• Johnny Lee

    Sadly over the last 3 years Red Oak Primary School has experienced many negative situations, and some of the children come from families which face daily hardship and challenge. Behaviour in the school was an issue, as too was the level of self-esteem in many children. Parental engagement was extremely low so the Head Teacher […]

  • Luisa Martin-Thomas

    Luisa Martin-Thomas is a teacher with a burning passion to improve the lives of all of the young people she encounters in school. She is a highly committed, professional member of staff who provides fantastic learning and teaching experiences for the students in her lessons. Indeed all of the staff and students of Tonypandy Community […]

  • Mathematics Team

    This team are living proof that British children can do maths as well as any children in the world. They also show that everyone can do maths, regardless of race, religion, or gender and irrespective of disadvantage, providing they have the right teaching environment. The Casterton maths department take children of all current abilities, including […]

  • Laura McCloskey

    Laura has worked in Sperrin College for almost a year and has rejuvenated the Drama Department with her talent, enthusiasm and total dedication to the children. Her passion and commitment to instilling a love of learning in her pupils is inspiring for everyone in the Sperrin community. Her lessons motivate and stimulate the pupils to […]

  • Christine Miller

    Christine Miller retires at the end of this school year from her lifelong career in teaching and it is not an understatement to say that the world of education will be a lesser place without the inspirational magic sprinkled by her in every aspect of school life. Mrs Miller is quite simply ‘Melling Primary’ personified […]

  • Darren Morgan

    Darren began his successful teaching career in 1998, taking his first Headship in 2010. He joined Kings Road in September 2015 as the Headteacher and embraced a school that needed vision, leadership, morale and support. Darren has worked tirelessly to establish the school that it is today and has embedded this growth mind set amongst […]

  • Rohit Naik

    Rohit has been the Head Teacher of Hope School since 2002, and has a clear passion and commitment to providing the best outcomes for some of the most disengaged and disadvantaged children in the city. Hope School was rated outstanding by Ofsted in 2014 in all areas however Rohit did not rest on his laurels, […]

  • Adam Parkhouse

    In essence, Mr Parkhouse’s teaching is just completely inspiring. He has fabulous relationships with the children who are relaxed and completely at home in their school.  This environment is the single biggest reason why his children are so successful and happy.  He creates engaging and exciting lessons for them. They genuinely don’t know what to expect most days, […]

  • Jo Payne

    Jo has had such a positive impact across the school through her commitment and enthusiasm in using technology to enhance the education of the children at Vale School. Not only have her class, and the Year Group she leads, benefited from her excellent use of IT to support learning across the curriculum, the whole school […]

  • Lorraine Pemberton

    Lorraine began as a parent helper in 2003 and worked her way from class LSA to HLTA. Her more recent roles include leading STEM and supporting cluster based training in this area and is currently the DT subject leader. Lorraine has always given 100 percent commitment to all she does. This is reflected in the […]

  • Preetmal Poonith

    Having worked in industry, Preetmal joined teaching in 2006, and he has been a credit to the profession ever since. Students consider it a privilege to be taught by Mr Poonith. What they experience in his lessons is a sense of dedication that is almost unique in the profession. Mr Poonith’s results are outstanding and […]

  • Melanie Poyda

    Mel joined Kennet School in 2010 following completion of a Graduate Training Programme and has established herself as an exceptional teacher and Head of Department. She is an outstanding and passionate teacher of Computing. She has a clear philosophy about her teaching, and strongly believes and communicates that to be the best teacher you have […]

  • Gareth Price

    Gareth is an inspirational teacher who has revolutionised the teaching and learning of information and digital technology within the school and within the local community. He uses a wide range of technologies and digital platforms both within the curriculum and during extra-curricular sessions to promote learning and enjoyment. This has had an impact not only […]

  • Lisa Rees-Renshaw

    Lisa has worked at Ysgol Y Deri since it opened in 2014, coming from Ysgol Erw’r Delyn. Her approach to the use of technology with pupils is truly inspirational. She carefully considers the needs of each child and whether it’s adapting equipment, setting up communication devices or helping them to control their environments, the work […]

  • Edna Reilly

    Edna Reilly has been at Ursuline for 12 years. She is passionate about her subject and goes the extra mile to ensure her students achieve the highest possible standards. Her classroom is a creative environment where girls are encouraged to learn, to lead and to aspire to make a difference. A fantastic role model for […]