• Tracey Horne

    Tracey is universally loved and admired at her school for her care, compassion and indefatigable energy. Described by one colleague as “one of the most enthusiastic and committed teachers I have met”, she originally started at her school as a Teaching Assistant and completely immersed herself in ensuring that all her learners reach their potential. […]

  • Nicola Turner

    Described by Ofsted as “an expert teacher”, Nicola is a dedicated professional, committed to providing the best experiences and opportunities for every child in her care. As well as nurturing and developing the children at the school, she is a coach and mentor to parents, governors and colleagues; the whole school community benefits from her […]

  • Drew Thomson

    Drew is a consistently outstanding Physics teacher. So much so, that Ofsted highlighted him as one of the schools’ best practitioners, something that the school, students, parents and colleagues were already very well aware of. Drew’s students all exceed their targets and make exceptional progress in his subject. He achieves these results through his inspirational […]

  • Jolene Swan

    Jolene is an outstanding primary teacher. Her headteacher said of her, “she has a gift for unlocking each and every child’s potential and takes the time to understand the bigger picture for each child; she really understands how to motivate and inspire pupils and is exceptionally good at making children believe in themselves and boosting […]

  • Darren Storrer

    Darren is a tutor in Construction for the 14-16 age group and he works tirelessly both in College and externally to make sure that the education experience he provides is of the very highest quality. He has created and runs “Job Club”, a business in which 14-16 year olds can work on real life projects […]

  • Jayne Southwell

    Jayne is an inspirational teacher of English. Nominated by parents at her school, one of whom wrote, “Mrs Southwell embodies the best in her profession. She is inspiring, energetic, passionate, empowering and enabling in key life skills and she has given my son confidence”. A professional of the highest calibre she is admired by students […]

  • Irene Smith

    Irene has worked at her school since 1976, originally as a teacher, latterly progressing to Deputy Headteacher and most recently as acting Headteacher. Throughout her career she has strived to ensure that her pupils receive the highest quality learning experience possible, leaving primary education with a love of learning and fully prepared to take on […]

  • Mick Simpson

    Mick is an inspirational Science teacher and Deputy Head at his school, a secondary for boys who are experiencing social, emotional and mental health difficulties. He is Kilgarth’s only Science teacher; delivering exciting and engaging lessons to boys in Key Stages 3 and 4. His passion for his subject is evident in everything that he […]

  • Helen Simmons

    Helen is an exceptional Head of Drama at her school, and thanks to her energy and enthusiasm, the variety and quality of productions that she orchestrates are no less than phenomenal. Students’ results both at GCSE and A level are excellent and reflect students’ talent and hard work as well as Helen’s aspirations for all […]

  • Jemma Sherwood

    Jemma was nominated for a Pearson Teaching Award by her whole school; her Head of Department wrote, “I have been a Mathematics teacher for almost 20 years and Jemma is, without question, not only the best Mathematics teacher I have ever seen teach, she is also the best teacher I have ever seen teach.” She […]

  • David Seddon

    David’s career in education began 43 years ago when he joined his first school as a PE teacher. During those years he has taught, supported and inspired literally thousands of children and their families. On his retirement this year, he will have been a Headteacher for 25 years! His career has been in transforming schools […]

  • Jacky Scott

    Jacky has been a dedicated and highly popular member of her school community for 21 years. During that time she has had a tremendous impact on the lives, the learning and the welfare of literally thousands of children. Described as the “cement” that binds together the school, and its networks, she continues to have an […]

  • Ann Saward

    Ann is a shining light in the specialist education of unwell teenagers at the adolescent unit at which she works. Her consistently empathetic, child centred approach provides a solid example to other professionals, when they are faced with extremely challenging behaviours and emotions. She effortlessly sees the point of view of parents and carers, understanding […]

  • Joanna Ross

    Joanna is an outstanding Early Years teacher who exemplifies just what an exceptional teacher should be. She is described by her Headteacher as “a beacon for staff, families and students in our school”. This is true of her teaching, her high expectations of pupils, her relationships with families, and her partnerships with health and care […]

  • Jakki Rogers

    Jakki is an exceptional Headteacher with outstanding leadership skills. Her school is a small primary in the heart of Brixton that achieves quite exceptional results; the culmination of sustained improvements over recent years. Jakki has achieved these outcomes through her innovative, creative, rigorous and inspired leadership which has ensured that children’s learning experiences are stimulating […]