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All the positive press coverage has helped to raise the profile of the school in the wider community. This award and the recognition that comes with it will further inspire us all to continue our journey to beyond outstanding so that the lives of students and their families can be further transformed by a culture that has teamwork and excellence as part of its DNA.”

“We are delighted to have received the award. It’s such an achievement for the team.”

“I was absolutely thrilled simply to have been nominated for the Award for Lifetime Achievement because the nomination came from my colleagues and students – past and present. I learned in March that (unbeknown to me) I’d been nominated, and on 11th May my school was visited by the judges. Quite simply, that day was the highlight of my career. I was simply overwhelmed by the kindness and enthusiasm that so many people brought to it, and I am still grateful to everyone involved; they gave me a very special day that will remain with me forever because it was so intensely personal. May 11th left with me with a strange mix of feelings of happiness and humility. I don’t think there are words that can adequately express my complete surprise and gratitude when I learnt only a week later that I was to be presented with a Pearson Silver Lifetime Achievement Award, and I could never have anticipated its subsequent impact.”

“The Award has made my final few weeks in teaching wonderful. The Award has also been an incredibly positive experience for our Academy, too; it has proved to be a real boost for the Academy as we approach the end of another academic year, and it has been my wish to share the Award with all teaching staff because from the very beginning of my career to the present day, I’ve been surrounded by extraordinarily talented and committed teachers and leaders who have supported and inspired me by their example, and in this respect, I’ve been blessed.

The Award has also touched our students, too. They’ve been thrilled and excited to have been involved in a national award, and their tributes and congratulations have been absolutely humbling. Students who I have never taught have shared their delight with me, and this is a measure of the impact that the Award has had on the whole school population. Receiving this Award is a lovely way to bring my career to a close, and I consider myself to be a very, very lucky man.”

“Taking part in the teaching awards has made me feel appreciated for working hard to make sure the children at my school do well in English. It’s always rewarding to feel valued. It has provided great opportunities for networking and reflecting upon the achievements of the students I teach.”

“The parents and school have been really supportive and proud of me winning this award. My current class parents enjoyed being at the assembly where I received the trophy and sharing that moment. The children think it’s wonderful.
Also how nice it is to have positive comments in the local press about teachers. I never realised how much support and respect there was out there for me.”

“This has been an excellent opportunity for the whole school community to celebrate our three very successful schools.  For the pupils and parents, it has definitely been about having an opportunity for our urban Manchester schools to shine at a national level.”

“This was a once in a lifetime experience that I will treasure forever.”

“Winning a silver Lifetime Achievement Award makes me feel so honoured and proud but also humble. Making a difference to young people has been my lifelong passion and, for me, this award recognises their achievements too, as well as recognising just how important teaching and leadership is for their success. On a personal level, this award acknowledges my 45 years of teaching and leading schools and, particularly, leading seven schools, both primary and secondary, out of “Special Measures”. I encourage my staff to look constantly for opportunities to congratulate our students and “to catch them doing something good.” This award therefore highlights the importance of positive messages and it places teaching as a profession in a strong light beyond the local area as well as giving great promotion to our school nearer to home. Winning a Silver Teaching Award has been fantastic for me.”

“Winning the silver award has been a very positive experience for the school.  At our primary school we are a team and this award demonstrates this.  The Award has helped us to celebrate all that is good in our school.”

“Winning the Silver Pearson’s award is a fantastic achievement, it was great to hear all the amazing comments from staff, students and employers. Winning this award has already had huge ripple effects from inspiring my students and staff that I have worked with, and I will continue to hold the flag and it has inspired me to share my teaching practice even more to the wider community online via social media.”

“Winning the Silver Teaching Award has helped to raise the profile of Geography and the use of digital technology in my school. The local paper ran a major article about my award. It has also helped me to promote my global collaborative online mapping events. I have seen a surge of schools, particularly from around the UK, registering for my “Great Geography Map Off” event. It has helped me to gain a new role within the Girls Day School Trust where I will be promoting the effective use of digital technology in teaching across a national group of 26 schools.”

“Winning this award feels like an incredible achievement considering my starting point. I was under-confident having not really found a career that fulfilled me. My training year was a struggle. I felt overloaded through most of it and my observations didn’t ever receive top marks. However, the support I received from my training provider and staff in my training school was unparalleled. My head teacher continuously told me that she saw something in me. It has been an overwhelming but hugely rewarding journey ever since. Gradually I found my feet, with continued support. I discovered that I had a very nurturing side and perhaps because of my own low self-esteem, I wanted to make a difference to children who experienced the same. I wanted to make every child around me feel safe and cared for and to give them a chance to find their own feet in our challenging world.
My award represents resilience, passion, determination, love and strength.”