Allen Heard, Ysgol Bryn Elian

This Award-winning teacher is driven by a passionate desire to inspire an understanding of the limitless power of technology in teaching, in both pupils and staff! He has a clear vision about the vital role of technology in education and ensures that his practice and that of his department stays at the cutting edge of developments in IT. It is often said that the students know far more than the teachers when it comes to technology and it was his idea to ask pupils to take of the role or “Digital Leaders” at their school. This role has proved invaluable in increasing the knowledge and skills of students and teachers alike! Through his efforts funding has been gained to give all students access to Raspberry Pi computers, and computer coding has taken off at the school in a big way! Allen himself sums up the role of IT in schools, “So long as we make the right decisions in curriculum redesign I feel excited about the future. I’m excited to be teaching a subject I have passion for. We need to move with the times; our children deserve it, the success of our future requires it.”