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Thank a teacher

Dear Mrs Thompson

Because you make p.e really fun and i like the things you do with our group from chad

chad foster New College Leicester

Dear Mrs Pinda

To Mrs Pinda xx you are funny and kind and sweet.when im upset vi can always talk to you about it and feel calm about it.when i want a hug you squeez me untill i cant breath xx . you are the best teacher i have ever met beacuse your always there for me and your so understanding . i can always trust you with anything ... so thats why im saying thank you for always being there for me Love from Paige Greatrex 8 Daimler

Paige Greatrex Ernesford Grange Community School

Dear Mr Keogh

he is the best RE teacher ive had. he is not just a headteacher but also a mentor, thank you sir.

yedidia mizuma The Becket School

Dear Mr Rayner

Thank you for being such an inspirational teacher. Both my children now have been so totally captivated by your teaching style, they can't get enough of your lessons! You leave a lasting impression on all the kids you teach, if only we could bottle what you have and make all learning so exciting! You are quite simply a legend in our house, so thank you!

Hayley Burchell Colehill First School

Dear Mr Ashby

For being a great influence and always being funny. Getting me to where I am today!

Rebecca Farrell Lent Rise Combined School

Dear Miss Mubashar

Shes the best teacher ever She desrves to be congratulated for everything she has done Congratulations Miss :) x

Ope Olawumi Campion School

Dear Mr Brown

I just want to say thank you for being my headteacher and being such an awesome teacher and for being so fun and you're a legend so Thank You

James Coley Engaines Primary School School

Dear Mr Turner

He's an amazing teacher, anyone would be lucky to be taught by him!

Chloe Merrick New College Leicester

Dear Mrs Graham

Would like to give a massive thankyou to my geography teacher, Mrs Graham who's innovative approach to physical geography makes geography one of the best hours of my day! Thanks Mrs G! From Jake and Callum

Jake and Callum Duxbury and Richardson Ilkley Grammar School

Dear Miss Benson

If it wasn't for her, i would never have gotten a B in my English exam. She's an amazing teacher.

Thahmina RAHMAN Sidney Stringer Academy

Dear Mr Wilcockson

For always being there for me when im down and always helping me with my work and helping me improve my reading and spelling.

Stephen Edwards John Summers High School

Dear Mr Edwards

He's the best teacher

lian yates New College Leicester

Dear Mr Iqbal

Hello Sir! Thank you for lighting up my passion in law and giving me advice about my studies! You're a great teacher! :D

Ashleigh Chai George Salter High School

Dear Mr Fossey

I never thought I would meet a man who could inspire a class of adults in such a short space off time.

Rosie-May Huggett The Dharma school

Dear Mr Daye

For being a really good teacher and helping me out with everything

Shahriyar Gazi Finham Park School

Dear Mrs Wallis

Mrs wallis supports me and is easy to talk to and discuss your problems with. She is a inspiration to all of her students and beleives in all of us.

Marina Shuter New College Leicester

Dear Mr Randall

Most Legendary teacher. Really Easy to get along with and such a great teacher.

Abigail Jones George Spencer Academy

Dear Mr Fossey

I am a trainee teacher at Brighton University, and have only had 3 lectures from Kevin. Those 3 lectures, however, were the most fascinating, interesting and inspiring lectures I have ever had the pleasure of attending. Thank you Kevin.

Caroline Fry The Dharma school

Dear Mrs Torres

for a being a briliant teacher and being so kind and looking after me at school and helping me at school

scott jenkins Durrington High School

Dear Miss White

I have had Miss White as my German teacher since she started at our school when I was in year 9. Now I'm in year 11 and I'm so grateful that I had her. I really believe she deserves recognition for her hard work and positive attitude towards teaching languages. Even if you are not very good at the subject (like myself), her constant support makes it so much easier. She is always willing to give you extra help out of lesson time and doesn't mind marking work early for you so that you are able to progress within a shorter space of time. Her lessons are always structured and fun- you can tell she has put a lot of thought into them every single time! She shows great empathy when she knows you're struggling which really helps the whole process. During the lead up to my final German examinations she supported me no end with revision and held classes during study leave that I found really helpful. I truly believe that she is the definition of an excellent teacher.

Rachel Gibbons Coloma Convent Girls' School

Dear Miss Kaur

Best Media teacher EVER! Does her very best to help us succeed and brings joy to our lessons

Rosemary SHONHIWA Sidney Stringer Academy

Dear Mr Curtis

Thank You For Being An Amazing Year Head And Not Giving Up On Year 8 Because Of The Bad Behaviour.

Lucy Ellis Ernesford Grange Community School

Dear Mrs Jackson

dear miss jackson, my time in year 6 with you was amazing and i would like to thankyou for being such a great teacher. all my love safiyax

safiya murray Forest Lodge Primary School

Dear Mr Patel

I really enjoy your ICT lessons. You make learning fun and interactive! Thank you.

Scarlett Linthwaite New College Leicester

Dear Mrs Wallis

Thank Mrs Wallis for supporting me through times I need support but also gave me confidence within my hairdressing! Thank you for giving me the best of your ability to help me with my life and choices.

Sian Wal New College Leicester
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