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Thank a teacher

Dear Mrs Barns

For helping me pass my English Litritture exam and getting me a A*!! Thank You!!

Shivani Pala New College Leicester

Dear Mr Vyas

Mr Kishore has provided more than exceptional FREE online resources ( ideos and streams) to help pupils around the country. His online resources are at the best of quality. Which shows that he spends a lot of his spare time, helping pupils succeed. His passion for science really does show, and is passed onto those who watch his videos. His in depth videos on AQA units has really helped me with my revision (in some cases more than my actual teachers). His service is outstanding, and I hope he can continue to help the future pupils.

Billy Davidson Northwood School London Borough of Hillingdon

Dear Mrs Rawson

She helps all of her pupils to the very best she can. She encourages us to do well. She pushes us to reach our full potential and shes always looking out for us.

Stephanie Curnoe Pool Academy

Dear Ms Dixon

For doing so much to care and nurture our students.

Chris Gabbett Trinity Catholic School

Dear Mrs Lovett

We'd like to thank you for all your hard work and dedication throughout many aspects of the college, you're caring and friendly and absolutely hilarious! you've have been the best tutor ive had at Shebbear College and have always been there for me.We love you.

Harriet + Polly Thomas Shebbear College

Dear Mr Winsor

The whole A-level English class of 2012 wanted to thank you for your support. Great teacher!

Rebecca Salt Aldercar Community Language College

Dear Ms Turner

Thank you for being the best tutor in the world. I will never forget you when I leave school THANK YOU Ms Turner. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thomas Watts Churchill Academy & Sixth Form

Dear Miss Kaur

She's a great Media teacher, she always makes the lesson fun and i learn a lot from her.

Thahmina RAHMAN Sidney Stringer Academy

Dear Mrs Turner

She is a really good French teacher, she is helpful and I am really going to miss her.

Jordan Marshall New College Leicester

Dear Mrs Kirk

Enter the reason for your choice here... Excellent first term in Maths department. Good with kids. Organised with work, accurate with marking. Improved displays. Thank you

Jim Saint Ruth Kensington and Chelsea Pupil Referral Unit

Dear Mr Hampton

For all that you quietly do

Mary Sparrow Wexham School Sports College

Dear Mr Randall

For a number of reasons; offering time and company to myself during a difficult time, incredible attitude towards every student in school as well as out of school and is hugely successful when encouraging those less able or determined.

Olivia Baggs George Spencer Academy

Dear Miss Purdey

Miss Purdy is a very kind and helpful teacher and is really supportive. She is also very very good at art and makes lessons fun.

Mal Crook Birch Copse Primary School

Dear Ms Torrance

She's really friendly and a great laugh in class while still being a great eatcher and makes English fun to do even while teaching GCSE's.

Holly Readman George Spencer Academy

Dear Mr Turner

He's an amazing teacher, anyone would be lucky to be taught by him!

Chloe Merrick New College Leicester

Dear Mr Russell

Always listening to student voice and giving excellent feedback, he also goes out his way to provide the best exam care and revision sessions for year 11 across the whole campus.

Jordan McGuinness Isle of Portland Aldridge Community Academy

Dear Miss Brady

Thank you for teaching me psychology. You're a outstanding teacher!!!

Xing CHEN Quintin Kynaston Community Academy

Dear Mrs Bailey

Dear Miss Bailey, Thank you for being such a brill head teacher! i hope you have a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year! Loads of love, Imogen xxx PS: THANK YOU FOR PUSHING ME AND HELPING ME BE THE BEST I CAN BE!

imogen hathaway Queensbridge Primary School

Dear Mrs Huggett

Works hard to support the team and lead willows to greatness. Helps both children and staff to learn and develop everyday. A great leader and a great inspiration to all.

sarah donnelly Ryecroft Primary School

Dear Ms Woodward

thank you for being the best tutor this year, love cat-pat x

Catherine Brownlow Riverside College

Dear Mrs Brown

she is so wonderful and is very nice to me and is best friends with miss green and miss goulty and she is so wonderful at everything thtas what makes you special miss brown lots of love louise cooke

Louise Cooke New College Leicester

Dear Miss Dawson

THANK YOU! You have shown so much support and inspired me to try hard and do well in art.

Georgie Ellis Upton Court Grammar School

Dear Mrs Stevenson

She got me into reading books and is the reason I enjoy reading them so much today

Ross Blackledge Herne Bay Junior School

Dear Miss Crowley

I would like to give this award to miss.crowley because she is really nice and the best English teacher ever.

Alina Ahmad Whalley Range High School

Dear Mr Jette

Mr Jette, well where do i start being my music teacher at school he has given me great confidence and which has built me up to whom i am today, he is the head of music and also head of year and he has a very busy life style but still manages to keep up with band choir and strings, i have really enjoyed having him as a teacher and has done so many things for me and other pupils always giving extra support and having banta is so fun

Amelia Braz All Saints Catholic School and Technology College
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