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Thank a teacher

Dear Mr Wood

thx from mr.wood he is good explaining every thing in the leeson thx alot my dear teachers marry christmas ;)

parya qubadi New College Leicester

Dear Mr Fossey

He has been supportive and inspiring for the past four years of my teacher education and has always been there to listen to any questions.

Stacey Wilkinson The Dharma school

Dear Mr Pandya

For all of your incredible hard work as Head of History - you make a real difference to the pupils!

Alf Wood Bishop's Hatfield Girls' School

Dear Mrs Webster

I have now left QE and I would like to say a great big thank you for all your help in AS Psychology! You were a wonderful teacher who helped me to achieve my grade of a B at AS. I am sure you will go on to helping other students to achieve in the future. Best wishes and thanks again!

Leanne King Queen Elizabeth 6th Form College

Dear Mrs Wilson

Thank you for being a truly inspirational lady, a total pleasure to work for! You are an outstanding leader in education and an amazing friend and colleague.

Bev Worby Aragon Primary School

Dear Mrs Grant

very kind, helpful, generous, friendly and always there for everyone

jack mcdonald Braunstone Frith Junior School

Dear Mr Clarke

Enter the reason for your choice here... He is a great mentor and values us equally. He is always interested in our achievments both inside and outside of school. He is approchable if we have any problems and helps us solve them.

Sophie Armitage Finham Park School

Dear Mr Smith

Best teacher i've had in a long time, understands pupils, listens to them, and helps them in his own personal way. TOP LAD

Ashveer Gill Carres Grammar School

Dear Miss Machin

This wonderful young lady taught both of my now Junior aged children, in their very first year, (reception), of infant school. I feel that the attention and care given to both of them whilst in her class helped to turn them into the wonderful, imaginative, creative and confident children they now are today. I never had a problem with a crying child when leaving them daily in her charge, and my daughter loved her so much, and through this, listened to everything she was taught by her. To this day, my son and daughter still talk about Miss Machin, and would jump at the chance to be taught by her again. Every mum and dad who I have spoken to, whose children were in her class, express the same opinions. We who have children at Jerounds, have been especially lucky to have some wonderful teachers to give our children the best start to their educational life.

Sharon Grove Jerounds Infant School

Dear Mr Curtis

Thanks for being a good year head, and for taking us to germany and being on our side arguing against the boys!, and thankyou for being such a funny year head too!!!

Anna Henderson Ernesford Grange Community School

Dear Mr Daye

For being a really good teacher and helping me out with everything

Shahriyar Gazi Finham Park School

Dear Mr Brown

He is an amazing teacher who has helped build up my confidence over the last five years and im really glad i had him for a teacher,thank you sir, you are one of the best teachers i have had :)

Annie Saunders St Cleres School

Dear Mr Turner

because you are the best teacher in the world and I don't know a better one. You make learning at school fun

chloe brant New College Leicester

Dear Mrs Wiseman

I have had the pleasure of working with Roisin Wiseman for the past two years. She is an inspiration for her pupils, our school, colleagues, parents and the wider community. Her professionalism, dedication, integrity and desire to enable every child to reach their full potential are just part of her charm and charisma. She brings energy to everything she does and makes us all believe in just that little be more that we could have dreamed. Thanks you Rosh from all the children, staff and parents. You are a STAR!

Philippa Nunn Wilby CE Primary School

Dear Mr Ashby

For being a great influence and always being funny. Getting me to where I am today!

Rebecca Farrell Lent Rise Combined School

Dear Miss Topliss

She has helped me with my progress and got me to a higher level. Her lessons are really fun and interesting.

Simon Mason New College Leicester

Dear Mrs Brown

you help me with my reading and you are a amzing teacher

chloe barratt New College Leicester

Dear Dr Ibrahim

Thank you Dr Ibrahim for being a considerate kind and enthusiastic teacher. You have helped me as an individual and my class with SCIENCE. And general knoledge. Thanks!

Safaa Ahmad Khan Plashet School

Dear Mr Edwards

Hes the best teacher ever and a good teacher

sarah jem New College Leicester

Dear Miss Bath

Passionate about her subject, Miss Bath always makes an effort to find new and interactive ways for students to learn and revise, as well as being able to interact with each other with a class blog. A*

Eleanor Phillips Budmouth College

Dear Mr Nawaab

For your dedication and commitment to Madani Girls' School. On behalf of all staffs and students - Thank you very much for making a difference to our school!

Madani Girls' School Trustees Madani Girls School

Dear Mr Calder

Thank you for all of your help and inspiration, you're a fantastic teacher!

Lauryn Baker Bradon Forest School

Dear Ms Madaser

Ms Madaser has been my tutor for 3 years.She has constantly inspired and encouraged me to perform to my limits within my education. I really respect and appricate all her efforts and thank her for being a wonderful tutor.

Benis Sahin Northumberland Park Community School

Dear Miss Torres

Thank you so much for your inspirational lessons and time and care that you show to all your students. You are a star!

Louise Holmes Colonel Frank Seely Comprehensive School

Dear Ms Bennett

I would like to thank Wendy Bennett for everything. Since I started in septemebr she has been great, she has helped not just me EVERYONE in her class. Wendy makes the assingments so we all understand them, she breaks them down into tasks, which is easier for the class. All of our class can tell wendy anything, we trust her with anything. Wendy is a good laugh, if she has had a cuppa in he morning ;)...My class loves Wendy! Hahaha Wendy Bennett Thank You so much for all your help this term, I know next term will be the best looking forward for more of your help :).

Natalie Clamp Riverside College
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