• The Award for Outstanding New Teacher of the Year
  • Emmbrook Junior School
  • Silver Winners
  • 2023
  • Berkshire

Alice is currently in her third year of teaching and has taught in Year 6 since joining the school. She has led Science since her second year of teaching and works closely with the Deputy Head teacher on curriculum development across the whole school.  

From the day she started teaching as an NQT, Alice has brought passion and professionalism.  She creates a learning environment full of awe and wonder and has fully embraced the school’s high expectations of all members of our community. She creates real-life experiences, such as a heart dissection for the whole year group when reading ‘Pig Heart Boy’ and studying the circulatory system and fully participates in outdoor pursuits such as climbing and abseiling on Year 6 residential trips.   

Her classroom is a buzz of controlled excitement, with children eager to talk about what they are learning and what they’d like to know.  She has created a safe and fun classroom where questions are encouraged, and mistakes are celebrated as steps towards achievement.