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Thank a teacher

Dear Miss Topliss

She has helped me with my progress and got me to a higher level. Her lessons are really fun and interesting.

Simon Mason New College Leicester

Dear Dr Ibrahim

Dr Ibahim is an aspirational teacher, as well as sharing his expert knowledge in science, he shares life expirences which give us in depth knowledge of the real world. His emotionl speeches are a real eye-opener. His encourgement ans success aspires me and my fellow class mates to strrive for the best.

Hunaina Sayeed Plashet School

Dear Mr Cambridge

Daniel is always making us laugh and telling us stories... giving us advice and independence... He's great!

Tessa Ann McMillan Cronton Sixth Form College

Dear Miss John

Because she is the most amazing french teacher!!!!! She helps you when you are stuck and she strives you to believe in yourself.

Hannah Newman George Spencer Academy

Dear Mr Cambridge

Daniel is a great tutor and is always there for his students :)

Holly Swift Cronton Sixth Form College

Dear Mr Campbell

For inspiring me to become a teacher... I have now just passed my NQT year as a Science teacher

Claire Spiers Belfast High School

Dear Mr Whelan

you were always there for us and was very kind! youalways made us laugh and made us smile when we were upset.

sophie prue Grange Farm Primary School

Dear Mr Turner

because you are the best teacher in the world and I don't know a better one. You make learning at school fun

chloe brant New College Leicester

Dear Mrs Craig

Has been an excellent teacher and role model and a lovely 1st teacher for my son!

Sarah Mansell All Saints CE Infant School

Dear Mrs Neil

She helped me get my B in maths and kept pushing me, helped turn my behaviour around when I wasn't the best student and kept faith in me.

Ryan Hennessey Clacton Coastal Academy

Dear Mr Williams

He is the funniest teacher in the school and he always makes drama fun.

Liam Kerr Tendring Technology College

Dear Miss Langley

She's been the best teacher I have ever encountered, and has really helped our son through difficult times, being very supportive. She is imaginative, creative, kind, considerate, and firm with the kids, but friendly with it - they all love her!

Tim Thomson Cotteridge Primary School

Dear Miss Simpson

thankyou for taking the time to do trampolining and getting me to do more advanced moves and just being an EPIC teacher!!!!!

fraser jones Ernesford Grange Community School

Dear Mrs Banks

Enter the reason for your choice here... Mrs Banks has inspired my daughter Tess. She has fostered her confidence and self belief. Tess has flourished in her class and has developed a real love of learning. Its wonderful to know your child is being challenged whilst feeling safe and secure. Mrs Banks, from day one, has embraced Tess' personality and brought out her individuality. I am so happy Tess has had Mrs Banks in year 2 as it ensures she goes to upper school with a wonderful attitude and positive experience of school life. I can't thank her enough and hope Tess is fortunate enough to experience such excellent teaching again.

susan stevenson Linthorpe Community Primary School

Dear Mr Howarth

He is the most innovative teacher I have ever met. He's truly dedicated to his profession and loves setting new and interesting lessons for children. If anyone deserves to be thanked, it is him!

Helen Moulden Dallam School

Dear Mrs Shaw

She is like a mother to all pupils, simply lovely :)

Raeesa Ahmed Crown Hills Community College

Dear Miss Honeysett

Miss! you're always there for me to talk to, and always there when im struggling! i know it's your job; but you really are great! thank you for the support you've given me this year! you really are great! :D

Beth Monk Fulston Manor School

Dear Mr Young

Mr Young thankyou for being a really cool teacher! i really enjoy P.E with you.You're my favourite teacher thankyou from Sean Quinn

Sean Quinn Quinn Ernesford Grange Community School

Dear Mr Turner

He is funny, he helps with my work and he is great to talk to and i will miss him.

Jordan Marshall New College Leicester

Dear Ms Kholia

You're the best teacher ever and thank you for teaching me.

Hamsathvani Sivaganeshwaran Rushey Mead School

Dear Miss Torres

Thank you so much for your inspirational lessons and time and care that you show to all your students. You are a star!

Louise Holmes Colonel Frank Seely Comprehensive School

Dear Mrs Brown

For being a great headteacher and making me feel proud of my school!! Thank You!!

Shivani Pala New College Leicester

Dear Mr Vyas

Amazing YouTube videos (myGCSEscience) that have helped me so much with all of my science exams.. Without them I defiantly would of failed.

Charlotte Lumley Northwood School London Borough of Hillingdon

Dear Ms Leighton

Miss Leighton is an amazing teacher. who makes every lesson fun each and every time. She is also very kind and never leaves any child out she makes everyone in her classes always happy and no one ever leaves with a sad face. We all love you Miss Leighton!!!!!

hannah naeem Stretford High School
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