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Thank a teacher

Dear Mr Curtis

for being a great year head and a lot of fun its been a great year so far and im sure theres lots more to come thankyou a lot

marcus beaufoy Ernesford Grange Community School

Dear Mr Silverton

He is a brilliant history teacher and is a fun and awesome.

James Coley Tendring Technology College

Dear Mr Fossey

Hi Kevin, You are an inspiration to work with. I've always enjoyed working with you and appreciated your cheerfulness and experience and sense of humour. You have been an inspiration to many young people in schools and in the profession. With love, Sally Johnson

Sally Johnson The Dharma school

Dear Mr Iqbal

Hello Sir! Thank you for lighting up my passion in law and giving me advice about my studies! You're a great teacher! :D

Ashleigh Chai George Salter High School

Dear Mr Davison

im goint to chose Mr Davison because he is so fun in tutur time and hes always got a smile on his face:) from chels;<3

chelsie lee New College Leicester

Dear Mrs Marsden


Adetunji Dosunmu Sydney Russell Comprehensive School

Dear Ms Ramdeen

Thank you for just being you! Funny and caring. You're awesome and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Many thanks and best wishes Amy Allison

Amy Allison Kingsford Community School

Dear Mr Fossey

You have been such an inspiration to everyone on the course since you first welcomed us to the University of Brighton in the Asa Briggs Hall. You have such a wealth of knowledge and you are always happy to pass it on and share stories of what you have been through as a teacher to help prepare us for our own teaching careers. I think I can safely say that everyone that has been taught by you will always remember you throughout their teaching career as a man who loved education, and for that we will always thank you!

Rachel Martin The Dharma school

Dear Miss Boyd

i have chosen miss boyd because she is my tutor teacher. She is really funny and nice.

Rebecca Sidwell New College Leicester

Dear Mr Fossey

I never thought I would meet a man who could inspire a class of adults in such a short space off time.

Rosie-May Huggett The Dharma school

Dear Mr Curtis

a amazing head teacher always funny and make me laugh everytime he is in the same room as me

luke flegel Ernesford Grange Community School

Dear Mr Metcalfe

Mr Metcalfe you are such a legend and have helped me through 4 years of physics! You made it so fun, even the Electricity topics that are just horrible :/ I really hope I did your teaching justice in the exams, have a great retirement and do all those things you couldn't do before :)

Kirsty Barber Colchester County High School For Girls

Dear Ms Neve

Truly the best teacher I've ever had, inspiring, engaging & fun. I love her lessons and so do the majority of my class mates. Thank you!!

Stefanie Sima East Kent College

Dear Ms Carty

So many people wanted to say great things about Miss Carty, so I have made this 13 minute video of students past and present which sums up how much she means to so many. (I am re-submitting this because I am not sure the video uploaded successfully the first time)

Dan Marsh Titchfield Primary School

Dear Mr Fossey

He has been supportive and inspiring for the past four years of my teacher education and has always been there to listen to any questions.

Stacey Wilkinson The Dharma school

Dear Mr Turner

HEY MR. TURNER! We wrote you this thank you card because YOU ARE AMAZING! And we think that you are a really good teacher!

chloe brant New College Leicester

Dear Mrs Thomas

She is really funny and helps me learn and helps me to do well in,my tests

Adaobi azie Queen Elizabeth's Girls' School

Dear Mrs Torres

for a being a briliant teacher and being so kind and looking after me at school and helping me at school

scott jenkins Durrington High School

Dear Miss Burton

You made the lessons really interesting and very funny!!!

Alex Luxford Queen Elizabeth's Girls' School

Dear Mr Heavey

thank you for helping me getting higher levels in P.E and helping me through secondary school.

Mitchel Williams Ernesford Grange Community School

Dear Mr Fossey

Kevin tutored my group in my first year at uni studying to primary education 5 - 11. He provided massive insights into teaching and is more than a bit inspirational. He has done so much in his career, helped so many people and continues to put absolutely everything he has got into both his work at uni, and the school he has seemingly single-handedly created and driven to success in Nepal.

maya townley The Dharma school

Dear Miss Donnelly

Thank you for being a fantastic teacher to both my children and for supporting me.

Gillian Smith Sinfin Primary School

Dear Mr Sievewight

Enter the reason for your choice here... For being funny and making the lessons fun.

Jed Williams Beaumont School

Dear Mr Wood

Mr wood, is a great teacher and his lessons are always fun and educational

Rosie West Our Lady and St Bedes RC School
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