The Award for Digital Innovator of the Year

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Antoinette Hamilton Digital Innovator of the Year

Throughout her career, Toni has been a key driver in the use of technology to enhance teaching and learning for everyone. Currently the digital curriculum lead at The Stour Academy Trust, Toni is passionate about inclusion, accessibility and equitable learning opportunities for all children, not just in her classroom but throughout the school, the trust and beyond. With this in mind, Toni is always looking out for ways that technology can empower students and educators, enabling them to achieve the best possible outcomes. She is a Microsoft Master Educator Trainer, certification through the Microsoft Programme.  She is also a Microsoft Innovator Educator Expert a Microsoft Showcase School fellow and an ambassador for many technology communities, including Book Creator. Tonis enthusiasm is infectious and galvanising, and she is happy to share her innovative ideas for teaching and learning on social media (Toni Hammy).

Deb Millar Digital Innovator of the Year

Deb is a highly regarded executive director of digital transformation at the college, and a prominent leader in integrating digital technologies into education. She was awarded the prestigious Queens Anniversary Prize for Digital Transformation in 2020. Deb fosters inclusivity and accessibility, with an infectious passion for making digital education available to all students, including marginalised groups such as asylum seekers and those with disabilities, through her strategic use of innovative tools like Microsoft Translator, PowerPoint Live and AI-driven resources. Initiatives such as transforming the college library into a digital hub and establishing an AI academy to foster a collaborative learning environment for staff and students highlight how she has revolutionised the learning experience at the college. Her profound impact and influence stretch nationwide, reaching over 100 educational and training organisations, and her work with the Department for Education and frequent conference appearances underline her expertise in the ethical use of AI in education. She sets a remarkable benchmark for educational innovation in the further education sector.

Natalie Hagan Digital Innovator of the Year

Natalie is a pioneer in digital technology and plays a pivotal role in guiding our school and trust colleagues towards integrating best practices in teaching. She frequently shares her insights on educational technology with diverse audiences, playing a vital role in its application.  

She shares her expertise, enhancing areas such as the SEND and EAL department, where she mentors colleagues in implementing digital workbooks for learners. She spearheaded the introduction of an electronic homework system, propelling our school to become a top user in the region and achieving impressive national standings (8th out of thousands of schools).  

Natalie’s educator passion shines through her commitment to integrating digital technologies and innovative AI strategies. She educates colleagues on utilising advanced AI tools for lesson creation, assessment, progress reporting, and workload management.  

Rachel Walker Digital Innovator of the Year

Rachel is digital lead and a specialist PPA (planning, preparation and assessment) teacher at Sneinton St Stephens Primary School, putting her phenomenal skills to use in many areas of education. She sees the integration of technology into classrooms as a way of solving problems and overcoming challenges, including meeting the needs of all learners, creating effective feedback and supporting teachers wellbeing. Rachel has had a remarkable influence on teaching across Transform Trust, supporting teachers beyond her own school. She constantly shines with her commitment to excellence, inspiring others in the development of e.g. ‘putting pedagogy in the driving seat of digitial technology in education’ in their own classroom. Having initiated and driven a 1:1 device policy in her own school, her support and guidance have enabled a similar approach in many other schools, empowering teachers and having a real impact on the lives of thousands of children in disadvantaged areas.

Zaitoon Bukhari Digital Innovator of the Year

As director of digital learning, Zaitoon drives technology integration to empower educators and students. Leading the implementation of the trusts digital strategy, she envisions a unified educational platform, fostering collaboration and enhancing pedagogical expertise. Beyond individual schools, Zaitoon weaves technology into the fabric of the trust, creating a seamless learning environment. With over 14 years teaching experience and six years in EdTech, including Google certifications, she skillfully bridges theory and practice for effective digital solutions. She also shares her expertise nationwide, as teaching and learning lead for Happy2Host, a Google for education professional development partner. Zaitoons leadership transcends her role, embodying a visionary educator dedicated to technologys transformative power in education. Her commitment to technology empowering human connection shapes a collaborative and engaging learning experience for all.

The Award for Early Years Team of the Year

The Carlton Mills Early Years Team Early Years Team of the Year

The Carlton Mills EYFS team is dedicated to transforming young lives through exceptional care and education. The departments journey to an Outstanding Ofsted judgement in 2023 signifies remarkable progress. The team cultivates a positive, inclusive environment, fostering curiosity and self-worth in the young children it cares for, and the innovative curriculum is rich in fun and inspiring experiences, enabling children to develop holistically. Through awe, wow and wonder, the team ignites a love for learning, and is equally impressive in its capacity to engage families and the community and build strong partnerships. The EYFS team stands as a shining beacon of early years education, nurturing children and empowering communities towards a brighter future.

The Little Westbourne Nursery Early Years Team Early Years Team of the Year

The EYFS team at Little Westbourne is exceptionally talented and dedicated in its approach to guiding children to become confident, curious and creative young learners. Children thrive in this small, family-orientated setting, where the teams dynamism and compassion foster a sense of community and belonging. Rated Excellent by Care Inspectorate Wales for care, wellbeing and leadership, children benefit from a nurturing approach that balances traditional learning with innovative practices, encouraging every child with their individual needs and interests. The camaraderie, wellbeing and shared vision of the team are the bedrock of the nurserys success, with training and development opportunities integral to this. The team has wonderful trusting relationships with parents, cemented through regular community events and an open-door policy, and the nurserys glowing reputation as a leading early years setting is highlighted in the many word-of-mouth recommendations it receives.

The Outwood Primary Academy Woodlands Early Years Team Early Years Team of the Year

The EYFS team at Outwood Primary Academy Woodlands is relentless in its determination to work together to ensure that all children make the best possible progress from their starting points. With each member of the team contributing something different, collectively they empower one another to develop their professional skills and practice, setting a great example as role models to the children in their care. As a result of the teams tireless commitment, ambitious curriculum and inspiring environment full of awe and wonder, the children are confident, sociable and a real credit to the school and the community. Children get on well with each other, have warm, trusting relationships with the team, and are always keen to chat about what they are doing. As acknowledged in a very recent Ofsted judgement of Outstanding (2024), children at this EYFS setting find learning irresistible!

The Performatots Early Years Team Early Years Team of the Year

The Performatots EYFS team brings a wealth of creative and performing arts experience to this vibrant and pioneering school. With a unique arts-inspired curriculum, this dynamic team shines a spotlight on using the arts as a vehicle for delivering a holistic, interactive EYFS experience. Full of imagination-fuelling, awe-inspiring activities and open-ended resources, each member of the team uses their passion and talent to bring life to learning and learning to life! Collectively, they support each other and work incredibly hard to ensure that every child, including those with SEND, enjoys interactions that are stimulating and inspiring, often developing into an elaborate role play. Every day is an exciting day of magical enquiry, using the arts to empower children to discover and explore the world together. Proud to have an Outstanding Ofsted judgement, the team is reflective and proactive, always looking for ways to weave the arts and creativity into every day, giving children confidence, creative thinking skills and curiosity in a special, collaborative and cooperative environment.

The St Pancras Catholic Primary School Team – Becky Aldous and Julie Lannelli Early Years Team of the Year

The EYFS team at St Pancras is small in number but big in heart and enthusiasm, with Becky and Julie being the perfect role models for the children in their care. From the moment a child walks through the door, they are welcomed into a world of wonder, discovery and boundless imagination. These two highly skilled EYFS educators are the architects of this magical realm, shaping it with dedication, passion and an unwavering commitment to each childs growth and development. Their days are filled with laughter, storytelling, messy art projects and the joyful cacophony of children at play. But behind this exuberant atmosphere lies a deep understanding of child development and early-learning principles, and a genuine love for the children. With relentless devotion and energy, Becky and Julie thrive on seeing the children progress and blossom as confident, kind and happy young learners.

The Venture Kindergarten Early Years Team Early Years Team of the Year

Venture began in 2018 with Jenny and Zoe and a handful of children, each with a backpack, exploring the outdoors in south Devon. These adventures initiated the development of a unique ethos and pedagogy, fully focused on the wellbeing of children. With caring and ambitious management and a meticulously conscientious approach to recruitment, Venture has grown into a close family of inspirational practitioners, all sharing the same aspirations. The team is exceptionally skilled in its interactions with children, creating a calm environment where children and their ideas come first and where everyone – children, team, parents and wider community – is treated with reverence, compassion and respect. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming, with huge emphasis placed on developing meaningful relationships. The team prioritises preparation for life by building and supporting self-confidence, independence and, above all else, emotional wellbeing.

The Award for Excellence in Special Needs Education

supported by The Sunday Times

Becky McClean Excellence in Special Needs Education

Becky created this highly successful nursery to enrich and empower the lives of children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). Providing a safe, friendly, accepting and supportive environment, she encourages children to reach their full potential, and places are much sought after. Currently catering for 19 children aged one to five, there are 35 more on the waiting list, highlighting the need and demand for this vital service. A fundraising campaign is underway to enable the nursery to relocate to larger premises that will accommodate up to 60 children. Alongside running the nursery, Becky hosts a number of well-attended, inclusive groups in the wider community, including a Sunday school, a weekly Rhyme and Rhythm group, a Monday night youth club and a SEND stay and play group. Becky puts her heart and soul into every child who comes through her door and goes above and beyond in the love and care she provides to children with SEND and their families. 

Robert Bell Excellence in Special Needs Education

Headteacher at Consilium Evolve, Robert is a dedicated and compassionate leader, with an unwavering commitment to understanding each students unique needs. This is an alternative provision (AP) school, described as a beacon of hope for those who, due to issues with emotional wellbeing, feel unable to attend mainstream secondary schools. Under Roberts guidance, students are attending school more regularly and thriving academically, often leaving with an impressive seven or eight GCSEs. He is leading pioneering research into how some children interpret and access information through sound and vision. By introducing processing assessments for all students, the school aims to identify and address challenges that may affect their ability to engage with the curriculum effectively. This focus has boosted attendance from 18% to 82%. Roberts innovative methods and techniques include addressing sleep patterns, emotional planning and outdoor education. Families join emotional wellbeing sessions alongside their children, and training extends to the wider community, creating a holistic support system. In a recent Ofsted inspection, parents said that Roberts approach is life-changing.

Stacey Evans Excellence in Special Needs Education

As the SEND lead for Oak Trees Multi-Academy Trust, Stacey is dedicated to ensuring that students with additional learning needs receive the support and guidance they require to reach their full potential. With a wealth of experience in the field, she has a deep understanding of the complexities involved in providing SEND support, and has developed an effective approach to delivering this. Stacey works collaboratively and tirelessly with schools across the trust to establish innovative SEND strategies and to deliver a range of engaging training to staff, ensuring that all students receive the support they need to thrive. Her drive and dedication have a lasting impact on the lives of countless students and play a key role in shaping the future of SEND provision.

Tracy Whitehurst Excellence in Special Needs Education

An experienced and inspiring SEN school leader, Tracy is principal of Aurora Hanley and Aurora Summerfield Schools, leading both to develop a fabulous reputation as high-quality SEN settings. Tracy is passionate about building inclusive schools with an ethos of kindness, support, empathy and high expectations for every child. Her schools put the children at the heart of every decision, leading to outstanding outcomes. Tracy works tirelessly to share best practice with others, helping with teacher training locally and providing guidance and support to other schools within the Aurora organisation. An active member of the National Association of Special Schools (NASS), she has presented on a number of topics at their annual conferences. Tracy promotes innovation across her school communities, including involvement in the development of a sleep wise app and winning a national prize at the Children & Young People Now Awards for Hanley Schools Feel Good Friday initiative. But what Tracy is most proud of is the life-changing impact her schools have on the families they work with.

The Award for FE Lecturer of the Year

Alexis Dabee-Saltmarsh FE Lecturer of the Year

Dedicated to making a difference, automotive and aeronautical engineering lecturer Alexis is eager to prioritise the needs of individual learners and champion inclusivity, promoting STEM subjects to girls and women. Her blended approach to teaching embraces innovative new technologies, such as the use of virtual reality (VR) headsets and 3D printing, to enrich the learning experience. Having fostered a collaboration with the Women’s Affinity Group, she is committed to reducing the gender gap in the industry and has recently won awards for the best diversity and inclusion initiative. By championing initiatives that empower underrepresented groups, Alexis works tirelessly to make STEM classrooms and companies more inclusive of girls.

Charlie Moore FE Lecturer of the Year

During her 10 years as film and television production tutor, including a period leading the student council, Charlie has brought her substantial previous experience and knowledge of working in television to inspire many Year 13 students. She has a truly vocational and professional focus, and forges positive links with outside stakeholders to ensure students gain vital work experience. A recent Apprentice-style pitching day organised by Charlie, where students presented their advert ideas live to industry professionals, resulted in two students securing work opportunities. Always keen to open and encourage the aspirations of students from this small seaside town, Charlie arranges trips to film festivals, London and New York, and brings in guest speakers from production companies. She goes above and beyond to enable her students to successfully apply for exciting roles and prestigious university and apprenticeship places, including with the Royal Television Society and the New York Film Academy.

Darren Turner FE Lecturer of the Year

Darren goes above and beyond to give young people the knowledge and skills they need to realise their ambitions and pursue careers in public services, from the armed forces to police search and rescue. After a successful career in security, he uses his knowledge and passion not only to equip students with practical skills, such as caving, kayaking and hillwalking, along with the theoretical basis they need to successfully complete their qualifications, but also to support them in finding relevant work opportunities. Darren annually coordinates a remarkable Remembrance Day ceremony for Ludlow and North Shropshire College, with over 100 students taking part in a military drill.

Greg Cheeseman FE Lecturer of the Year

During his 10 years as a chef lecturer at Eastleigh College, Greg has transformed the Hospitality and Catering department into one of the highest performing teams across the college. His dedication and input go far beyond his standard teaching responsibilities, however. Greg frequently gives up valuable evening and weekend time to network with industry partners to secure new educational opportunities for students, and he travels across the country to support students in competitions, guiding many to victory and success. He devotes hours to managing social media channels for the onsite restaurant East Avenue, promoting it to the public, and provides immense encouragement to the students working there, with his tireless efforts helping the restaurant become one of the highest-rated in the area on Trip Advisor. In launching the colleges Junior Chefs Programme, which offers students in Years 9 to 11 at school the opportunity to work in a professional kitchen, Greg has shown beyond doubt his exceptional ability to empower young people of all ages.

Maria Thorne FE Lecturer of the Year

Maria is a highly qualified teacher of adult essential skills courses, including English for speakers of other languages (ESOL) and functional skills. A driven and hard-working professional, her ESOL classroom is more than just a space for language acquisition – it’s a vibrant community of learners, empowered by a deep sense of belonging and unwavering support. Maria champions the wellbeing and success of all her students, particularly refugees and asylum seekers, and achieves an impressive 90% pass rate in ESOL qualifications. She tailors the curriculum to individual needs and aspirations, and leverages technology and innovation to support her students’ language journey. She explores AI tools to save time and personalise learning, and prioritises accessibility by training students in assistive technology and training staff in inclusive practices. Maria is interested in each student and makes a great effort to get to know them and their background in order to support them inside the classroom and beyond. She builds bridges within the community and her phenomenal impact is lasting and far-reaching.

Mark Campbell FE Lecturer of the Year

Marks journey to becoming Adas dynamic curriculum development lead and head of computer science began at school as part of the UKs first cohort of computer science students in the late 1970s. Since then, with a degree in computer science and a masters in distributed systems under his belt, he has notched up many years of experience in the computing industry and then as a senior university lecturer, creating and validating a range of exciting courses, including in cyber security and networking. It was while Mark was a volunteer STEM Ambassador, helping to inspire the next generation in STEM, that he decided to make the shift to teaching school/college students, believing this was where he could make fullest use of his enthusiasm and experience in all things computing, and so he embarked on his PGCE. At Ada, Marks inspirational leadership and teaching are helping to shape an outstanding, project-driven, industry-supported, computing curriculum, and empowering students to pursue their dream job in tech.

Sally Taylor FE Lecturer of the Year

Programme leader for film and media at Sunderland College, Sally brings vast experience to the role, from teaching sixth-form students to becoming head of department, curriculum development manager and skills development coach for creative industries. Sallys commitment and enthusiasm are truly inspiring and shes always encouraging her students to explore the depths of the subject while also challenging conventional perspectives through her dynamic teaching style and innovative pedagogical approaches. She is absolutely dedicated to enriching the student experience, and works tirelessly to engage a wide range of employers and seek out work experience opportunities within the curriculum. Hugely talented and highly regarded, she takes pride in working with passion and integrity, and her exceptional contributions and influence leave a lasting impact on students and colleagues alike.

The Award for FE Team of the Year

Landscaping and Eco Construction Team FE Team of the Year

An abandoned Swansea morgue became the unlikely setting for the landscaping and eco construction team at Gower College to educate and empower marginalised young people. The success of an initial pilot inspired the development of an outdoor learning school that merges nature and learning while transforming public spaces into symbols of sustainability. The team serves over 150 learners, many from challenging backgrounds across the entire community. The team goes beyond the curriculum with project-led learning where students are seeing the fruits of their labour, encouraging them to push even further in education and in life.

SERC Engineering Team FE Team of the Year

Focused on addressing diversity gaps in the industry, the South Eastern Regional College engineering team always goes above and beyond to encourage girls and women into engineering careers. Having implemented a range of programmes, international partnerships and mentoring courses to inspire girls and women into engineering, the team is known for its progressive projects and passion for innovation. This great work saw the team secure an Education and Training Foundation (ETF) Royal Commission Fellowship for 2024–25, which will focus on changing the engineering curriculum to make it more attractive to females and reduce withdrawals. The commitment of this team has seen classrooms become more inclusive and welcoming of girls and women, encouraging all to thrive.

The Creative Media Team FE Team of the Year

The Creative Media Team at North East Surrey College of Technology have an unwavering commitment to supporting the holistic development of young people. Their passion and dedication to giving students an invaluable understanding around diversity and inclusivity issues is deep-rooted. The team proactively work with charities and social causes to craft bespoke projects that are delivered seamlessly into the curriculum to foster social and emotional awareness among young people. In recent years, the team have initiated impactful projects, including videos created by students, in collaboration with the Black Curriculum, Ollys Future (raising awareness around suicide and mental health in young adult males) and Everyones Invited. Their approach has generated a culture of respect and listening in the department, and a greater appreciation of diversities. The team are incredibly proud of their students for winning a gold medal in this years World Skills UK competition with their short film about mental health.

The Hospitality and Culinary Arts Team FE Team of the Year

The hospitality and culinary arts team is a driving force behind Westminster Kingsway Colleges reputation for excellence in education. Individually, each member of the team brings a wealth of expertise, experience and industry connections, contributing to a comprehensive and enriching programme for students. Collectively, the impact of the teams work is profound and far-reaching, providing students with a wonderful array of opportunities, from guest lectures by renowned chefs to industry placements and networking. This exposure adds huge value to the learning experience, equipping students with the practical skills and industry insights they need. From mastering culinary techniques to understanding the nuances of hospitality management, students receive an inspiring, well-rounded education that prepares them superbly for success in their careers.

The Quality Team FE Team of the Year

This is a quality team with a difference. Visionary and aspirational, the team has worked tirelessly to foster a culture of support, interaction and relationship-building, changing the perspective of how the quality department is seen, from a deficit model to an improvement support model. With innovative and experimental pedagogical approaches, the teams advanced practitioners drive impactful quality-improvement initiatives across both campuses at Hopwood Hall College. These strategies are specifically tailored to empower proficient lecturers to transition into phenomenal educators, while also nurturing and inspiring new lecturers to adopt cutting-edge pedagogical approaches that bring about measurable positive change. Having already expanded rapidly, the team continues to thrive and grow as a result of its success and impact, and is an integral part of college life.

The Sixth Form Team FE Team of the Year

The outstanding sixth-form team at North Liverpool Academy continually promotes excellence within the classroom while also ensuring that all students raise their aspirations when considering future careers. From highly experienced teachers and leaders to new staff, every member of the team works with skill and dedication to equip students to compete with the very best, and in an ever-changing world, when they leave the academy. The team is relentless in its commitment and drive to provide life-changing opportunities that empower students to develop academically and socially. This includes fascinating, and sometimes challenging, experiences that open their eyes and enrich their cultural capital, including in Kenya, Vienna, France and Amsterdam, for example.

The Award for Headteacher of the Year in a Primary School

supported by Hays

Andrea Rosewell Headteacher of the Year in a Primary School

A dynamic educational leader, Andrea has made an indelible mark on Braintcroft E-Act Primary Academy. With over 22 years’ experience in education, her journey from history and geography teacher in Jamaica to headteacher exemplifies resilience and dedication. Andrea’s transformative leadership led Braintcroft from an inadequate Ofsted rating to outstanding academic success, achieving a remarkable 70% combined SATs results in Year 6 with a cohort of pupils in which 97% were speakers of English as an additional language (EAL). She fosters a nurturing environment where everyone feels valued, evidenced by her innovative initiatives like International Day and Women in School Day, strengthening community bonds. Andrea’s commitment to recruiting talented educators and to developing and empowering her staff has contributed to Braintcroft’s inclusive and collaborative culture. Her open-door policy and genuine care for every individual have earned her accolades as an exceptional leader, making her a beacon of inspiration both within the school and in the wider community.

Andy Rhodes Headteacher of the Year in a Primary School

Andy is a committed and enthusiastic champion for the wellbeing and success of his staff and pupils. His robust and skilled leadership drove the schools journey to an Outstanding Ofsted grading and secured its position as a teaching school (2014) and a Google Reference School (2021). His tremendous vision and aspiration have fostered a thriving learning community, further enriched by an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) resource base for Key Stage 2 pupils and an ASD special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) unit for children at the very beginning of their school career, in early years foundation stage and Key Stage 1. Passionate about empowering teachers, Andy prioritises reducing workload and promoting wellbeing within his staff – a dedicated approach that has a positive impact on the wider academy trust too.

Carrie Green Headteacher of the Year in a Primary School

Since becoming executive principal at Bramley Park Academy (2018) and Elements Primary School (2022), Carrie has driven significant change in both settings, enriching the life chances for pupils, staff and the community. Her relational leadership and determination have been transformational in spearheading social justice and making a difference, placing pupils at the heart of the first-class education she provides. Carries clear motto is to wrap children in love and care every single day, providing awe-inspiring opportunities throughout the curriculum and beyond, so that every child can achieve no matter what their background. This is extended to staff, and Carrie has an unwavering passion and true skill in developing others to be the best they possibly can be. Carries inspirational work spreads through Positive Regard, a specialist behaviour arm of the Wellspring Academy Trust. This innovative work, based on unconditional positive regard, has stretched across the country, supporting many schools to achieve the success that Carrie has. Her schools are a hub of support within the educational landscape.

Dawn Ferdinand Headteacher of the Year in a Primary School

Dawn lives, breathes and loves education. Originating from a Birmingham council estate, she defied expectations, securing a degree, a PGCE and a master’s in educational leadership, and rising swiftly to become an inspiring leader. As headteacher at The Willow Primary and Broadwaters Children’s Centre in Broadwater Farm, Tottenham, she has transformed both organisations, taking them to successive ‘Outstanding’ Ofsted gradings. Beyond her school roles, Dawn serves as a school improvement partner, supporting headteachers in enhancing their schools, and has mentored many teachers to headship. Her tireless commitment extends to supporting vulnerable and socially disadvantaged groups, evident in her co-founding of numerous organisations dedicated to their advancement. Dawn’s legacy resonates in her relentless pursuit of educational equity and empowerment, impacting not only her immediate community but education at local and national levels.

Emily Gyimah Headteacher of the Year in a Primary School

As executive principal, Emily has transformed Haberdashers Hatcham Primary into a vibrant hub of learning, growth and inclusivity. Equipping every child to celebrate their individuality and realise their dreams, regardless of background and without limit, Emily has fostered a school culture rewarded with an Inclusion Quality Mark (IQM). With the school receiving recent Ofsted recognition for its excellent curriculum and exceptional progress in reading and maths, placing it in the top 1% nationally, Emilys commitment to improvement is evident in these achievements, as well as in the rich opportunities for character development and citizenship on offer. Emilys advocacy for staff support and professional development has encouraged the whole school community to strive for growth. Having provided executive support for other schools during periods of challenge and transition, she now co-leads a National Professional Qualification for Headship (NPQH) programme. Using her own story as an inspirational testament to the power of education to change lives, Emily has empowered countless children. 

Naheeda Maharasingam Headteacher of the Year in a Primary School

Colleagues describe Naheeda as a ‘once-in-a-generation leader’. Her work is driven by her passionate and compelling moral purpose to change the narrative of poor outcomes for disadvantaged pupils. This involves bringing together dialogue and action around equalities and children’s rights, sustainability and an unwavering commitment to the power and wonder of learning for individual children and wider communities. Naheeda is an outstanding educator, leader, thinker, social pioneer and communicator, not just locally but nationally and internationally too. She is motivated by an absolute determination to continually challenge herself to create positive change and to deliver the best possible education for all children in her care and beyond, for a more equitable and sustainable local, national and global future.

Sarah Hanson Headteacher of the Year in a Primary School

An outstanding headteacher, Sarah leads by focusing on the whole child and their future life chances, acknowledging every childs unique needs, talents and strengths and providing the right environment for them to thrive. She prioritises inspiration and experiences for children, and has recently welcomed figures such as Princess Anne, Onjali Q. Raúf, MC Grammar, Steve Cram, Joseph Coelho and Karl Nova into her school. Sarah believes that problems are normally best solved with empathy and good humour and, as a result, she has a loyal team of staff, who always go the extra mile for the school community. Worcestershire Primary School of the Year 2024, the school has a string of accolades to its name, including a Kindness in Education award, an Eco-Schools Distinction award and becoming a Voice 21 oracy school. Sarah is passionate about music and had led the school choir to sing at the Royal Albert Hall. She also sings in her own ukelele band. Pupils describe their headteacher as thoughtful, bright, amazing, funny, clever and sometimes a bit silly.

Shazia Azhar Headteacher of the Year in a Primary School

The first woman of Pakistani heritage to become a headteacher in Kirklees, Shazia believes passionately that all children, of whatever background, can achieve their full potential with the right education, encouragement and role models. This, she says, has to be done as a partnership between the school, parents and the community. Her staff, pupils and families are incredibly important to her; she takes her responsibility towards them very seriously, working tirelessly with them so they can achieve safety and success. She has a huge capacity to build trusting relationships and empower those around her. When awarded an MBE for her services to education, Shazia hoped it would play a small part in inspiring others who have been told they cant, that they can. In this fast-paced society, she is a safe base for many – always ensuring they keep their aspirations at heart. A successful published author as well as educator, her impact is far-reaching – the proceeds from one book being donated to domestic violence charities.

The Award for Headteacher of the Year in a Secondary School

supported by Hays

Chris Fairbairn Headteacher of the Year in a Secondary School

Spearheaded by Chris, this school has been on a truly transformational journey. Jumping from the lowest Progress 8 score in the London Borough of Barnet in 2016 to the highest in 2022, the school has achieved fantastic scores again this year. Adding to its success story, the school achieved Secondary School of the Year in the 2023 a Schools Awards Scheme. The school has doubled in size to over 950 students with Chris at the helm, and has a thriving sixth form. Students feel happy, included and excited to learn. They have a range of opportunities to explore their individual talents and gain new experiences. Chris worked with the charity GROW to develop an on-site farm, where students harvest crops, learn about sustainable growing and transport the produce to the school kitchen for lunch. They can also take accredited courses related to the farm. Chris has recently adapted the schools admissions criteria to preserve enough places for students receiving Pupil Premium, ensuring that this remains a school that serves its community.

Jason Bridges Headteacher of the Year in a Secondary School

Appointed principal at Cockshut Hill School in September 2016, following a period of significant turbulence and poor performance for the school, Jason has transformed the experiences of students and staff in this culturally diverse community. He has overhauled every aspect of the school from the bottom up, ensuring a clear vision, a shift in culture and support for those in need. A leader with a vast amount of integrity and visibility, he cares deeply about the school and its community, and is committed to empowering students to achieve and become confident, articulate and successful young people. He values hugely the contributions of all his colleagues and recognises the tireless efforts that everyone puts in to ensure that Cockshut Hill is a wonderful place to work and learn. Having joined the school just after it came out of special measures, Jasons dedicated and ambitious leadership has guided it to a recent Ofsted judgement of Good in all areas, and Outstanding in personal development, a first for the school.

Mark Thomas Headteacher of the Year in a Secondary School

Passionate, hardworking and child-focused, Mark is an inspirational leader who is dedicated to seeing students thrive. He leads with kindness and humility. Mark has been headteacher at Brymore Academy, a state-funded boarding and day school for boys that includes a 100-acre working farm, gardens, engineering workshops and blacksmithing forge, for almost 14 years. When he took up the role, the school was consistently in the bottom 10% of schools nationally for progress. It had also just received a damning local authority safeguarding review and student numbers were in decline. With Mark at the helm, the boarding facility has improved significantly, gaining a solid ‘Good’ rating in the care standards twice. He has also improved results to the extent that the school is consistently in the top 10% nationally for progress (top in the county in 2023) and in 2022 was the only school in Somerset to achieve a positive Progress 8 score for disadvantaged students. Brymore Academy is now the most heavily oversubscribed school in Somerset.

Phil Davis Headteacher of the Year in a Secondary School

Headteacher at Wingfield Academy since 2018, Phils passion for education began in 1999 as a religious studies teacher in Doncaster. Since then, he has showcased his leadership skills in a variety of roles, such as in behaviour, teaching and learning and student achievement. Wingfield serves an area that is among the most deprived in the UK, but Phil truly believes in the power of education to transform the lives of young people. Creating opportunities and supporting social mobility are the primary motivational factors in his tireless work. With his inspirational drive and direction, the school has gone from strength to strength, including being recognised by the DfE as a national lead school for behaviour, and is now significantly over-subscribed. In Phils words, What we do here every day can make such a difference to the lives of our students. We truly believe that there are no barriers to success or boundaries to what can be achieved.

The Award for Impact through Partnership

supported by PiXL

Alloa Community Around the School – Clackmannashire Family Wellbeing Partnership Impact through Partnership

Alloa Community Around the School consists of a wide range of practitioners, young people and their families, third sector partners and the wider community working together to enhance wellbeing and capabilities. Part of the Clackmannanshire Family Wellbeing Partnership, this collaborative approach involves permission to do things differently to remove barriers and enable people to flourish. At the heart of this is asking people what matters to them, and empowering people to thrive through interesting and engaging programmes, initiatives and opportunities. Together, the partnership is reimagining what and who a school is for. Already, evidence shows that Community Around the School is having a huge, positive and far-reaching impact on many people’s lives.

Bluebell Federation of Schools Intergenerational Projects Impact Through Partnership

Unlikely companionships between the young and the elderly have developed at Bluebell Federation. Seven-year-olds have bonded with 70-year-olds over music, gardening and reading. Through programmes featuring unique activities such as singing opera, both young and old share stories and memories and form friendships. Encouraging development throughout both generations, the groups harmonise in song and in life, teaching each other essential skills and providing experiences no participant will forget.

Ealing Council – Ealing Learning Partnership Impact through Partnership

Ealing Learning Partnership (ELP) was formed in 2017 as a co-constructed, co-led entity between Ealing Council and 85 schools to promote educational excellence, wellbeing and inclusion for all children and young people so that no learner and no school is left behind. The vision and aims of the partnership are underpinned by a conviction that locality matters and that children are best served when school leaders and practitioners are enabled to tackle shared challenges through purposeful architecture, collaboration and partnership working. Having established itself as one of the most successful education partnerships nationally, and placing significant emphasis on both excellence and equity, ELP sustains fantastic educational outcomes that are among the best in the country. With 40 school leaders directly involved in leading on behalf of the partnership, influencing strategy and delivery against its core aims, ELP’s feat in developing a sustainable ecosystem and healthy peer-to-peer accountability is outstanding.

The #WeWill Programme Team Impact through Partnership

Ormiston Academies Trust (OAT) is one of the largest and longest-established school trusts in England. It has over 35,000 children enrolled in its 42 schools across the country, including secondary schools, primary schools, AP schools and one special school. Describing its sole purpose as to provide its students with excellent learning opportunities inside and outside the classroom, the trust feels a strong moral obligation to help young people discover their wider talents beyond exam results, important though those are. Over the last five years, OAT has worked with thousands of students to give them the platform, confidence and self-belief to engage in meaningful partnerships within their communities and deliver varied and ambitious social action initiatives where they live. Since 2021, the #WeWill programme has served as a catalyst for wider success, with a legacy of positive outcomes for the young people involved, fostering a culture of inclusivity and belonging and a belief that, by working together, they can make a difference.

Woolenwick Infant and Nursery School Impact through Partnership

There is an imaginative and highly effective whole-school team driving the dynamics at this happy, outward-looking school. The team works tirelessly to provide everyday, real experiences that inspire children’s thinking, giving them enthusiasm and confidence to develop as creative young learners. There are just as many exciting and stimulating opportunities beyond the classroom as inside it, such as outdoor learning using the on-site allotment and Forest School sessions. The school also lays the foundations for a love of music and, with Woolenwick the flagship school, the dedicated music specialist has galvanised the setting up of the Primary School Music Strategy with a view to creating a whole new generation of woodwind instrumentalists learning to play DooDs (beginner clarinets). The school has a phenomenal track record and reputation for collaborating with local and national partners to increase engagement with cultural and creative opportunities in a range of areas – including around mental health, nature, the arts and intergenerational connection – fostering mutual empathy and community cohesion.

The Award for Lifetime Achievement

Andrea Arlidge Lifetime Achievement

Qualifying as a teacher in 1983, Andrea has enjoyed a highly varied and rewarding career spanning 41 years. She is the founding chief executive of Futura Learning Partnership, the trust she established in 2014, which now runs 27 schools. Andrea has led three schools as headteacher and transformed outcomes in all three. She has a passion for inclusion and a strong desire to improve life chances for children and young people. Her greatest memories are of the amazing things pupils can do when they are inspired and encouraged and she believes that a key role for schools is to give pupils opportunities and positive experiences they will remember for the rest of their lives. This relies so much on the commitment of school staff and she has dedicated her leadership career to developing great teachers and leaders. She has made an outstanding contribution as a system leader and her influence and impact spread well beyond her own trust.

Andy Taylor Lifetime Achievement

Andy has worked in special needs education for most of his career, including almost 26 years at Brent Knoll, a special school for pupils aged 4 to 16 with social, communication and interaction difficulties, including autism. As a class teacher, curriculum lead, middle and senior lead and now headteacher, Andy’s dedication to the school and its pupils has been galvanising and impressive. He has been heavily involved in overseeing the school’s design to ensure that it provides a low-arousal environment to support emotional regulation, and pupils thrive here, benefiting from a bespoke curriculum tailored to their individual needs. Andy has instigated enormous change during his leadership, working with staff, pupils and their families to cement their place in their community in south-east London. The inclusive and creative ethos empowers pupils to develop confidence and independence, battle inequality and contribute as active citizens to a diverse and vibrant society.

David Kershaw Lifetime Achievement

With an incredible 60 years’ experience in education, David recently stepped down as CEO of Central Academies Trust in Birmingham to become CEO of Inspiring Lives Education Trust, a new multi-academy trust based in the Midlands. David is a former secondary executive headteacher and has extensive experience as an academy trust CEO. Having supported four secondary schools to come out of OFSTED ‘special measures’ and overseen dramatic school improvement of schools within deprivation areas of Birmingham, Coventry, Leicester and Bradford, he is passionate about enabling excellent education opportunities for all. He was Coventry City Council’s cabinet lead for education for four years and has been chairman of Epworth Education Trust and on the boards of numerous primary and secondary schools.

Debbie Rogan Lifetime Achievement

Currently the CEO and executive headteacher at HEARTS Academy Trust, Debbie has accrued many outstanding achievements during her 30 years working in education, including being awarded an OBE in 2016 for services to education. Debbie was head of the trusts founding school, the Wickford Church of England School (a National Support School), and has overseen the trusts growth to now include six schools and a specialist alternative provision (AP), with over 1100 pupils and 200 staff. Debbie has been a National Leader of Education since 2008 and is a system leader through her work as an OFSTED inspector, a SIAMS (Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools) inspector and a Pupil Premium reviewer. She has been an elected member of the Eastern Region and North East London Regional School Commissioners academy headteacher board since 2014. Retiring at the end of this academic year, Debbies remarkable impact and influence will be felt for many years to come.

Shan Kenchington Lifetime Achievement

Headteacher at Mount Street Infant School, Shan is an exceptional educator whose commitment to the development and care of young children is outstanding and has an immensely positive impact. Throughout her career as a class teacher, leader in the specialist provision for children with additional learning needs, deputy headteacher and inspirational headteacher, her kindness, compassion and devotion have reached beyond any normal expectation. Her dedicated leadership and capacity to support and empower all those around her have created a happy family atmosphere at the school. It is an environment full of imaginative learning experiences, both in class and outdoors, including as part of the Forest School programme. Children, families and staff thorughout the school community recognise her value and treasure her contribution.

The Award for Making a Difference - Primary School of the Year

The Beacon Primary School Whole School Team Making a Difference - Primary School of the Year

The staff of Beacon Primary are incredibly proactive in their commitment to ensuring that children have the best possible start to their education, providing inspirational opportunities outside the school curriculum to help them grow and develop as individuals. For example, the school has its own bespoke cooking curriculum, designed so that children of all ages get to cook real food all year round, learning kitchen skills that will support them through life. The school also has its own bank and currency (Beacons), and ensures that children in all year groups understand the need to save money. To reinforce this enterprising initiative, children deposit the Beacons they have earned in the bank on a weekly basis, helping them learn about the value of money and that hard work is rewarded. Above all, Beacon Primary makes a real difference to every child and gives them the opportunity to flourish in all areas and develop as wonderful ambassadors for the school community.

The Cambrai Primary School Whole School Team Making a Difference - Primary School of the Year

In the short time it has been open, this vibrant new school has quickly become a highly regarded and integral part of the local community – the small whole-school team is clearly making a big difference. Cambrai Primary is a special place for its children, their families and staff alike. Set within a challenging locality, from the moment you enter the school you sense an oasis of calm. Opened in September 2019 to proudly serve the families of Catterick Garrison – Europes largest military base – from its inception, the school has been determined to provide excellence to its valued, diverse and transient community. Being a new school, currently there are pupils only up to Year 4, which makes the schools positive impact on the community, the trust and beyond even more remarkable and impressive. Graded Outstanding in all areas at its first Ofsted inspection in February 2024, Cambrai is an extraordinary school.

The Marine Academy Whole School Team Making a Difference - Primary School of the Year

Marine Academy Primarys motto, Where stars shine brighter, encapsulates how this incredible school is a beacon of hope and education. This year marks the schools tenth birthday and, since opening its doors, it has transformed into a thriving institution, with attainment in the top 5% nationally. But, while recognising that results are important, the team here knows that there is much more to supporting children, such as the schools tremendous sense of community and belonging that sets it apart. Through the whole-school teams unwavering dedication to promoting reading for pleasure, it narrows the vocabulary gap between children, inspires aspirations and fosters a love of learning. Building cultural capital is a key aspect to life at this school, with children taking part in LAMDA exams, enjoying peripatetic music lessons, going on residential trips to Paris and learning Spanish. The teams commitment to making a difference transcends academic achievement, to a vision of empowerment and inclusivity.

The Surrey Square Primary School Whole School Team Making a Difference - Primary School of the Year

This whole-school team works tirelessly and with immense pride to ensure that Surrey Square is ‘more than a school’ in so many ways. Values and wellbeing are at the core, and there is a powerful ethos rippling through the school – one of helping pupils to balance academic learning with the ability to develop positive relationships, communicate effectively, know who they are and have ambition. The team is also dedicated to supporting families and the local community, and has had a significant and very positive impact on the lives of many local people through its place-based initiative, the Old Kent Road Family Zone. This holistic approach ensures that pupils can achieve their full potential – evidenced by the number of pupils being ‘on track’ jumping from around 26% when they start in the nursery to around 85% by the end of their time at the school.

The Tor Bridge Primary School Whole School Team Making a Difference - Primary School of the Year

Nestled within its community, Tor Bridge Primary captivates everyone who steps through its doors, and visitors depart singing its praises. In just four short years, the school has been transformed from being placed in special measures to an Outstanding Ofsted judgement, a testament to the unwavering skill and dedication of the whole school team. High expectations for all children intertwine seamlessly with a host of enriching experiences, provided at no cost to families. From parliamentary visits to exhilarating field gun competitions, from school-wide extravaganzas like dancing competitions, music festivals and the intrigue of the masked singer, not forgetting school sleepovers, water-park adventures and Shakespeare festivals, the calendar bursts with opportunities for growth and joy. But its not just about the activities—its about the people. Tireless in their commitment, staff go above and beyond to nurture every child, empowering them to reach ever higher in their aspirations and to be ready to take on the world.

The Woodpecker Hall Academy Whole School Team Making a Difference - Primary School of the Year

Woodpecker Hall Academy encourages every member of the schooling community to get involved in education, including therapy dogs Teddy and Bella. Famous for their cuddles, the pair are important members of the school team and provide daily emotional support to students and staff. Led by headteacher Nicky Ross, the school embraces diversity and empowers every child, regardless of background, to reach their full potential. Through initiatives like the ‘Read Aloud’ campaign and community outreach programmes, Woodpecker Hall supports young people and their families from nursery to employment. The annual school movie, led by Year 6 students, showcases the creativity and talent of every pupil, highlighting the school’s commitment to encouraging pupils’ passions, whatever the subject and whatever their ability.

The Award for Making a Difference - Secondary School of the Year

supported by Step into Teaching

The All Saints Catholic School Whole School Team Making a Difference - Secondary School of the Year

The commitment to inclusivity and excellence at All Saints is not just a motto – its a lived reality that has garnered widespread external recognition. Students defy the odds, achieving remarkable success and demonstrating confidence and optimism about their futures. The schools impressive track record includes a Unicef Gold Rights Respecting award, Flagship status IQM award, Gold Equalities award and an Ofsted Section 48 Outstanding rating. Despite facing local challenges, the school has emerged as a beacon of pride and ownership within the community. Through extensive collaboration with Citizens UK as a community action founding chapter, the school has overcome barriers to create an environment where pupils, parents and the community at large feel a sense of belonging and purpose. Examples of successful change abound, but the school remains steadfast in its vision and direction, guided by the values of respect, understanding, affection and humour. This is a sanctuary of learning, growth and opportunity for all who pass through its doors.

The Derby High School Whole School Team Making a Difference - Secondary School of the Year

As Ofsted puts it, students at The Derby High School are inspired to make a difference. This high-achieving, fully comprehensive school provides an extensive programme of exciting opportunities, interlinked with excellent and aspirational teaching and nurturing pastoral care. The positive, trusting relationships throughout the school community are a real strength, and an integral part of the fabric. The schools distinctive curriculum (The Resilience Curriculum), ethos (The 7Rs: ready, reasonable, resilient, resourceful, respectful, responsible, right impression) and enrichment offer (The Derby Diploma) equip young people with the skills to make an impact in their own and others lives. The dedication, passion and professionalism of the whole school team encapsulate a genuine desire to engage the diverse community and empower the next generation to fulfil their dreams. This is truly an inspirational and happy, caring place in which to learn, and outcomes for students are outstanding.

The Heartlands Academy Whole School Team Making a Difference - Secondary School of the Year

Nestled among high-rise flats and local challenges, with many students from highly disadvantaged backgrounds, Heartlands Academy is a thriving hub of opportunity, supported by deeply involved parents and a resilient community. The schools mission, Empowering Dreams, is a commitment woven into the fabric of the institution, where every individual has the opportunity to thrive and succeed. Unapologetic in pursuing academic excellence, staff set the bar high and are inspirational in encouraging students to rise to meet it – which they do, year after year. The schools outcomes speak volumes and progress consistently surpasses national standards. Attendance rates, soaring above the national average, place the school in the top 10% nationally, reflecting the dedication of students, staff and families. With an unwavering belief in going above and beyond, the tireless efforts of the whole school team ensure that every students potential is nurtured and lives are transformed.

The Norham High School Whole School Team Making a Difference - Secondary School of the Year

This small secondary school, sitting at the heart of its community and with a catchment that includes more than 70% Pupil Premium, leapt from an Ofsted rating of Special Measures in 2019 to Good in 2022, through the turbulence of the pandemic and its aftermath. Proactive decisions to equip all pupils with a free Chromebook, alongside the staffs readiness to move seamlessly to online learning, meant that learning was not lost, and the schools results went from a Progress 8 score of -1.2 to +0.4, the second highest in the borough and placing it in the top 15 schools in North East England. The school has embraced the rapidly diversifying range of languages, backgrounds and needs of its catchment by investing time and resources into bespoke curriculum offers and provisions that enable all pupils to achieve. The school is proud to be a School of Sanctuary, and pupils enthusiastically cite it as a safe space to grow and learn together.

The Rushey Mead Academy Whole School Team Making a Difference - Secondary School of the Year

Rushey Mead is a large inner-city multicultural school, serving one of the most deprived areas nationally. Most of the 1,750 students are from minority ethnic backgrounds, and they speak over 45 languages between them. The overarching aim of the school is that every member of the Rushey family is noticed, appreciated and supported to have a true sense of belonging and to achieve success. Students are thriving as a result of a genuine whole-team effort, with everybody working together every day to make this the special place that it is. Fiercely ambitious, the team does incredible things to make a difference to the lives of young people. Benefiting from a broad, rich and deep education, where sport, music and the arts are highly valued alongside traditional subjects, Rushey students are equipped with knowledge, skills and memories that set them up for life.

The Wingfield Academy Whole School Team Making a Difference - Secondary School of the Year

Wingfield Academy is a genuinely special school. Over the last five years, it has substantially raised the educational outcomes of its students, becoming the most successful 11 to 16 provider in the Rotherham area, while working with young people facing significant economic and social challenges. Thanks to the tireless dedication and galvanising enthusiasm of the whole school team, the academy has a firm reputation for combining a supportive, inclusive environment with a culture of high expectations for students. It is a major force for social good in the community, enabling young people to access better careers and making a meaningful impact on social mobility. The academy is situated in a ward ranked among the most deprived nationally. Not surprisingly, the percentage of students qualifying for free school meals and Pupil Premium every year is significantly above national averages, and helping students navigate secondary education in a context of economic deprivation is both one of the schools greatest challenges and one of its greatest successes.

The Award for Outstanding New Teacher of the Year

supported by The Sunday Times

Amelia Hampton Armstrong Outstanding New Teacher of the Year

Amelia is a truly inspirational new teacher who personifies the schools ethos and aims of providing a holistic education. Amelia delivers outstanding maths and economics lessons, she nurtures her Year 7 tutees and she inspires her netball players with her impressive coaching and playing. Through the breadth and excellence of her contributions both inside and beyond the classroom, she encourages her students academic potential alongside providing them with excellent pastoral care and encouraging them to explore their talents in an extensive co-curricular programme. Amelia is an integral part of the team that enables this school to thrive, and an aspirational and galvanising role model to both the school community and the wider teaching profession.

Ciara Daley Outstanding New Teacher of the Year

In her short time at Carlton Junior and Infant School, Ciara has refocused attention on the things that matter, including teaching children the importance of oral hygiene. Reaching out to local dental practices and charities, Ciara often thinks outside the box to implement changes that will make a difference. Many of the families in the school’s community live below the poverty line, and these initiatives are a way for their children to learn about their health. From organising visits to establishing routines, Ciara has increased attendance and wellbeing across the school. This heart-of-gold teacher has ensured that children throughout the school are happy, healthy and learning.

Ciara Mulholland Outstanding New Teacher of the Year

Ciara is an early career teacher (ECT) who has made an incredible impact since joining the school in September 2022. An outstanding science teacher, Ciara inspires and galvanises all her pupils, and has been a particularly impressive role model for girls interested in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). She also works tirelessly to support the school study skills programme, creating bespoke study guides, engaging assemblies and after-school study provision. Ciara gives her time enthusiastically and freely, running an exciting and very popular after-school science club and donning college colours to help train the senior camogie team, who were All-Ireland finalists in 2023. She is very much rooted in the community she serves, and has recently volunteered to support the local primary school with the delivery of their STEM programme.

Dylan McCaig Outstanding New Teacher of the Year

Since joining the music department in 2022, Dylan has shown tremendous enthusiasm and dedication in all that he does. He crafts engaging educational materials for every lesson he delivers, strategically organising subject knowledge and skills so that students are clear on the curriculum and well placed to consider taking their music to GCSE or A level standard. Dylan also oversees most of the schools extra-curricular music activities – such as the whole-school choir, senior choir, ukulele, baroque, theory and composition – empowering students to explore their individual talents and interests. The senior choir was launched by Dylan in September 2022 and has already enjoyed great success, including an invitation to join the Banbury Choral Society in a performance of Carl Orffs Carmina Burana. In July 2023, Dylan was recognised for being an advanced ECT and attended the Exploring Leadership Programme run by the Oxfordshire Teaching Schools Alliance. He has quickly become an integral and active part of this thriving school, providing more musical opportunities than ever before to students in Banbury.

Isabella Twaite Outstanding New Teacher of the Year

In just her second year of teaching, Isabella is acting subject lead for geography at The Royal Liberty School. Demonstrating classroom expertise and leadership skills that far surpass her time in the profession, she has a huge impact on students and staff alike. For Isabella, geography is about bringing the world to life and creating global citizens, and she is passionate about developing a syllabus that is ambitious beyond the scope of the national curriculum. Using engaging topics and concepts, such as world superpowers, she creates enthusiasm and excitement in her lessons. Isabella has a talent for ensuring that students with SEND are brilliantly supported, and she also works with our high prior attainers (HPAs) as the schools HPA lead. She has established an engaging programme of additional essay writing, furthered career opportunities for our students, led sessions to develop critical thinking skills and even introduced MENSA testing for students

Josef Feiven Outstanding New Teacher of the Year

Joe started at Tudor Grange as an unqualified maths teacher on the Teach First programme in 2021, yet, from the moment he stood in front of a class, anyone would insist they were observing a colleague with years of experience. Students frequently request to be transferred to his groups for the engaging, high-quality teaching they know they will receive. He empowers his students to develop resilience and curiosity in their learning, enthusing them by bringing essential skills such as problem-solving and creative thinking to life in the maths classroom. From the whole-school rewards policy that Joe has designed and implemented, to the many domestic and foreign trips he organises, Joe is dedicated to providing opportunities and a positive culture for students who typically have neither in their home lives. He has quickly become an integral and highly valued member of the school community.

The Award for Teacher of the Year in a Primary School

supported by Randstad

Alasdair Williams Teacher of the Year in a Primary School

Alasdairs love of nature, geography and all things outdoors shines throughout this inner-city school, set within an area of high deprivation. An integral and highly valued member of the team for almost five years and a dedicated Year 2 teacher, Alasdair goes above and beyond every day to better the life chances of pupils across the school. His talents and infectious enthusiasm have led to many inspiring and key initiatives, from popular and successful annual outdoor classroom days to a Ten Tors challenge on Dartmoor for Year 6 pupils, and even establishing the schools own apiary. Alongside all this, Alasdair has written his own geography curriculum from scratch, including a programme of fieldwork for all pupils from Reception to Year 6. Inclusive, encouraging and aspirational, Alasdair has the interests of his pupils at the core of all he does for the school.

Beccy Werrin Teacher of the Year in a Primary School

An exceptionally talented teacher, leader and mentor for Key Stage 2, mental health, and personal, social, health and citizenship education (PSHCE), Beccys collaborative spirit, innovative ideas and unwavering commitment to educational excellence make her a true asset to the school and wider community. Beccy inspires and facilitates growth and development among all her colleagues and pupils, empowering everyone to reach their full potential. She enriches the life of the wider school community too, organising outreach programmes and fostering local partnerships. She brings learning to life, enabling her pupils to make connections to real-world experiences – for example, because of the links Beccy has made with local farmers, pupils know where their food comes from. The wellbeing of staff and pupils is at the forefront of everything Beccy initiates, and she works closely with the prefects, school council and anti-bullying ambassadors to ensure pupils have a voice and platform to make the right changes at this school.

Daniel McLoughlin Teacher of the Year in a Primary School

Daniel is The Divine Mercy RC Primary School’s very own Sir Alan Sugar and encourages the entrepreneurial spirit of each pupil. Every pupil is pushed and challenged to reach their full potential. His initiatives, such as the Divine Bubbles car wash and Mama Margaret’s Kenya craft stall, enable the children to learn lessons not traditionally taught in the classroom. Daniel extends the school’s reach by inviting inspirational figures from diverse backgrounds to engage with pupils, broadening his young learners’ horizons and nurturing their aspirations for the future. Whether through individualised support for struggling pupils or fostering a culture of inclusivity and respect, Daniel consistently demonstrates a commitment to nurturing the potential of each pupil.

Gemma Bradshaw Teacher of the Year in a Primary School

Colleagues describe Gemma as a shining light and that is exactly what she is. She shines a light on the children in her class, the provision she delivers, the dances she directs and the colleagues lucky enough to work with her. Key Stage 1, phonics and early reading lead, Gemma has driven significant improvement in the schools results over recent years and pupils are keen and active readers because of her. She supports her colleagues in developing their teaching and without doubt she has helped to keep brilliant teachers in the profession. On top of her teaching, Gemma leads a highly popular dance club at the school, taking pupils to perform at the Bath Forum every year. She also liaises with a local social club for people living with dementia and all pupils have the opportunity to visit the club and work with its members, benefiting everyone. Gemmas positive impact and immense abilities extend far beyond the classroom, inspiring the whole school and local community.

Gethin Edwards Teacher of the Year in a Primary School

Gethin epitomises dedication, community spirit and hard work in all that he does at Pierrepont Gamston Primary School. An outstanding Key Stage 2 teacher, he has an innate ability to engage every pupil in his class, going above and beyond to support their growth and learning and ensure that they have an exceptional educational experience. He is equally devoted to the schools football teams, spending countless hours coaching both girls and boys teams and instilling in them not just skills but values such as teamwork and sportsmanship. Gethins commitment to fostering a supportive environment where everyone feels valued and empowered is truly commendable. He is a highly valued and popular member of the team and a beacon of positivity and enthusiasm in both the school and the wider community.

Jane Stanton Teacher of the Year in a Primary School

Jane is an inspirational teacher who works tirelessly and enthusiastically to support all children and staff throughout the school. An excellent phase and subject leader, she has led many curriculum changes and implemented new schemes to support the school’s journey, always with skill and dedication. She has strong, trusting relationships with all children and parents and has created a welcoming, engaging and safe learning environment. Children in her class love her as their teacher and love coming to school. She challenges all children and is committed to ensuring that they make progress and reach their full potential by encouraging and inspiring them as young learners. Jane is a vibrant and fundamental part of the school and her impact is far-reaching.

Leanne Bryant Teacher of the Year in a Primary School

With a deep love for teaching, learning and people, Leanne is an exceptional teacher, going above and beyond to ensure that not only her pupils thrive but their families too. She creates highly effective and engaging lessons that cater for every childs individual needs and abilities, inspiring all her pupils to make impressive progress. Leanne creates a positive and orderly learning environment where pupils across the whole school feel safe and respected. Patient, kind and supportive, she greets all pupils cheerily at the school gate come rain or shine, getting to know them individually and building strong and trusting relationships. Leanne has exceptional knowledge and understanding of each childs learning process, including those with SEND. Since becoming the schools special educational needs coordinator (SENCo) in 2021, Leanne has transformed the schools SEND provision and has upskilled staff through her innovative training sessions. As a result, pupils with SEND are making better progress than ever before and parents feel supported and valued.

Meshelle Headley Teacher of the Year in a Primary School

Assistant head and Year 2 teacher, Meshelles infectious enthusiasm for teaching has never waivered during her 30 years at Sharnbrook Primary. Continually looking for ways to ensure that children enjoy their learning, she empowers them to believe in themselves and get the most out of their time at school. Her results are in the top percentile nationally, year after year. Equally, shes always available to help colleagues talk through a lesson or subject leadership, or discuss a child who is having a tough time. If that wasnt impressive enough, what makes Meshelle special is her ability to understand what people need to perform at their best and provide it, without fuss and always with a smile. She is moral and compassionate and can support others to reflect and improve without doubting their own strengths. She shines the spotlight on others and has a huge impact on those around her, inspiring the children in her class, their parents and her colleagues to want to aim high.

Misba Mir Teacher of the Year in a Primary School

Misba is at the core of Carlton Junior and Infant School, being deputy head, Year 6 teacher and English, P4C (philosophy for children) and challenge lead. She also leads curriculum design, and has been recognised by NACE (National Association for Able Children in Education) and P4C accreditors. With her innate ability to identify needs accurately, pupil progress is rapid, and the school is highly ranked for reading and maths. Her classroom is characterised by a sense of camaraderie and mutual respect and a shared passion for learning. She brings learning to life for her pupils, for example in organising and leading a trip to Amsterdam when her class were studying Vincent van Gogh. Misba is hugely supportive of her colleagues, mentoring new teachers, leading professional development sessions and being a local authority moderator for Key Stage 2 writing. She also shares her expertise through regularly contributing to regional and national workshops and speaking at local conferences. Misba is a true gem.

Natalie Poornomansy Teacher of the Year in a Primary School

An outstanding Reception teacher at Woodlands, Natalie is an exceptional educator who exemplifies the qualities of an inspirational and supportive colleague and a dedicated professional. Setting high expectations for herself, her pupils and her colleagues, she fosters a culture of excellence in the classroom and beyond, believing in the potential of every child and working tirelessly to empower them to achieve their very best. Natalies engaging classroom environment is a joy – a place where children feel valued, motivated and inspired to succeed. Through her innovative teaching methods and keen attention to detail, she drives a hub of creativity, exploration and growth. Her instrumental role in establishing the schools SEN provision, particularly the nurture room, has been highly commended by school improvement advisors and SEN teams. Her unwavering commitment and remarkable contributions to the educational community ensure that every child has the opportunity to thrive.

Nathan Shortland Teacher of the Year in a Primary School

Nathan has a talent for engaging children who find school challenging and fosters incredible relationships, so learning is relaxing as well as exciting and thought provoking. He promotes St Thomas’ vision of ‘encouraging each other, overflowing with hope’.  He brings his personal passions of singing and volleyball to school, leading the school choir and Choral Worship, as well as extracurricular clubs that encourage children to try sports. Since qualifying in 2017, Nathan has made it his personal mission to champion children, champion education and encourage more male teachers in primary education. It’s fair to say that teaching is not a job for him, it’s a calling to ensure that every child realises their potential, knows they are loved and that they are in charge of their own destiny. 

The Award for Teacher of the Year in a Secondary School

supported by Nord Anglia Education

Alisha Senior Teacher of the Year in a Secondary School

A truly inspirational teacher and leader of the Performing Arts faculty, Alishas passion for improving the lives of children has never wavered during her 15 years at this school. She engenders a love for performance and learning even in students who have previously struggled to engage in school. Firm in her belief that all students are capable of more than they realise, Alisha teaches beyond the curriculum, not only achieving outstanding results for exam classes but also empowering her students to excel in the prestigious LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art) exams, Arts Award qualifications and industry auditions. Alisha also leads a highly successful school-wide social and emotional programme, fostering confident, open and adaptable young people and enabling social mobility for the next generations of Liverpool. Leading transformational events that galvanise both the school and its surrounding community and capture the imagination of local families, Alishas infectious impact reaches far beyond the classroom.

Amy King Teacher of the Year in a Secondary School

Amy demonstrates exemplary concern for and commitment to her students by consistently going out of her way to make herself accessible. She runs a plethora of dance clubs at school, across all ages for all abilities, and directs and produces the school’s popular drama productions. With many students not having access to dance lessons outside school, Amy’s classes provide an invaluable opportunity to take part in this energetic activity. She also runs a dance leaders course to enable students to develop their leadership skills. A highly regarded faculty leader, Amy gets involved in all aspects of the school’s life, from subject trips to sports day and DofE activities. She also goes out to local primary schools to ensure that the school is a vibrant and visible part of the local community and to encourage young pupils to try dancing. Amy is a true inspiration, and her unwavering dedication and tireless work are appreciated by all those around her, throughout the school community and beyond.

Ana Sánchez Motos Teacher of the Year in a Secondary School

It was discovering an unexpected passion for working with disadvantaged pupils as a teaching assistant in Liverpool that kick-started Anas teaching career in 2015. Currently, she is lead practitioner for modern foreign languages (MFL) not just at this school, but also for the Great Schools Trust, which the school is part of. Anas enthusiasm for languages and teaching is infectious. Recognising the opportunities that languages can open up for pupils from all backgrounds, she has a fantastic track record of improving outcomes. She brings languages to life, blending cultural experiences into everything she does, from offering churros con chocolate to Key Stage 3 pupils to launching the schools first international trip in six years, to Barcelona. Beyond the school community, Ana has enjoyed success in teacher development at all levels. For example, she has delivered sessions in initial teacher training (ITT) for local universities, and creates model resources available on Tes to further share best practice for MFL teachers the world over.

Edward Allen Teacher of the Year in a Secondary School

Currently director of music and in his eighth year at Royal Hospital School (RHS), Edwards journey from devoted musician to inspiring educator exemplifies his unwavering dedication to instilling a love for music in every student he teaches. His genuine passion for music catalyses student engagement and achievement, and his capacity to connect with students of varying interests and backgrounds is phenomenal. The music department at RHS is large and vibrant, and includes an innovative programme, supported by the Friends of Music scheme, that enables students to access instruments and tuition and kindle their curiosity in a diverse range of musical experiences. Under Edwards dynamic leadership and infectious enthusiasm, the school offers music lessons in everything from singing to drumming, and students have a huge choice of choirs, bands and ensembles they can join, with opportunities for individual performances too, such as bugler at Remembrance events. The deep tradition of music-making at RHS and in the wider community is hugely enriched by Edwards impressive talent and impact.

James Vause Teacher of the Year in a Secondary School

James is not merely a head of science; he is an educational architect, a transformative leader and an inspiration to all who have the privilege of working with him. His dedication to excellence, his innovative pedagogy and his commitment to the holistic development of all pupils make him an exceptional educator and a true asset to Castleford Academy. James is not just shaping the minds of today but is moulding the leaders and innovators of tomorrow.

Kate Hytner Teacher of the Year in a Secondary School

Kate has been a dedicated and passionate teacher of MFL for over 25 years. The innovative curriculum she has designed and created for Ridgeway students has led to the school achieving the highest progress results in the region for many years. With her extensive leadership experience, she has positively impacted the lives of countless students, not just in the classroom but also through the fantastic cultural experiences she organises. Every year, she leads the school visit to Ypres, providing an unforgettable experience for students and expanding their understanding of this part of history. Kate also leads Ridgeways instructional coaching programme, resulting in the school gaining national recognition as a Steplab Coaching Hub, providing high-quality training to other schools across the country. She is determined that the classroom experience of every individual student ensures them the best possible outcomes. Beyond the school, Kate is a senior examiner for GCSE Spanish, providing training and support to ensure that exams are marked with professionalism and integrity.  

Oli McVeigh Teacher of the Year in a Secondary School

Assistant headteacher and director of English, ethics and media at Ferndown Upper School, Oli’s leadership and contribution to changes within the English department have resulted in fantastic outcomes for students at both GCSE and A level. He views success in the subject of English as potentially life-changing and he builds a culture within the classroom and the department that ensures all students achieve their full potential. Oli is passionate about his learners, always ensuring that they come first in all decisions. This positive and inclusive approach has influenced the development of the Boys’ Programme, co-authored by Oli, which supports boys with a mentor scheme, external speakers and safe spaces to be able to explore masculinity and mental health. Oli has provided evidence in this area at government level and is impacting practice all around the country.

Rachel Hindley Teacher of the Year in a Secondary School

Since joining Outwood Academy Hindley in 2019 as an MFL teacher, Rachels outstanding skills and capacity to galvanise those around her have seen her rise to become Head of MFL and also associate assistant principal in just five years. Rachel guides the MFL department with passion and enthusiasm, offering students fabulous opportunities to broaden their language learning, for example through games and film clubs, trips to France and Spain and the chance to become language ambassadors. Rachel also runs the Academy Conduct and Expectations programme for all Year 7 students, which engages students in how to be safe, respectful and responsible in school and in the community, and includes highly coveted bronze, silver and golden awards. Rachel is hugely respected by her colleagues and a true inspiration to her students, empowering them to achieve excellent GCSE results year after year and aspire to become linguists of the future.

Samantha Toman Teacher of the Year in a Secondary School

A highly experienced English teacher, Sam is an exceptional educator, lead practitioner and head of English. Inclusive and inspiring in her approach, colleagues and visitors can’t help but smile at the levels of pupil engagement in her classes, her encouragement of pupils, and her high expectations. Her impact is evident throughout the school, including in her tireless work to support reading across the curriculum and in leading on reading recovery programmes in all year groups. Never work-shy, Sam throws herself into her role, going above and beyond every day, from providing intervention support to students after school and in the holidays, to holding parents’ information evenings and masterclasses for primary school pupils, as well as leading a social action project each summer. Sam looks after the fantastic staff team she has created too, supporting, nurturing and mentoring each and every one of them. Her love and passion for the whole Hassenbrook school community shine through

The Award for Teaching Assistant of the Year

Allan McFarlane Teaching Assistant of the Year

Arriving for interview at George Pindar School after a distinguished career in the Royal Air Force, and with no prior experience of working in a secondary school, it could have been viewed as a risk to hire Allan. The risk has more than paid off. Allan has worked as an inspirational TA at the school for five years now and is an incredible asset. The epitome of a team player, he makes the school a better place for students and staff due to his place in it. Allan supports learners across all year groups, from helping the newest Year 7s get to know the school community to supporting the Year 11s to succeed in their exams through a combination of in-class and personalised intervention support. Allan’s mission and true goal is to do whatever it takes to enable students to strive for success, however that may look.

Carla Horton Teaching Assistant of the Year

Carla has had a huge impact at the academy by turning an empty shell into a bustling charity shop. The shop, run by the students, is part of a unique programme that offers valuable work experience, enabling students to earn a retail qualification. Carla has created an inviting environment that encourages students to step out of their comfort zone and thrive in a public-facing role – something that can be quite challenging for Oakwoods students with SEND. Thanks to her efforts, the shop has become a community favourite, drawing returning locals because of its warm and welcoming vibe. Carla has also played a crucial role in setting up a classroom next door in the shopping centre, enabling students to put their theory learning into practice. Through her unwavering dedication, many students have developed the confidence and experience needed to secure jobs after they leave the academy.

Gail Montgomery Teaching Assistant of the Year

A dedicated foundation stage teaching assistant (TA), Gail has worked at Kings Park for 32 years. During that time, she has built up a wealth of invaluable experience and had a huge impact on the lives of countless children and the wider school community. Alongside her day-to-day TA role, Gail delivers engaging and highly effective small-group teaching to children with SEND and gives her time freely in her contributions to the wider life of the school, including facilitating a breakfast club and after-school clubs. An outstanding practitioner, Gails enthusiasm and humility are infectious. She treats everyone with kindness and respect and embraces the schools motto of Belong, Believe, Become by supporting children to achieve and be their best, and encouraging and inspiring her colleagues. She is a treasure to the whole school community.

Julia Bowers Teaching Assistant of the Year

A compassionate and inspirational learning support assistant at North Liverpool Academy for over nine years, Julia demonstrates an unwavering commitment to fostering an engaging and inclusive learning environment for all students. She is highly regard by students, parents and staff, leaving an indelible mark on everyone around her. As well as offering in-class support and reading intervention, Julia delivers after-school clubs and is always ready to take on additional challenges. One such initiative has been working towards the Autism Inclusion Award and, with Julias galvanising input, the school is among the first mainstream secondary schools in the country to achieve this. Julia works tirelessly to improve the learning experience for students with ASD, for example leading on liaising with the schools external provider for ASD support, communicating with parents and ensuring that recommendations made are transferred into the classroom and reflected in student profiles. Julia is not just a facilitator of knowledge but a leader and mentor, empowering students to embrace learning with enthusiasm.

Margaret Bawden Teaching Assistant of the Year

An inspiring and committed TA, Margaret has worked at Hordle for 28 years. She has dedicated a lifetime to caring for pupils across the school, including those with SEND, and she goes above and beyond in all aspects of school life. She has run countless interventions to ensure that pupils make accelerated progress, and somehow manages to transform children who were afraid of maths into keen young mathematicians. Margarets tireless efforts, passion and enthusiasm have brought the school to life, whether thats with her knitting, her special role in the Christmas grotto or her hand-crimped pasties for the annual Hordle Bake Off. This year sees Margaret come to the end of a career where she has brought her whole self to work each and every day. She has been truly exceptional!

Sharfa Chohan Teaching Assistant of the Year

A truly outstanding TA, Sharfa has had a transformative effect on the students and culture at Ninestiles. She has redefined the role of TA to make it a properly professional and influential role. With her innate ability to achieve the perfect blend of caring and challenging, she gets the best from all her learners all the time. Parents love her relentless positivity. She also helps with navigating the challenges of pre-teen life – from helping students get to grips with puberty, to being a pillar of strength to the designated safeguarding lead (DSL) when learners require more bespoke support. A fluent Urdu speaker, Sharfa makes annual reviews at school not just person-centred, but family-focused, ensuring all voices are heard and parents are put at ease. Her impact is far-reaching and invaluable.

The Unsung Hero Award

Adam Etherington Unsung Hero

Science technician, DofE coordinator and an integral part of the Court Fields School team since 2006, Adam is more than an educator – he’s an unsung hero whose impact resonates throughout the school community. His dedication to students is palpable through initiatives such as the highly popular ‘Bug Club’, which he leads. Attracting over 50 students weekly, the club not only fosters scientific curiosity but also provides a supportive environment for personal growth and friendship. Adam’s involvement in outdoor education, including the Exmoor Challenge and DofE programmes, instils resilience and leadership skills in students, and his commitment extends to the introduction and training of therapy dogs Spot and Flint, who offer invaluable support to students dealing with anxiety and trauma. Adam’s selflessness is evident in projects like the creation of the school’s living willow shelter and running ‘Wellbeing Wednesday’ for staff, showcasing his genuine care for the entire school community. His passion for creating a nurturing learning environment sets him apart, making him a beacon of inspiration and influence.

Greg Smalley Unsung Hero

Greg is an exceptional higher level teaching assistant (HLTA) at Aurora Woodlands School, a small specialist school providing nurturing education for children with SEND. Since joining in 2022, Greg has been the leading light of the Highgrove provision, an onsite forest school for learners with social, emotional and mental health (SEMH) difficulties and autistic spectrum conditions (ASC). Greg designs and delivers a bespoke phonics and numeracy programme that enables previously hard-to-reach students to learn key skills almost without realising – while also developing practical, social and emotional skills as they work together in the outdoors! Through forging links with local groups and and neighbours, Greg ensures that students are at the heart of the local community and have a sense of belonging. From encouraging students as they create their own outdoors environment to babysitting newly-hatched chicks and ducklings, he always quietly goes the extra mile.

Hesta Dalton Unsung Hero

Hesta enthuses people’s hearts and minds to make Priory School among the very best. She has presence. She works tirelessly in the pursuit of the school’s improvement plan and beyond. She is passionate about the totality of the students’ school experience and develops the most incredible learning environments and student opportunities. Hesta has a creative flair and promotes student leadership. She has built her very own ‘cube breaker’ challenge (with its own life-size inflatable cube), which tours local primary schools to develop characteristics such as resilience, creativity and leadership. Hesta is motivated by helping others to achieve their goals. She champions young people having a voice, having choices and enjoying their educational experience. Every school needs and deserves a Hesta.

Josh Bray Unsung Hero

Having started his career as an apprentice in the PE department, moving on to become a cover supervisor, Josh has built a fantastic career that has led him to his current role as associate assistant principal and lead learning manager for the academy. Josh has developed, led and supported on many successful key projects in the academy, such as DofE, attendance and sourcing bespoke educational packages for school avoidant students, and as learning manager for Year 11, he has consistently cried at every leavers assembly! Joshs most recent project is Rise to Level 9, targeting students with the potential to excel in their GCSE maths exam, offering breakfast, lunch, after-school and weekend sessions that deliver next-level maths. Josh has put his own educational journey, a maths degree, on hold to be able to further support the students in his care and to enable him to assist colleagues across the academy and trust. He is, without doubt, a Shafton superstar!

Lee Turner Unsung Hero

Caretaker at Cavendish Junior School for the last five years, Lee is the definition of unsung hero. His enormous talents have reached every space in the school, transforming it into a magical, inspirational and safe place to learn. Theres the STEM room he built, and children love the STEM club he runs there twice a week, taking turns to use the rooms incredible maker space, where Lee encourages them to be creative while learning amazing new skills. And theres the wonderful Cavendish Curiosity Cabin he created – a room that really must be seen. Hidden behind a secret door, the cabin is a unique learning environment and an ever-changing space that provides inspiration for writing and reading opportunities. Over the last few years, the cabin has been transformed into Hogwarts, the North Pole and a haunted mansion and is a constant reminder of Narnia. In a world where acts of kindness often go unnoticed, Lee stands out as a shining example of humility and generosity.

Matt Buck Unsung Hero

Matt is an exceptional educator whose passion for teaching extends far beyond the classroom walls at Chances, a short-term alternative education provision for students who, for a range of reasons, are struggling in their mainstream school. With a dedicated focus on maths, Matt not only imparts knowledge but also instils confidence in his students, making complex concepts accessible and fostering a love for learning. His impact ripples through the school, where colleagues admire his collaborative spirit and innovative teaching methods. Matt’s commitment to his students goes beyond academics; as the beloved owner of the school dog, Kuma, he creates a nurturing environment where children feel valued and supported. His influence extends to the local community, where he champions educational equity and advocates for the wellbeing of every child. Matt is a beacon of inspiration, embodying the transformative power of education.

Mo Osman Unsung Hero

Olympic wrestler Mo Osman’s impact at Burnage Academy for Boys is boundless, as he connects with students who otherwise may not have prioritised their education. Winning British Wrestling Coach of the Year, Mo’s influence extends beyond the school gates through his establishment of the Burnage Community Wrestling Club. This initiative not only gets students involved in exercise but encourages discipline and ambition. Through mentorship, humour and a genuine interest in their wellbeing, Mo creates a safe and supportive environment where students feel valued and understood. Many students say that, without Mo, it’s unlikely they would have completed their education.

Patricia Gawthrope Unsung Hero

Patricia, or Mrs G as she is affectionately known, began her career as a parent helper in a primary school. Motivated by her own childrens additional needs, she had a vision for how mainstream primary schools could play a vital role in supporting children and families. Since then, through her journey as a TA and learning mentor, she has turned this into reality and created the Rainbow Room at Park View. In this inclusive space, which includes a sensory room, all children are welcome, additional needs are supported and every child knows they will be listened to and advocated for. Relentless in her drive to make every child feel seen, safe and supported at school, Mrs G is also beloved by families, often giving up her own time to support a family in crisis. From pioneering positive parenting courses to weekly food bank deliveries for families, even in the holidays, and supporting children in times of bereavement, Mrs Gs impact across the school and community is unparalleled.