Carly Jones, The Purbeck School

Carly is in her second year of teaching and she is already an Assistant Head of English and she is doing a spectacular job of ensuring that both her classes and students across the faculty at Key Stage 4 in English are maximising their achievement. Carly’s well planned and powerful teaching style has meant that students who never imagined that they would secure a C grade are suddenly on track to secure this all important grade, whilst other students are flying!

Carly had an interesting journey into teaching which started with undertaking charity work with gang members and drug users in London. Her experience there gave her the desire to help people and empower them to make the best choices in life. Following this powerful experience Carly was a Teaching Assistant, making a significant difference to the lives of those youngsters with the greatest barriers to overcome.

Described as a “natural teacher”, she has a gift for ensuring that each and every student achieves their best. She is truly a worthy winner of this prestigious Award.