The Teaching Awards Trust celebrated its 21st birthday in 2019. A landmark anniversary, and something we are truly proud of. And so as a present to ourselves and to our wonderful winners, we designed a new Pearson National Teaching Awards trophy, updated for the 21st century.

The trophy is symbolic of a celebration of a profession that changes lives, that lifts people up from their circumstances, gives them hope, new ways of understanding the world, fundamentally, it gives them an education, and therefore a future.

Our new trophy represents people, it represents growth, and it represents teaching in the 21st century.

The trophy featured in the photos in our hall of fame was designed by sculptor Glynis Owen.

Glynis’s design, titled ‘The Thinking Man’ was in response to a brief to produce a prestigious award which would represent the teaching profession with dignity. The ‘Plato’ has become an iconic symbol since The Teaching Awards Trust awarded the first trophies twenty years ago.