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Inspiring thank yous

Here are just a few of the inspiring thank you messages we've received from students so far this year.

"For being a wonderful teacher, for single-handedly assuring that I received an A* for GCSE Maths and Statistics, despite being in Set 2, for working tirelessly to assure the best grades possible for his class and for having seemingly infinite depths of patience.  And on top of that, his lessons are never boring." 

"He has been a great maths teacher. When I first started [at school] I did not understand anything he taught me but he never gave up on me. He pushed me to work to the best of my ability and assigned me to after school clubs to give me a better understanding. He introduced me and my other class mates to many helpful maths sites which perfected our understanding. When I first started doing my homework booklets I went from a U at the start of the year to an A and the end of my year. He is a great interesting teacher who performed great teaching skills and waited behind at school for extra until I was completely confident on my own. HE DESERVES THIS... Thanks Sir your hard work is much appreciated."

"I found [my teacher] an inspiring and truly dedicated teacher, he paced the whole class through our GCSE maths, and helped me gain a grade A which i didnt think i was capable of. He pushed me right through from year 10 even when i was...well, quite a handfull! I really hope he continues to teach as well as he did for us! And i would like to take this opportunity to thank him myself, and no doubt from our entire class! Thank you again."

"I had no idea of what or where I wanted to study after Uni and you have steered me into the course I can't wait to start at [university]...quite literally following in your footsteps. You were the best DT teacher and have remained a great friend to me throughout the ups and downs at [school]. I can never thank you enough for all you have helped, guided and been there for me and long may we stay in contact!!"

"I know that without your help, I wouldnt be the confident person I am today...heading off to a great Uni to study my favorite subject. I went through one of the worst times at home and throughout it all there was one constant...one person that I could always rely on. You will never know how much you have given to me and I will never be able to thank you enough. Long may we stay in contact and close friends. Thanks a million!!" 

"[My teacher] joined as a trainee teacher whilst I was in Year 10, and made a big impression on our English class. She brought enthusiasm, knowledge, and fun into the classroom - allowing us all to have a laugh, but using dynamic teaching in order to make sure what was going in stayed in. I suddenly shot from a predicted E grade to a predicted B, and pulled off a B in GCSE English Lit and Language.  In Year 12 she then decided to start up our school newspaper again, trying to inspire the journalists of the future. As someone who wants to enter that industry, I jumped on board, and in no time had managed to muscle my way into the editorial position. Miss Needham was happy to step aside and let me take charge, but was always maintaining the level of professionalism we were aiming for within our publications. She's worked tirelessly to make sure that we now have a readership of 5,000, have an online presence and at the same time continue to recruit more members of the team - now at a level of 35 budding writers, reporters and photographers.  Team this with the work she does for The Times Spelling Bee, and all the work she does in the English department, and she's an asset to the school. Having spoken to students throughout the school, there is a respect for [my teacher] like no other for a teacher, and she helps inspire students from 11-18.  On behalf of all at [our school], part of The Chronicle team, or from the Spelling Bee team, thankyou!"

"My English lessons were the only place I didn't have to stress or think about my life outside because this is what I want to study for the rest of my life. [My teacher] made even more a delight for me, with praise for the only thing I was good at and she encouraged my creative writing which has helped my get work published. She has helped me achieve the grades I need to get into the course in university I want and has given my a happy place within my school to get me through the hard years."

"I was under-achieving in English in year 9, partially because it was the subject I was less enthusiastic about. I often found creative writing difficult, which caused me to hold a grudge against English alone as a subject. However; in year 10 when [my teacher] became my teacher she showed me a whole new side to English. Her enthusiasm in class helped me get involved in the classroom, and her supportive attitude will always stick with me. From underachieving at a C grade, she showed me English could be not just interesting and useful but fun. The large amount of motivation which she reflected upon me, lead to English becoming my favourite subject (achieving 2 A grades at GCSE). I have recently finished English Language at A level, and I have a place at University to do Primary Teaching (5-11) with QTS, specialising in English. I believe that without such an amazing, cheerful and motivational teacher, I would not be where I am now. [My teacher] has given me the chance to do what I always have wanted to do, and become the teacher I'd love to be. Without her i don't think this would be possible. I want to thank her so much because of the opportunities she has given me. [My teacher] is a truly inspirational teacher and anyone who has her as their English teacher are destined to succeed. She is incredible and I would love to thank her for enabling me to work towards my dream job. THANK YOU :)"

"After having not being taught by you for a year I have truly noticed the confidence, skills and general enthusiasm that you managed to pass on to me within three years of teaching. This doesn't apply just to English but to my studies as a whole. Your teaching managed to re-spark an enthusiasm for my education that was somewhat lost, yet this enthusiasm is now guiding me, taking me to places I never thought I'd go, allowing me to do things I never thought I'd achieve.  Thank you for showing me how it is possible to enjoy education. Thank you for making me who I am today."

"My school is a school for second chances. Before I went to [my school], I was failing at everything, life even. I was excluded with no where to go. No school wanted me and I thought I'd end up without a proper education. Then, out of the blue, it was as if [my school] scooped me out of the gutter and saved me. Two years later, I have completed my GCSEs and am going on to A-Levels in Politics, English Lit. and Media."