A message from our Key Partner, Pearson

“In all my time in education, we’ve never seen anything like the Covid-19 emergency and its extraordinary impact on teachers and their families, and of course our schools.

The past year has placed an incredible burden on teachers everywhere. Teaching was already one of the toughest jobs on the planet, something I’m reminded of regularly by my daughter, now a teacher herself. But the challenge teachers have faced over recent months is different. The partial closure and re-opening of schools, the cancellation of exams and the growing worry about disadvantage have put a greater strain on everyone than anything seen before.

The spirit in which teachers, teaching assistants, lecturers and leaders have responded to this crisis is extraordinary. Your commitment, bravery and determination to keep our children learning is amazing. Teachers provide the backbone and the inspiration for learning and there has never been a better moment to recognise that. Great teaching and great teachers pave the path to better lives and a better society – something we’ve never needed more than we do now.

We are proud to support the Pearson National Teaching Awards, celebrate the incredible winners, and pay tribute to hundreds of thousands of teachers across the country for the impact they have on young people every year. On behalf of everyone at Pearson, thank you for everything that you do.”

– Rod Bristow President of Pearson in the UK