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Thank a teacher

Dear Mr Turner

because you are the best teacher in the world and I don't know a better one. You make learning at school fun

chloe brant New College Leicester

Dear Miss Johnson

For always believing in me, encouraging me to meet my potential and showing me the way forward with helpful guidance and constructive criticism.

Alexandra Jayne Fuller Stoke-on-Trent Sixth Form College

Dear Mrs Nagdi

She is an inspiring role model

Jay Chahal Crown Hills Community College

Dear Mr Sloan

he as let me play football for are school team and he always lets evryone play and makes extra curriculm classes

cole edwards New College Leicester

Dear Miss Mubashar

Shes the best teacher ever She desrves to be congratulated for everything she has done Congratulations Miss :) x

Ope Olawumi Campion School

Dear Mrs Ball

Dear Mrs Ball Thank you for being the best teacher in the world. You make learning really fun. I'm glad you are my teacher.

Ellen GEE Meadlands Primary School

Dear Mr Fossey

Kevin is one of the kindest, most giving people I have had the chance to meet. Throughout my university career he supported me when I had to make difficult decisions, and ultimately gave me the necessary skills to teach History so passionately in my school. I cannot thank him enough for making my experience at the University of Brighton such a pleasurable one and know that I am not alone with this view.

Jack Simpson The Dharma school

Dear Mr Boshoff

He is a very good teacher and is very fun as well. He can turn boring lessons into fun ones! Thank you for being an excellent teacher and making us year 7s feel welcome!

Hannah Trotman Rickmansworth School

Dear Mr Cooper

Thank you

Lana Mahfouz Oxford High School Junior Department

Dear Miss Dyde

She's been my tutor for two years and has always been there for me when I was down. She listens to me and doesn't ask questions. I know i can trust her. Thank you, Miss Dyde. :)

Thahmina RAHMAN Sidney Stringer Academy

Dear Dr Matthews

Thank you Paul for all your help and guidance throughout the year. Regards, Owais Raja

Owais Raja City College Plymouth

Dear Miss Capelin

Miss Capelin got my test scores from a B to an A* in less than a term. She honestly, the best English teacher I have ever had. She is always enthusiastic and funny in lessons, but at the same time she is an incredible teacher, who has given me new insights into A-level options. Although I have only had her for this year, i have improved beyond my expectations. As she is leaving at the end of this year, i thought i should say a big thank you for everything. We will all miss you, and be very jealous of your new students! THANK YOU MISS CAPELIN!

Marina Pearson Hurstpierpoint College

Dear Miss Dawson

Thankyou for being such an amazing teacher! You have always supported me in my work, I could not have done it without you.

Mazzia Batool Upton Court Grammar School

Dear Mr Gabbett

Because he really cares for his students and he's a good man and a brilliant teacher and he did some thing meaningful for my friend

Matthew McCullough Trinity Catholic School

Dear Mr Gill

he is very funny and makes lesson's interesting.

Katie Alford Bowsland Green Primary School

Dear Mr Boyes

Thank you for always believing in me and pushing me to do better. You have also made me much more confident in Physics (which I never thought would happen) Lucy

Lucy Taylor The Sir John Colfox School

Dear Ms Kholia

You're the best teacher ever and thank you for teaching me.

Hamsathvani Sivaganeshwaran Rushey Mead School

Dear Mr Rowan

He has helped us with a lot both academicly and personally. He's made our lives at school and home somewhat happier. And we think that he hasn't really got the recognition he deserves. We would like to thank him a lot!! You rock, sir!!

Jess and Kennedy Wrenn School

Dear Mr Fossey

It's nice to see a teacher/lecturer still so passionate about working with children. Selfless, kind and a really special man.

Laura Parsons The Dharma school

Dear Miss Purdey

I would like to 'thank' Miss Purdey. Although we are only a couple of months into the school year, Miss Purdey has gone out of her way to assist and support my son. Discovering ways to make him 'tick' and updating me, on his progress (sometimes daily) whether positive or negative. The extremely happy little boy, finally interested in achieving and a willingness to learn....thank you Miss Purdey...long may it continue..he adores you! : )

Emma Huse Birch Copse Primary School

Dear Mr Young

Thank you for being the best teacher in the school your lessons are EPIC!!!! Reasons why your lessons are epic! Your funny! Your fair!

James Greenacre Ernesford Grange Community School

Dear Mrs Eises

Thankyou for being there for me, nd thankyou for being supportive and pishing me in ICT.

Kira Williams Ernesford Grange Community School

Dear Ms Neve

Truly the best teacher I've ever had, inspiring, engaging & fun. I love her lessons and so do the majority of my class mates. Thank you!!

Stefanie Sima East Kent College

Dear Miss Naylor

For giving me such enthusiasm and confidence in dance lessons. Believing in me makes me believe in myself...thank you!.

Karina Jones Ivybridge Community College
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