have been described as comparable to Saturday night prime time entertainment – with learning at the heart, audience interaction and boundless levels of fun and energy from the host himself. The children love their school, describing it as ‘fun’, ‘golden’, ‘caring’ and ‘simply the best’. To top all this, thanks to Chris’s amazing work, both schools were awarded Sadiq Khan’s ‘Schools for Success Award’ earlier this year.


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