• The Award for Early Years Team of the Year
  • Arden Primary School
  • Silver Winners
  • 2023
  • West Midlands

At this school in Birmingham’s Sparkhill community, an area of high social, economic and cultural deprivation, many children arrive with low levels of literacy and missed opportunities.  

The Early Years team has worked innovatively to address disadvantage, remove barriers and build strong foundations. By framing their curriculum around ‘every child receiving every opportunity to flourish’, the team provides high-quality teaching and targeted support that includes a wide range of cultural and enrichment opportunities within and beyond the school setting.  

From making mud pies, rolling down hills, squishing clay, caring for newly hatched chicks, working with artists, music specialists and visiting theatres to see their favourite stories be brought to life, the Early Years curriculum provision equips children with knowledge, skills and experiences. Working with caregivers and external organisations has been integral in establishing positive learning environments.  

The team has curated a curriculum that empowers children, many of whom arrive with limited vocabulary, oracy and confidence, to recognise and own their place in the world.