• The Award for Lifetime Achievement
  • St Roch's Secondary School
  • Glasgow, Scotland

Carol is truly one of the most exceptional and dedicated teachers to have graced the Scottish Education system since she first began her teaching career in August 1980. Carol has dedicated her whole working life to Saint Roch’s Secondary, a school that is the hub of an area of high deprivation. Carol has improved the lives of a countless number of our learners whilst occupying the roles of classroom teacher, Acting Principal Teacher of Guidance and Principal Teacher of Pastoral Care with distinction, dignity, respect, compassion and success. Carol has a clear sense of purpose. She wants the pupils to gain confidence in themselves and to recognise that they have a right to stake their claim in the world outside of school. Although Carol has been teaching for over 35 years she produces high levels of enthusiasm and commitment to the job which younger members of staff would find hard to compete with.