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Thank a teacher

Dear Miss Kaur

Best Media teacher EVER! Does her very best to help us succeed and brings joy to our lessons

Rosemary SHONHIWA Sidney Stringer Academy

Dear Mrs Ball

Dear Mrs Ball Thank you for being the best teacher in the world. You make learning really fun. I'm glad you are my teacher.

Ellen GEE Meadlands Primary School

Dear Ms Atherton

For being the nicest teacher ever and being continually supportive! :)

Shahriyar Gazi Finham Park School

Dear Miss Humphrey

I have really struggled with History this year and you have helped me so much. Thank you Maddy

madeleine connor Ringwood School

Dear Mrs Barns

For helping me pass my English Litritture exam and getting me a A*!! Thank You!!

Shivani Pala New College Leicester

Dear Mr Daye

For being a really good teacher and helping me out with everything

Shahriyar Gazi Finham Park School

Dear Miss Clark

I selected miss Clark because she is kind and every lesson you learn a new thing with her.miss clark is the best P.E teacher i have ever had.

safiya murray New College Leicester

Dear Mr Curtis

for being our head of year and being good

dawid plewa Ernesford Grange Community School

Dear Miss Wright

Thank you for your exceptional contribution to the English department and the outstanding results you secured for your students. You are a real asset to the department and TFA as a whole. It is a pleasure working with you.

Emma Rennard The Farnley Academy

Dear Mrs Cleal

For striving so consistently to get the best for all of her students, and for seeking to be a consistently outstanding teacher.

Chris Gabbett Trinity Catholic School

Dear Miss Stroud

Thank you for being a really helpful and kind member of staff. Thanks for the best 2 years of education!

Abby Slingsby East Kent College

Dear Mrs Harry

For being the best teacher ever and encouraging us to do our work nicely, and doing a flash mob with us, it was really fun xx

Anne-Marie and Ria Andonov and Jagani Christ Church CE Primary School

Dear Mrs Harrison-smith

Thanks for being the best teacher :)

Joanne Stanley Riverside College

Dear Mr Barnett

Mr Barnett is the most incredible teacher I know!!! His lessons are always fun and interesting and science is now my favourite subject, He isn't like any other teacher I know. Mr Barnett is the best!. He deserves this award!

Lydia Ryan Ysgol Aberconwy

Dear Mrs Lovett

You have been a great help for me over this year and i hope that you win, because you always make every lesson worth while.

Chloe Law Shebbear College

Dear Miss Lewis

Although i was not able to keep Tracey as my progression coast for the rest of the year, whilst i had her she was extremely understanding of my situations at home, she helpped me when i was struggling and never gave up on me. She seeked out advice for me and found people for me to speak to when i was struggling. She made me believe i was capable to do more and now i find my self pushing to new limits, if it wasnt for tracey i wouldnt be this confident in myself and my ability to complete my work up to a great standard.

Helen Forde South Staffordshire College

Dear Mr Perry

Outstanding dedication to all his class members and cookery club. Mr. Perry has amazing teaching techniques and always goes the extra mile without hesitation.

Laura Gittins Ysgol Maesydre

Dear Miss Simpson

thankyou for taking the time to do trampolining and getting me to do more advanced moves and just being an EPIC teacher!!!!!

fraser jones Ernesford Grange Community School

Dear Mrs Hays

Super English teacher who always loves to help her students!

Emily Webb The Appleton School

Dear Mrs Chapman

mrs.chapman is a great teacher. she is the head of girls group and is always kind and helpful.

Prabjeet Virk Finham Park School

Dear Mr Fossey

His lectures were very inspirational. If I wasn't sure about becoming a teacher before, then I definitely am now! He's a teacher to remember.

Emma-Louise Hawthorn The Dharma school

Dear Mr Bader

He is the general beast of a teacher. He got me through all of my coursework. HE IS A LEGEND

Ryan Dosdale Wilberforce College

Dear Ms Ryan

I think mrs ryan should be teacher of the year because she's allways happy and funny, she makes school a good place to be.

luke toft Ysgol Emrys Ap lwan

Dear Mr Turner

because you are the best teacher in the world and I don't know a better one. You make learning at school fun

chloe brant New College Leicester

Dear Mr Morley-Souter

He makes the lessons fun; makes sure there is plenty of information and activities to help with revising for exams.

Sarah Johnson Clacton Coastal Academy

Dear Mr Mehta

for being such an amazing teacher your also a very good LAW teacher, THANKYOU

Cherain McPherson Fullhurst Community College
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