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Thank a teacher

Dear Mr Ireland

Thank you for everything you did for me! You helped me so so so much! Wouldn't have got my A* without you!

Hannah Williams Croesyceiliog Comprehensive School

Dear Miss White

Because she is my teacher and makes every one feel special and do their best.

Ethan Nunn Ashcroft Infant School

Dear Mr Vyas

Fantastic teacher :)

umar khan Northwood School London Borough of Hillingdon

Dear Mr Fossey

Kevin's disposition is one of the nicest in the world! He is approachable, fun loving, dedicated and motivating! He has inspired me and many others to teach!

Hannah Brett The Dharma school

Dear Mr Gill

he is very funny and makes lesson's interesting.

Katie Alford Bowsland Green Primary School

Dear Miss Shepherd

She is a wonderful, supportive form tutor, who clearly cares for her form and the other students within the school. When she says she will do something she follows through and inspires confidence in the school.

Jennifer Looney Beaumont School

Dear Miss Crewe

the reason i am giving this reward is because she is always there to help and if we want to ask anything we can and she is always there to listen.

abbi-marie ryan New College Leicester

Dear Mr Mehta

for being such an amazing teacher your also a very good LAW teacher, THANKYOU

Cherain McPherson Fullhurst Community College

Dear Mrs Thomas

She allowed me to run my own club and is constantly supporting me thorughout my work in PE. She always tells me what I can do to push myself even more and she believes in me.

Lucy Adams Queen Elizabeth's Girls' School

Dear Miss Topliss

She has helped me with my progress and got me to a higher level. Her lessons are really fun and interesting.

Simon Mason New College Leicester

Dear Dr Sutton-Jones

He is a very good English teacher who explains everything thoroughly and in an interesting way. He is always helpful to everyone.

Laura Pearson Thanet College

Dear Mr Hatwood

Richard has an infectious enthusiasm for the job, with a drive and energy that gets the very best from his class, inspirting not only the learners, but the rest of the staff.

Tim Redgrave Ysgol Esgob Morgan

Dear Mr Fossey

Kevin Fossey has been totally inspiring! What a teacher!

Sadie Clasby The Dharma school

Dear Mrs McIlroy

Mrs McIlroy is a wonderful, kind and genuine person and her lessons are incredibly fascinating. She made me fall in love with English and encouraged me to try my absolute best. Thank you so much Mrs McIlroy!

Alexander Fletcher Mill Hill School

Dear Mr Miles

HEY MR. MILES! We wrote you this thank you card because YOU ARE AMAZING! And we think that you are a really good teacher!

Amy and Nicole . The Gryphon School

Dear Miss Vincent

Thank you so much for being such an amazing and inspiring teacher, I honestly couldn't thank you enough. You have put up with me through everything and I could not be more thankful. You do so much to help other people and always put others before yourself which is why you are the best teacher I have ever had. Even now you don't teach me you still remember who I am, and say hello, which means so much. I can't even put into words or describe the effect that you have had on me, and now this is getting really cheesy so I am going to stop. THANK YOU.

Louise Ansell Backwell Comprehensive School

Dear Miss Easton

You have really helped me this year in Resistant Materials, you are a really good teacher. Thanks Maddy.

madeleine connor Ringwood School

Dear Miss Kaur

Best Media teacher EVER! Does her very best to help us succeed and brings joy to our lessons

Rosemary SHONHIWA Sidney Stringer Academy

Dear Dr Matthews

Thank you Paul for all your help and guidance throughout the year. Regards, Owais Raja

Owais Raja City College Plymouth

Dear Mr Woods

I have chosen Mr Woods for the teacher I would most like to thank because he is a great teacher/tutor and he is always there for us when we need it. He deserves it because when we first joined TTC he was really understanding that we were all nervous of coming into a new school.

Chloe Richmond Tendring Technology College

Dear Miss Gindy

For making Psychology so interesting, being someone I could confide in and for just being a downright laugh!

Laura Heritage The Pingle School

Dear Mr White

best tutor has the best laugh with this man and always seem to get my work done as well LEGEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Scott Parsons Chesterfield College

Dear Miss Cerrone

because she is brill

sophie mccosker Finham Park School

Dear Miss Simpson

thankyou for taking the time to do trampolining and getting me to do more advanced moves and just being an EPIC teacher!!!!!

fraser jones Ernesford Grange Community School

Dear Mrs Adeniyan

For being a excellent teacher and teaching me very intresting things and helping me increase my levels in maths! 2013 Thank you Mrs Adeniyan!

Simon Mason -Year 8 New College Leicester
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