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Thank a teacher

Dear Miss Musty

I want to make Miss Musty have the best teacher award becuse she is simply the best. Miss Musty makes me want to get up in the morning so I can get taught by her.

Alicia Trotman Ruskin Junior School

Dear Mr Mulla

Great teacher, Thank you very much!

Emily Markham Lutterworth College

Dear Mr Gilles

Enter the reason for your choice here... My reason for thanking my teacher is before I went to high school my maths needed a lot of work and mr Gillies helped me to reach my end of year 9 target although I am only in year 7

Lucy Simpson Carr Hill High School & Sixth Form Centre

Dear Ms Agar

Thank you for being my teacher this year. You are the best! You make learning fun. I am going to miss you being my teacher.

Charlotte Lee Upminster Junior School

Dear Mrs Epstein

Thank you for being so patient with us and you have helped me with my English skills a huge amount!

Paniz Nobahari Queen Elizabeth's Girls' School

Dear Miss Symes

You have been the most amazing Tutor this term. Thank you for pushing me to do better than i first thought possible in everything. Xxx

Kelly Mwaamba The Matthew Arnold School

Dear Mrs Turner

She is a really good French teacher, she is helpful and I am really going to miss her.

Jordan Marshall New College Leicester

Dear Mr Young

Mr Young thankyou for being a really cool teacher! i really enjoy P.E with you.You're my favourite teacher thankyou from Sean Quinn

Sean Quinn Quinn Ernesford Grange Community School

Dear Ms Walsh

for being such an amazing english teacher! i love english because of you so thank you!

Christie de Putron - Hill Nonsuch High School for Girls

Dear Mr Curtis

a amazing head teacher always funny and make me laugh everytime he is in the same room as me

luke flegel Ernesford Grange Community School

Dear Mrs Kelsall

When things got really tough for me, Ms K was always there and supportive. Despite her being busy every second of every day she will always have time for a student. She is convinced that every student is special and has their own pathway to success and will stop at nothing to help us find that path. Without Ms Kelsall, I wouldn't have stayed in college, but now through her belief in me I have found belief in myself and every day I strive to work my hardest because that's what would make her proud.

Eddie Bounford Impington Village College

Dear Mr Robinson

because you have given me loads of opportunities for drama. and you have taught me how to work with different people as a team. and loads of other things :)

camilla franco The John Madejski Academy

Dear Mr Talbert

He's a really good teacher and always wants the best for his students.

Lettitia Akenzua St. Saviour's & St. Olave's School

Dear Ms Porter

She always spends as much time as possible to get my prepared for my exams, always gives all the support that I need, always there when I need someone to talk to regarding exams and stress and in general an amazing teacher.

Grace Hickson Accrington Academy

Dear Mrs Torres

for a being a briliant teacher and being so kind and looking after me at school and helping me at school

scott jenkins Durrington High School

Dear Mr Fossey

Kevin tutored my group in my first year at uni studying to primary education 5 - 11. He provided massive insights into teaching and is more than a bit inspirational. He has done so much in his career, helped so many people and continues to put absolutely everything he has got into both his work at uni, and the school he has seemingly single-handedly created and driven to success in Nepal.

maya townley The Dharma school

Dear Mr Morley-Souter

He makes the lessons fun; makes sure there is plenty of information and activities to help with revising for exams.

Sarah Johnson Clacton Coastal Academy

Dear Miss Easton

You have really helped me this year in Resistant Materials, you are a really good teacher. Thanks Maddy.

madeleine connor Ringwood School

Dear Mr Sanders

He is a brilliant rugby coach and a great KS3 school council leader. Thanks for making my first half term at Sandbach School really enjoyable.

Callum Sussex Sandbach School

Dear Mrs Daniels

I am a student in my final year at Light Hall School. At the end of year 10, I was struggling to meet a C grade on my controlled assessments in English - let alone my B grade target. We had a new teacher at the start of year 11 and she has managed to progress me - in my controlled assessments - to an A/A* standard. Like most of the other students in my class, we have managed to progress rapidly and efficiently from C's to B's to A's and A*'s - despite having to teach a 2 year course in under 7 months. I just wanted to write to say thank you very much for the effort and time you have dedicated to helping us achieve our grades and thank you for making English enjoyable. I believe Mrs Daniels should be rewarded - or at least recognized - for her sterling efforts in both English Language and English Literature. Thank you Mrs Daniels.

Marnie Tomkinson Light Hall School

Dear Mr De Friez

He is an amazing teacher! He's understanding, listens to what you have to say and always manages to make us laugh! He's always there when you need someone to talk too.

Sizel Temel Bishop Douglass School

Dear Mr Davison

he is funny he helps u and he will make u happy

reece hookway New College Leicester

Dear Mr Sellors

Thank you Mr sellors for being such a phenomenal teacher I could have never got through my sats so smoothly without your help and support and a big big thank you for giving me champions chair overall you are the best teacher ever

libby wilton St Thomas Catholic Primary School
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