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Thank a teacher

Dear Mrs Slade

She's like the mum of our sixth form, everything would fall apart without her there to keep it going :) thank you so much for everything you do for our common room :D

Hayley Herbert Axe Valley School

Dear Mrs Clayton

for being a very good form tutor and happy me when i needed it.

Amy Hibbert Whalley Range High School

Dear Mrs Thackeray

It is amazing how one person can inspire a pupil in such a short space of time. My love and thirst for English has gone off the scale, in the space of two whole months. Thank you.

Lewis Pull Thirsk School

Dear Mrs Saleh

Thank you for making lessons come alive with your energy and enthusiasm. It is obvious to us that you love what you do.

Janet Merrill Ravenscote Junior School

Dear Miss Porter

I would like to thanks Miss Porter because she is amazing and like a sister to me!

Georgia Gladding Lincoln Christs Hospital School

Dear Mrs Barns

For helping me pass my English Litritture exam and getting me a A*!! Thank You!!

Shivani Pala New College Leicester

Dear Mr Lamb

Matt is a hugely dedicated tutor who has changed the lives of many of his students

Beth Ring Amersham and Wycombe College

Dear Miss John

Because she is the most amazing french teacher!!!!! She helps you when you are stuck and she strives you to believe in yourself.

Hannah Newman George Spencer Academy

Dear Mr Fossey

Kevin you have only taught me twice so far but in just them two lectures I have learnt more from you than I have with any other tutor in my life. You are such a huge inspiration and if I ever even become half the teacher/headteacher that you were in a primary school I will be very proud of myself :-) You give off such a positive vibe even in the situation that you unfortunately are in. I really do look up to you and appreciate all the good that you have done in your life!! I think everyone is praying that miracles can happen! Thank you for opening my eyes and helping me realise just how precious life is and to make the most of every minute! You are my role model and I love your positive outlook on life- you will never be forgotten! Lots of love, Mia Hopkinson (Year 1 at Brighton University).

Mia Hopkinson The Dharma school

Dear Mr Williams

Mr Williams - Eagles class. Mr Williams goes above and beyond, since joining the class my daughter has truly developed, his teaching methods are amazing. WHAT A STAR

Dean Banks Bildeston Primary School

Dear Mrs Thundow

Tracey is always enthusiastic, friendly & encouraging while maintaining a professional attitude towards her work.

Ryan Starr East Kent College

Dear Mr Burke

Mr Burke, You are the best tutor anyone can ever have... You make tutor time alot more fun and enjoyable. Even though I have not known you for that long I think your amazing you are a true LEGEND.

Callum Wright Ernesford Grange Community School

Dear Mr Newsome

For being the best head teacher, and more like a friend.. Who made us pas our DofE and is literally a tank fow running up them mountins shouting words of encouragement.

Charlotte Price Dyffryn Taf

Dear Miss McManus

for teching me music and helping me inprove my music level

annsa ghafar Maltings Academy

Dear Miss Brenton

Miss Brenton is the head teacher of our school, and she knows everyone, has time for everyone, and will help anyone. It's a pleasure going to school here, because of her kind heart, and her love of her school.

Kirsty Dunlop Roch Primary School

Dear Mrs Ward

She was a great mentour and helped me when it was my last day there and i give her this award and hope to see her in the futer

Jordan Marshall Fullhurst Community College

Dear Ms Lynch

For being such valuable member of the Learning Support Team & working with such enthusiasm!

Martina Garry St Catherine's College

Dear Mrs Wilson

Thank you very much miss wilson for being a good kind teacher and always giving me a chance if i do something wrong and mrs wilson has helped me to (J'ador) love, french! thanks so much!!!

simon Mason New College Leicester

Dear Mrs Torres

for a being a briliant teacher and being so kind and looking after me at school and helping me at school

scott jenkins Durrington High School

Dear Ms Leighton

Miss Leighton is an amazing teacher. who makes every lesson fun each and every time. She is also very kind and never leaves any child out she makes everyone in her classes always happy and no one ever leaves with a sad face. We all love you Miss Leighton!!!!!

hannah naeem Stretford High School

Dear Mr Ireland

Thank you for everything you did for me! You helped me so so so much! Wouldn't have got my A* without you!

Hannah Williams Croesyceiliog Comprehensive School

Dear Miss Donnelly

Thank you for being a fantastic teacher to both my children and for supporting me.

Gillian Smith Sinfin Primary School

Dear Mr Edwards

He's the best teacher

lian yates New College Leicester

Dear Miss Howard

Dear Miss. Howard, Thank you for helping my daughter to make such good progress and also for making her time at school fun. Regards, Lee.

Lee Collard Brinsley Primary School

Dear Miss Johnson

For always believing in me, encouraging me to meet my potential and showing me the way forward with helpful guidance and constructive criticism.

Alexandra Jayne Fuller Stoke-on-Trent Sixth Form College
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