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Thank a teacher

Dear Miss Benson

Thank you for all your help and encouragement in English, thank you for believing in me and most of all thank you for being an amazing teacher!

Emily Choudhury Sidney Stringer Academy

Dear Mrs Coles

You are the funniest and best drama teacher ever !

Mia Shana and Amy Housley Walkden High School

Dear Mr Young

thank you for helping me settle in to this school.I am very grateful for you helping me. Also for being the best tutor ever :)thank you for everything that you have have done to help us.

Millie Forde Ernesford Grange Community School

Dear Ms Smith

A teacher who enables to students to believe in themselves and schieve beyond their dreams

nicki adams Brooklands College

Dear Mr Gabbett

Because he really cares for his students and he's a good man and a brilliant teacher and he did some thing meaningful for my friend

Matthew McCullough Trinity Catholic School

Dear Miss Marxen

I have chosen Miss Narxen Because she is the best Head of year.

James Arnold New College Leicester

Dear Mr Abbott

Thank you for all the support you have given me for the last couple of years. You have been amazing!

Georgia Rolph Cottenham Village College

Dear Mr Fossey

I would like to thank Kevin Fossey for being so inspirational and capturing my imagination during my training as a teacher.

Elkie Thackeray The Dharma school

Dear Miss Johnson

because you are the best teacher in the world and I don't know a better one. You make learning at school fun

Eleanor Thomas St Blaise C of E Primary School

Dear Mr Turner

for being the best science teacher that i have ever been taught by. You was the best teacher ever!

chloe brant New College Leicester

Dear Mrs Omolaso

She's an amazing teacher, and always wants the best for you. She's always happy to help you with work if you don't understand what you need to do.

Lettitia Akenzua St. Saviour's & St. Olave's School

Dear Mr Gallivan

He is a brillant maths teacher and will never give up on any pupil.

Tyan Brooker Thorpe St Richards Catholic College

Dear Mrs Shelley

Because she was awesome during my A Levels and even when I didn't feel like trying she still got me through them. she puts an immense amount of effort with all of her students and she's an amazing teacher. YOU'RE AWESOME MISS K !

Anita Campbell Wellington School

Dear Mrs Wood

to miss thank you for getting me in brooomwood i loved it there i go to whalley range high school and ive got a great future here and its wonderful

ann wood Broomwood Primary School

Dear Mr Williams

He is the funniest teacher in the school and he always makes drama fun.

Liam Kerr Tendring Technology College

Dear Mrs Walke

Thank you for all the help you have given me and everyone else over the year. You help me in maths and allow me to volunteer and help teach in youre year 7 class. You're an amazing teacher!!

yasmin goksal Coombe Girls School

Dear Ms Woodward

Thanks for being the best teacher and providing support throughout the term. From Demi x

Demi Dwyer Riverside College

Dear Mr Patel

you make ICT fun and alway letting us do fun activives your hilarious thats why i choose you to thank

kelly charles New College Leicester

Dear Mr Patt

Very helpful takes own time to help via email feel very encouraged by his concern for my end results

Adeola Shokunbi Chatham Grammar School for Boys

Dear Mr Turner

He is funny, he helps with my work and he is great to talk to and i will miss him.

Jordan Marshall New College Leicester

Dear Miss Kaur

Best Media teacher EVER! Does her very best to help us succeed and brings joy to our lessons

Rosemary SHONHIWA Sidney Stringer Academy

Dear Mrs Massey

I would like to thank Sue Massey because over the past two years she has been an incredible teacher. She constantly encouraged me to do my best and offered her support at every availible opportunity along the way. It is because of her that I have achieved the grades I have in geology. It is a great shame that she is retiring, but it is well deserved.

Luke Kitching Queen Elizabeth 6th Form College

Dear Miss Smith

My daughter is thriving in Miss Smith's class. I have been impressed by the quality of feedack we receive (especially at parents evening).

Debbie Williams Emersons Green Primary School

Dear Mr Turner

mr turner,because he always lets use play bingo and he make's use laugh all the time so i just want to thank him.

paige richdale New College Leicester

Dear Mr Gabbett

so much respect for him!

Sarah Avery Trinity Catholic School
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