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Thank a teacher

Dear Mr Turner

He is funny, he helps with my work and he is great to talk to and i will miss him.

Jordan Marshall New College Leicester

Dear Miss Purdey

Miss Purdy is a very kind and helpful teacher and is really supportive. She is also very very good at art and makes lessons fun.

Mal Crook Birch Copse Primary School

Dear Mrs Hays

Super English teacher who always loves to help her students!

Emily Webb The Appleton School

Dear Mr Whelan

you were always there for us and was very kind! youalways made us laugh and made us smile when we were upset.

sophie prue Grange Farm Primary School

Dear Mr Fossey

You're an inspiration to student teachers and those wishing to become one. The time and dedication you've allocated to educating pupils is phenomenal and it's evident when you share your fascinating past experiences such as Nepal. One of your best traits is that when you teach you use 'talk' as the key tool to educating pupils and student teachers. Your seminars have been most interesting as we're able to learn in an informal but effective way. You were made to teach! Thanks for all your support during my first year at The University of Brighton

Katie Gowing The Dharma school

Dear Mr Lamb

Matt is a hugely dedicated tutor who has changed the lives of many of his students

Beth Ring Amersham and Wycombe College

Dear Miss Benson

If it wasn't for her, i would never have gotten a B in my English exam. She's an amazing teacher.

Thahmina RAHMAN Sidney Stringer Academy

Dear Mr Bader

He is the general beast of a teacher. He got me through all of my coursework. HE IS A LEGEND

Ryan Dosdale Wilberforce College

Dear Mrs Adeniyan

For being a excellent teacher and teaching me very intresting things and helping me increase my levels in maths! 2013 Thank you Mrs Adeniyan!

Simon Mason -Year 8 New College Leicester

Dear Miss Bourdillon

For being such a fantastic teacher by giving so much support and help in everything I've done over many years at school! Also for helping me achieve the grades needed to get into university! :) xx

Megan Gladwin The Folkestone School for Girls

Dear Miss Khanam

thank you for all the effort you make to help your pupils learn.

C Nicholson Beaumont School

Dear Mr Fossey

Hi Kevin, You are an inspiration to work with. I've always enjoyed working with you and appreciated your cheerfulness and experience and sense of humour. You have been an inspiration to many young people in schools and in the profession. With love, Sally Johnson

Sally Johnson The Dharma school

Dear Ms Smith

A teacher who enables to students to believe in themselves and schieve beyond their dreams

nicki adams Brooklands College

Dear Mr Patel

you make ICT fun and alway letting us do fun activives your hilarious thats why i choose you to thank

kelly charles New College Leicester

Dear Mr Robinson

because you have given me loads of opportunities for drama. and you have taught me how to work with different people as a team. and loads of other things :)

camilla franco The John Madejski Academy

Dear Mrs Bajaj

because she helped me with maths and stayed for afterschool revision

kowsar ahmed Sidney Stringer Academy

Dear Mrs Bagshaw

I would like to thank Mrs Bagshaw for the great 2 years my daughter had in her Btec drama group, Beth had lots of fun and learnt many great skills that will be of use in years to come.

Rachel Bushell The John Kyrle High School

Dear Mr Vyas

Amazing YouTube videos (myGCSEscience) that have helped me so much with all of my science exams.. Without them I defiantly would of failed.

Charlotte Lumley Northwood School London Borough of Hillingdon

Dear Mr Fossey

Kevin is an outstanding tutor who made my first year of University spectacular! He always brought a smile to each one of our faces and made the lessons fun and engaging! He is very down to earth and taught us a lot about the tricks of the trade when we finally end up becoming teachers! Thank you Kevin!

Gemma Donsow The Dharma school

Dear Mr Samuel

Dave is one of the best teachers I have ever had, he connects well with the students and understands how difficult it can be as a student. I think Dave should win this award.

Jordan Harris Newcastle Under Lyme College
Newcastle under Lyme

Dear Mrs Falk

For being there for me :)

Philip Costa Ernesford Grange Community School

Dear Mr Waite

Andy helped me apply for full time jobs in the industry aswell as making sure my cv was the best it could be. He also supported me though my interview and I got the job! Thankyou :)

danielle squirrell Exeter College

Dear Mrs Binns

For always being willing to contribute and do anything I ever ask of her. This teacher is amazing!

A Stone Cheslyn Hay High School

Dear Mrs Steventon

Mrs Steventon is amazing the best teacher at this school who has worked at Moat for many years.She also goes the extra mile for us as student but she treats us as her equals.Even if you are not in her class she still helps you.She attends any events with student even when they are not during school hours and she is not their teacher she if still there for them.I find her a true hero as she understands us as student but more so as people we are all seen as unique and special in her eyes.The works with those who are gifted and talented and those who need extra support but her abulity to help every person is unbelieveable.I will never forget her as long as a live she is also there and willing to help.

Hena Hussain Moat Community College
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