The Teaching Awards Trust was established in 1998 by David, Lord Puttnam CBE, as a means of recognising and celebrating excellence in education.

We’ve all had a great teacher. They show a real interest in who we are, listen to our thoughts, inspire us to learn and encourage us to achieve our best, no matter what our goals are. The influence of a good teacher lasts a lifetime.

The charity’s mission is to raise the profile of the teaching profession, highlight the positive impact teachers and school leaders have in our society – with pupils, parents and the wider community, and show teachers how much they are valued. We do this through the annual Pearson National Teaching Awards and the Thank a Teacher Campaign.

Important Dates

The closing date for thank you nominations (a thank you card from the public) is 31st January 2020.

The deadline for entries to be received from schools or colleges is midnight on Friday 28th February 2020.


In March and April, our team of expert category judges sort through the entries, select and visit finalists, then choose Silver Pearson National Teaching Award winners.

Meet the Judges

Thank a Teacher Day

On Thank a Teacher Day, we announce the names of Silver Pearson National Teaching Award winners across the UK. We send out trophies so that schools and colleges can arrange presentations and celebrations and we encourage schools across the country to take the opportunity to thank their own teachers on this day via our website.

The Pearson National Teaching Awards “Express Route"

“Thank you nominations” are then sent to the teacher’s headteacher, deputy or principal for further endorsement. If you are a senior member of the school or college team and feel confident that you can fully endorse the person you would like to enter for a Pearson National Teaching Award, enter directly.

Thank a Teacher

Anyone can send a thank you and we accept these all year round.  We will then send the teacher, teaching assistant, headteacher or team a thank you card on your behalf – for free! Each “thank you” message can be a nomination for the Pearson National Teaching Awards.

UK Ceremony

Unfortunately due to the Covid 19 pandemic we were unable to host The Pearson National Teaching Awards UK Ceremony which usually takes place annually in October. At this event our Gold winners are announced. The ceremony is filmed by the BBC and broadcast as “Britain’s Classroom Heroes” on BBC2. Watch this space for news of how we are announcing our Gold winners this year!