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Thank a teacher

Dear Miss Fletcher

because you always nice and give us help when we need it! And you put up with us!

Eleanor Gaskell Ribblesdale High School

Dear Mr Moore

Thank you for being a wonderful technician and helping EMMS team to conduct all the practicals and lab experiments. Thank you .

Owais Raja City College Plymouth

Dear Mr Fossey

You bring a smile wherever you are! Most inspirational, knowledgeable, approachable, amazing person.. Thank you for all you do!

Amirah Jassim The Dharma school

Dear Miss Bourdillon

I would like to thank miss Bourdillon because she has helped improve my confidence and now Im doing lots of performing and she gives me many opportunities as recently I auditioned for a concert and I sang in church. I have improved so much and also she has helped many other people improve. She is a excellent teacher and she's very helpful thank you very much!

Tegan Shillito The Folkestone School for Girls

Dear Mrs Dutka

Thanks for being a great teacher and for giving great lessons and practicals. From Nathaniel Parker

Nathaniel Parker New College Leicester

Dear Mr Turner

He is funny, he helps with my work and he is great to talk to and i will miss him.

Jordan Marshall New College Leicester

Dear Miss Kaur

Very good teacher!

Abdullahi Qasim Sidney Stringer Academy

Dear Mr Sanders

He is a brilliant rugby coach and a great KS3 school council leader. Thanks for making my first half term at Sandbach School really enjoyable.

Callum Sussex Sandbach School

Dear Mr Cooper

Mr Cooper was my history teacher and helped me achieve an A in my GCSE'S, ive gone on to do history at Alevel and am thinking of doing it as a degree. I wouldnt of been able to get the grade in history without his help and ability to make history fun.

Aimee Kilpatrick The Heath Specialist Technology College and Leadership Partner School

Dear Mr Vyas

Amazing YouTube videos (myGCSEscience) that have helped me so much with all of my science exams.. Without them I defiantly would of failed.

Charlotte Lumley Northwood School London Borough of Hillingdon

Dear Miss Gindy

For making Psychology so interesting, being someone I could confide in and for just being a downright laugh!

Laura Heritage The Pingle School

Dear Mr Wilkinson

Helped me a lot with my exams

Joseph Banks Maltby Community School

Dear Miss Torres

Thank you so much for your inspirational lessons and time and care that you show to all your students. You are a star!

Louise Holmes Colonel Frank Seely Comprehensive School

Dear Miss Humphrey

I have really struggled with History this year and you have helped me so much. Thank you Maddy

madeleine connor Ringwood School

Dear Mr Webb

Thank you for helping me in English since year seven. Daisy

daisy Rees Ringwood School

Dear Mrs Bose

She's really nice and teaches sooo well! Plus she funny at times and lightens the mood with her jokes :') and doesn't tell us to keep quiet

Madhu Kumar The Swaminarayan School

Dear Mr Cooper

Thank you

Lana Mahfouz Oxford High School Junior Department

Dear Mrs Shelley

Because she was awesome during my A Levels and even when I didn't feel like trying she still got me through them. she puts an immense amount of effort with all of her students and she's an amazing teacher. YOU'RE AWESOME MISS K !

Anita Campbell Wellington School

Dear Miss Bakare

Miss Bakare thank you so much for your help with my science work , you are the most helpful teacher, also you are too nice. I am very glad to have a teacher like you!

Tahmina prity Whalley Range High School

Dear Ms Atherton

For being the nicest teacher ever and being continually supportive! :)

Shahriyar Gazi Finham Park School

Dear Mr Gilles

Enter the reason for your choice here... My reason for thanking my teacher is before I went to high school my maths needed a lot of work and mr Gillies helped me to reach my end of year 9 target although I am only in year 7

Lucy Simpson Carr Hill High School & Sixth Form Centre

Dear Ms Dennington

for being a great and very understanding head and for working so hard to make this school a better place

jessica heath Ernesford Grange Community School

Dear Miss Topliss

She has helped me with my progress and got me to a higher level. Her lessons are really fun and interesting.

Simon Mason New College Leicester

Dear Mr Cambridge

Daniel is a great tutor and is always there for his students :)

Holly Swift Cronton Sixth Form College

Dear Mr Pandya

For all of your incredible hard work as Head of History - you make a real difference to the pupils!

Alf Wood Bishop's Hatfield Girls' School

Dear Mrs Hales

Mrs Hales has helped my son enormously with his behavioural difficulties and been so supportive and encouraging as he has been assessed and strategies put in place. She has welcomed in parents to take part in weekly literacy and numeracy sessions as well as special one of activities such as easter crafts and viewings of films she has made with the children. She has approached every terms theme with enthusiasm and maintained the childrens interest with inspirational activities such as film making, dress up days and related behaviour charts. My son adores her and has made amazing progress both academically and with his behaiour since she has been his teacher.

Jessica Wilkins Downham Feoffees Primary School
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