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Thank a teacher

Dear Mr Woods

Thank you Mr Woods for being a brilliant form teacher whilst are Miss Masink has been away.I hope that you can carry on as our form until Miss Masink is back.

Alex Doyle Tendring Technology College

Dear Mr Davidson

Great Teacher, really helpful with my maths work, and just a MASSIVE LEGEND

Will Pike Cottingham High School

Dear Dr Ibrahim

Thank you for everything you done for me when I ever I needed help you were always there with support. Thanks for sharing your knowledge in Science and thanks for opening our eyes to show us what the real world is like.

Safa Sheylila Plashet School

Dear Mr Abbott

Thank you for all the support you have given me for the last couple of years. You have been amazing!

Georgia Rolph Cottenham Village College

Dear Miss Machin

This wonderful young lady taught both of my now Junior aged children, in their very first year, (reception), of infant school. I feel that the attention and care given to both of them whilst in her class helped to turn them into the wonderful, imaginative, creative and confident children they now are today. I never had a problem with a crying child when leaving them daily in her charge, and my daughter loved her so much, and through this, listened to everything she was taught by her. To this day, my son and daughter still talk about Miss Machin, and would jump at the chance to be taught by her again. Every mum and dad who I have spoken to, whose children were in her class, express the same opinions. We who have children at Jerounds, have been especially lucky to have some wonderful teachers to give our children the best start to their educational life.

Sharon Grove Jerounds Infant School

Dear Mr Thomas

The whole school helped me, taught me respect and gave me the greatest start in life.

andrew hopkins Whitecross Hereford High School and Specialist Sports College

Dear Miss Donnelly

Thank you for being a fantastic teacher to both my children and for supporting me.

Gillian Smith Sinfin Primary School

Dear Mrs Cheetham

An amazing, hard-working and inspirational teacher who really knows her subject well.

Karen Ralton Rosebery School

Dear Dr Sutton-Jones

He is a very good English teacher who explains everything thoroughly and in an interesting way. He is always helpful to everyone.

Laura Pearson Thanet College

Dear Mr Bader

He is the general beast of a teacher. He got me through all of my coursework. HE IS A LEGEND

Ryan Dosdale Wilberforce College

Dear Mr Ashby

For being a great influence and always being funny. Getting me to where I am today!

Rebecca Farrell Lent Rise Combined School

Dear Miss Goulty

miss Goulty is my favourite teacher because she is very kind and is always loveable lots of love Louise Cooke

Louise Cooke New College Leicester

Dear Mrs Finnegan

If It Wasn't For Your Kindness And Patience With Me, I Would Not Be Going To Uni. Thank you Ever So Much. x

Naila Shafiq Solihull College

Dear Ms Ryan

I think mrs ryan should be teacher of the year because she's allways happy and funny, she makes school a good place to be.

luke toft Ysgol Emrys Ap lwan

Dear Miss Bourdillon

For being such a fantastic teacher by giving so much support and help in everything I've done over many years at school! Also for helping me achieve the grades needed to get into university! :) xx

Megan Gladwin The Folkestone School for Girls

Dear Miss Munro

A great coaching teacher and English teacher, thankyou! :)

Chloe Chatburn Ribblesdale High School

Dear Mrs Walke

Thank you for all the help you have given me and everyone else over the year. You help me in maths and allow me to volunteer and help teach in youre year 7 class. You're an amazing teacher!!

yasmin goksal Coombe Girls School

Dear Mrs Chapman

mrs.chapman is a great teacher. she is the head of girls group and is always kind and helpful.

Prabjeet Virk Finham Park School

Dear Mr Morley-Souter

He makes the lessons fun; makes sure there is plenty of information and activities to help with revising for exams.

Sarah Johnson Clacton Coastal Academy

Dear Mr Turner

for bein the most brillant science teacher that i have ever been taught by. you were the graties teacher that has ever teached in new college. Many thanks Mr turner.

Courtney Cooper New College Leicester

Dear Mr Fossey

He's simply an amazing man.

Tiffany Newton The Dharma school

Dear Mrs King

Thank you for the outstanding job you do on a daily basis in the Design & Technology department. Your determination to ensure learning and progress by producing differentiated resources, detailed feedback and total commitment to every student. Thank You Jan Hanly

Jan Hanly Rosebery School

Dear Ms Neve

Truly the best teacher I've ever had, inspiring, engaging & fun. I love her lessons and so do the majority of my class mates. Thank you!!

Stefanie Sima East Kent College

Dear Mrs Binns

For always being willing to contribute and do anything I ever ask of her. This teacher is amazing!

A Stone Cheslyn Hay High School

Dear Mr Cooper

Thank you

Lana Mahfouz Oxford High School Junior Department
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