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Thank a teacher

Dear Miss John

Because she is the most amazing french teacher!!!!! She helps you when you are stuck and she strives you to believe in yourself.

Hannah Newman George Spencer Academy

Dear Mr Fossey

Kevin is one of the most inspirational lecturers I have met, and whenever I have him for a lecture or a seminar, I leave excited to start teaching, and put to his teaching to good use. He was a very engaging way of teaching, and is always willing to help or give advice.

Alex Oldham The Dharma school

Dear Mrs Binns

For always being willing to contribute and do anything I ever ask of her. This teacher is amazing!

A Stone Cheslyn Hay High School

Dear Miss Ward

I would like to thank Nic as she has been there for me whenever i have needed to ask questions regarding work, she has explained things more when needed and doesnt make me feel like i am a pain. she is really friendly and teaches us all in a fun way that we all learn. she is a fab tutor and needs to know this so thought this would be a nice way to do so.

Kira Gillespie Riverside College

Dear Mr Bader

He is the general beast of a teacher. He got me through all of my coursework. HE IS A LEGEND

Ryan Dosdale Wilberforce College

Dear Mr Turner

because you are the best teacher in the world and I don't know a better one. You make learning at school fun

chloe brant New College Leicester

Dear Miss Lacey

A turely inspirational teacher and colleague

nicki adams Brooklands College

Dear Mrs Chapman

mrs.chapman is a great teacher. she is the head of girls group and is always kind and helpful.

Prabjeet Virk Finham Park School

Dear Mr Ireland

Thank you for everything you did for me! You helped me so so so much! Wouldn't have got my A* without you!

Hannah Williams Croesyceiliog Comprehensive School

Dear Ms Clark

You are the most amazing teacher; I could not have asked for anyone better and I'm so grateful for everything you have done for me over the past four years. Thank you! X

Ayla Hasan The Appleton School

Dear Mr Vyas

Fantastic teacher :)

umar khan Northwood School London Borough of Hillingdon

Dear Mr Allman

Mr Allman has made me love Politics he has truly changed my view on the world. He is dedicated and takes the time to get to know every student. His humour only adds to his lessons and makes them fun, exciting and extremely enjoyable.

Jasmine Pal Copland Community School & Technology Centre

Dear Mrs Pinda

thank you for being there for me, and looking after me, And making everyday for me SUPER!!!! You the best teacher everrrrrrrrrrrrrr

ALHAJI KAMARA Ernesford Grange Community School

Dear Mrs Amani

thank you very much miss Amani for being our head of year 7 and for helping me from elliemae warden x

Elliemae Warden New College Leicester

Dear Miss Purdey

Miss Purdy is a very kind and helpful teacher and is really supportive. She is also very very good at art and makes lessons fun.

Mal Crook Birch Copse Primary School

Dear Miss Corrie

For giving me confidence in Chemistry after I hated it last year and making me enjoy it! And hopefully overturning my rubbish grade last year!

Amir Mahmood Nottingham Academy

Dear Mr Turner

HEY MR. TURNER! We wrote you this thank you card because YOU ARE AMAZING! And we think that you are a really good teacher!

chloe brant New College Leicester

Dear Mr Turner

i have nominated mr turner because he is a great science teacher and always really helpful and kind and very fun to be around.

kia boyles New College Leicester

Dear Mr Woods

Thank you Mr Woods for being a brilliant form teacher whilst are Miss Masink has been away.I hope that you can carry on as our form until Miss Masink is back.

Alex Doyle Tendring Technology College

Dear Mr Boateng

Thank you for being such an amazing and inspirational teacher!

Tahshin Rahman Central Foundation Girls School Performing Arts College

Dear Dr McHugh

For looking after my 4 children who all passed through this brilliant school. For instilling superb values and life skills as well as academic knowledge. For being approachable, sympathetic and empathetic and a fantastic role model for all the students in his care.

Jane Adair Slemish College

Dear Ms Torrance

She's really friendly and a great laugh in class while still being a great eatcher and makes English fun to do even while teaching GCSE's.

Holly Readman George Spencer Academy

Dear Mrs Brown

For being a great headteacher and making me feel proud of my school!! Thank You!!

Shivani Pala New College Leicester
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