• David Duncan

    Veteran teacher and school founder David Duncan is notably committed to the education of pupils with social, emotional and mental health needs. He’s been instrumental in providing opportunity for pupils who’d previously been failed by the education system to achieve an enviable portfolio of GCSEs and other exam results. David began teaching in 1967, founded Rossendale School in May […]

  • Gemma Dunne

    Gemma has worked at Wood Green Academy for just six years and in that time has transformed SEND provision. She is committed to ensuring that SEND students achieve the highest possible standards and this she does with great passion for teaching and learning. Gemma is an inspiration to students and staff alike; she fosters relationships […]

  • ESOL Team

    The ESOL department at Leeds City College teaches 3000 learners per year with a team of sixty, bringing education and life-changing experiences to some of its most vulnerable citizens in a volatile global climate of migration and superdiversity in UK cities. Social integration through second language acquisition is fundamental to the work of the team. There are multiple examples of individuals arriving with […]

  • Faye Facer

    Faye started as an NQT and is now Early Years Leader and a Specialist Leader for Education, providing school to school support for other Early Years practitioners in other schools. She started 2 months after the school had just gone from Outstanding to Special Measures. This did not phase her at all, instead she became even more determined to make Early Years the very best […]

  • Michelle Garton

    Michelle has worked at Wyndham since 2012 where she began her career as an NQT. It quickly became apparent that Michelle had very high standards, was a hard worker and strived to be the best and achieve the highest standards and outcomes for her pupils. She has a clear vision for what high quality teaching looks like. Her classroom immerses […]

  • Michael Grant

    Michael Grant is a passionate, caring and outstanding teacher. Everything he does is for the benefit of all students, not just in his own classes, but Academy wide. There was never any doubt that he would become a teacher – it has been a lifelong passion. Michael attended school in Witham and has remained as […]

  • Lynn Green

    Since beginning her career in teaching in 1979, Lynn Green has made an outstanding contribution to the life chances of hundreds of Sunderland children. Passionately committed to ensuring each child achieves the very best they can whilst in her care, Lynn has guided and supported colleagues to offer exceptional educational opportunities to many other children. She […]

  • Shane Guildford

    Shane is a leader in disseminating good practice use of technology across college. Predominantly working with level 1 and entry level 3 learners in hospitality and catering, Shane innovatively uses technology to inspire and engage his learners. Through this creativity, he ensures that learners are given the best opportunity to progress both in and outside the classroom […]

  • Ceri Hamer

    Ceri has been instrumental in the resurgence of Trumacar Nursery and Community Primary School as the school of choice for the local area. Her steadfastness and dedication to the school and to the local community have ensured that the school has grown in numbers and provides the best education for life within the locality – focussing not only on the children but on […]

  • Charlie Hammond

    Charlie Hammond is a lecturer in Outdoor education. In 2011 he began using emerging learning platforms to improve communication between himself and his students. He developed this with the aim of reducing paper by combining different types of VLE’s. By the time Google Classroom was launched he saw that many of the tools he needed could be combined in one place. He grew his […]

  • Karen Hammond

    Karen’s exceptional and natural leadership qualities have led to an outstanding transformation at Ravens Academy where Karen has been Principal since 2014. When she arrived at the academy it was in Ofsted special measures, and low levels of achievement saw the academy constantly fall below standard. Under Karen’s leadership, the academy has transformed and secured significant improvement in Ofsted performance. Its 2016, academic results placed the […]

  • Karen Hefford

    Karen is totally committed to serving young people through the many facets of her role as a Teaching Assistant at Twynham School. She has an incredible talent for art and seeks to engage students in using creative solutions to difficult situations. With integrity and professionalism, Karen not only supports children to make excellent progress in […]

  • Josie Hodges

    Josie Hodges is an exceptionally hardworking and committed teacher. She is consistently resilient and enthusiastic, inspirational and motivating. As well as having boundless enthusiasm for learning she has a deep seated moral purpose grounded in genuine care and love for the children she teaches. Josie is an amazing and highly competent teacher, of that there […]

  • Matthew Hudson

    Matt has worked at Oaklands Primary School since September 2014.  Throughout his career Matt has used his sometimes unorthodox approach and profound sense of humour, to motivate pupils, parents and staff alike. His relentless loyalty and enthusiasm for innovative ideas sets him apart and makes him hugely popular. Matt’s passion is infectious and from nurturing […]

  • Rianne Hughes

    Rianne Hughes is a dynamic and enthusiastic tutor who embraces the profession and aims to make a difference for all her students. Innovation, creativity and employability skills are at the core of her teaching. Rianne’s students enjoy and demonstrate a high level of participation and achievement, and her classes relate to enterprise and entrepreneurship, in […]