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Thank a teacher

Dear Mrs Cleator-Webb

Miss Cleator has helped me through my studies and believed in me when I didn't believe in myself. She pushed me to do well and I wouldn't be where I am today without her!

Jade Abbott The Sutton Academy

Dear Mrs Myring

I chossed her because she's my favorite English teacher.

Przemek Gawlik New College Leicester

Dear Dr Ibrahim

Thank you for everything you done for me when I ever I needed help you were always there with support. Thanks for sharing your knowledge in Science and thanks for opening our eyes to show us what the real world is like.

Safa Sheylila Plashet School

Dear Miss Fearns

I would like to thank Miss Fearns for being an amazing form tutor and R.E teach you are ace in every way! :P

Georgia Gladding Lincoln Christs Hospital School

Dear Mr Thomas

The whole school helped me, taught me respect and gave me the greatest start in life.

andrew hopkins Whitecross Hereford High School and Specialist Sports College

Dear Mr Vyas

Fantastic teacher :)

umar khan Northwood School London Borough of Hillingdon

Dear Mrs Torres

for a being a briliant teacher and being so kind and looking after me at school and helping me at school

scott jenkins Durrington High School

Dear Mr Fossey

Kevin is an outstanding tutor who made my first year of University spectacular! He always brought a smile to each one of our faces and made the lessons fun and engaging! He is very down to earth and taught us a lot about the tricks of the trade when we finally end up becoming teachers! Thank you Kevin!

Gemma Donsow The Dharma school

Dear Mr Pillay

He is a talented and brilliant teacher who tries to make the lessons as enjoyable and possible. He takes time out of his busy schedule and helps his students in need.

Daniel Stares Axe Valley School

Dear Miss Cerrone

she is the best teacher ive ever had in my whole 12 years at school

hannah nutt Finham Park School

Dear Miss Marchant

To Miss Marchant, Thank you for being such an amazing and stylish science teacher! I hope you have a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year! Lots of love, Imogen xxx PS:Thank you for allowing Helena and I to sit next to each other again!

imogen hathaway Mossbourne Community Academy

Dear Ms Begom

For your dedication and commitment to Madani Girls' School. On behalf of all staffs and students - Thank you very much for making a difference to our school!

Madani Girls' School Trustees Madani Girls School

Dear Miss Marxen

For being a great head of year and making everyone laugh!! Thank You!!

Shivani Pala New College Leicester

Dear Mrs Evans

hi Mrs Evans, its Holly (your star puil) Thank You for teaching me in year 6 and helping me with my SATS. I was very prod of the levels I got, and I am proud to say that I was a part of 6E! Holly Billingham!!!!! :-D

Holly Billingham Ernesford Grange Primary School

Dear Miss Shepherd

Being an amazing help, both academically and being someone who you can easily talk to, a great inspiration in drama

Alistair Dann Beaumont School

Dear Ms Clarke

because she is an amazing teacher who as helped me though my time at canterbury college

ashley long Canterbury College

Dear Ms Dennington

for being a great and very understanding head and for working so hard to make this school a better place

jessica heath Ernesford Grange Community School

Dear Mrs Padbury

You Have Been My Role Model, I Could Not Have Enjoyed Anyone's Lessons More Than I Had Enjoyed Yours. You Are The Best And You Helped Me Through Many Crap Through My Last School Years. I Am So Grateful, Words Cannot Explain. I Miss You And Wish I Could Turn Back Time. You Were Truly Just THE BEST. XXX

Naila Shafiq Golden Hillock School

Dear Mr Dannell

For being such a helpful teacher, for helping me for all my years of FIlm/Media studies, helping me be the best student I can be

Ryan Beake The Abbey School

Dear Mrs Coles

You are the funniest and best drama teacher ever !

Mia Shana and Amy Housley Walkden High School

Dear Mr Bullock

Thank you for being a great head teacher and being there for me and i hope u can be head teacher at that school for many years and you have made inglehurst a very great school and the z\onepark was amazing!!!!

keenan smalley Inglehurst Junior School

Dear Miss Eggleton

your always very supportive and you are a great teacher!! you always help me and push me to go far! :D

Tayeba Bhamjee Stretford High School

Dear Miss Green

she makes me laugh she helps me out and helps me get through my mistakes lots of love louise cooke

Louise Cooke New College Leicester

Dear Mr Williams

He is the funniest teacher in the school and he always makes drama fun.

Liam Kerr Tendring Technology College

Dear Mr Smith

Best teacher i've had in a long time, understands pupils, listens to them, and helps them in his own personal way. TOP LAD

Ashveer Gill Carres Grammar School

Dear Mr Vyas

Mr Kishore Vyas has helped a wide majority of students through out Britain in science thanks to his great 'My-GCSEscience' videos

Scott Cockle Northwood School London Borough of Hillingdon
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