• The Award for Excellence in Special Needs Education
  • Woodlands Primary School Nursery Class
  • Silver Winners
  • 2023
  • Cheshire

Alice has systematically revolutionised SEND practice and policy in this school, doing so with good humour, compassion and consummate professionalism. This is despite a backdrop of financial issues, staffing instability, undiagnosed and unmet needs in children from EYFS to Year 6 and disenfranchised parents. 

As a direct result of the systems she has established, pupils benefit from knowledgeable and highly trained staff, early identification and support, enhanced provision, increased progress and attainment, stability and exemplary transition and excellent home-school relationships, and parents feel supported and heard. 

She has been proactive and created not just the statutory SEND database, but an ‘early alert’ one that supports children, staff and parents in identifying and addressing potential barriers to learning.  

In a climate where every child’s needs are understood and catered for, children on the SEND/early alert register here enjoy enhanced social, emotional, cognitive, physical and sensory provision. 

Alice has been instrumental in sourcing, co-ordinating and implementing a range of training for all staff in everything from attachment to diabetes, positive handling to epilepsy.