Beth Fuller from Muirtown Primary holding silver Pearson National Teaching Award for Digital Innovator
  • The Award for Digital Innovator of the Year
  • Muirtown Primary School
  • Silver Winners
  • 2022
  • Inverness

Principal teacher Beth Fuller has transformed teaching and learning in Muirtown Primary School with her digital skills and innovative approach. Beth has developed Muirtown Primary from a school with limited use of technology into a place where digital learning is part of every aspect of its ethos. She constantly seeks new opportunities to embed digital skills within her teaching, ensuring the pupils are equipped with the best possible knowledge to succeed.

Through her own research, she has explored a variety of tools which can make learning more accessible and inclusive for all children. Pupils are the leaders of their own learning with the digital tools Beth assigns to them, and she is now developing a digital pupil profile so that they can showcase their achievements.