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Thank a teacher

Dear Mr Curran

Thanks so much for helping me pass German Sir! Never thought I would get a C!

Louis Cross The Appleton School

Dear Mr Davison

im goint to chose Mr Davison because he is so fun in tutur time and hes always got a smile on his face:) from chels;<3

chelsie lee New College Leicester

Dear Mrs Turner

She is a really good French teacher, she is helpful and I am really going to miss her.

Jordan Marshall New College Leicester

Dear Miss Goulty

miss Goulty is my favourite teacher because she is very kind and is always loveable lots of love Louise Cooke

Louise Cooke New College Leicester

Dear Miss White

Because she is my teacher and makes every one feel special and do their best.

Ethan Nunn Ashcroft Infant School

Dear Mr Fossey

I never thought I would meet a man who could inspire a class of adults in such a short space off time.

Rosie-May Huggett The Dharma school

Dear Mr Williams

He is the funniest teacher in the school and he always makes drama fun.

Liam Kerr Tendring Technology College

Dear Mrs Ayling

ms ayiling because she is a very good geography teacher and im hitting those A*, A-b's in most of my assesment

Awais Hayat New College Leicester

Dear Ms Dennington

for being a great and very understanding head and for working so hard to make this school a better place

jessica heath Ernesford Grange Community School

Dear Mr Sloan

he as let me play football for are school team and he always lets evryone play and makes extra curriculm classes

cole edwards New College Leicester

Dear Mr Bradley

Hi Mr. Bradley This is a huge thank you for everything you've done for me. You were always there for me, and I can never express how thankful I am for that! I appreciate all you've done for me and how much you pushed me to do what I want. Once again, thanks for everything. Courtney Coleman xxx

Courtney Coleman Kings International College

Dear Miss Johnson

For always believing in me, encouraging me to meet my potential and showing me the way forward with helpful guidance and constructive criticism.

Alexandra Jayne Fuller Stoke-on-Trent Sixth Form College

Dear Mrs Finnegan

If It Wasn't For Your Kindness And Patience With Me, I Would Not Be Going To Uni. Thank you Ever So Much. x

Naila Shafiq Solihull College

Dear Miss Musty

A truly amazing teacher who is always there when needed.

Josh Hyde Ruskin Junior School

Dear Mr Abbott

Thank you for all the support you have given me for the last couple of years. You have been amazing!

Georgia Rolph Cottenham Village College

Dear Mrs Marsland

Enter the reason for Mryour choice here..Mrs Marsland is an inspirational teacher who cares for both the education and wellbeing of every pupil. Her passion for education, sports and music knows no bounds! Her commitment to her school unstinting.My particular child has truly blossomed, under her headship, in a school that manages to encourage individuality and teamwork throughout. Mrs Marsland teaches, cares (and shifts snow from a playground on a Sunday) like no other we have come across....thankyou.

Samantha Beckinsale Lovington VC Primary School

Dear Mr Moore

Mr Moore's geography lessons are very interesting and he has a very good sense of humour. Everyone enjoys the lessons and learns lots from them as well.

Chandler Kenworthy Ringwood School

Dear Miss Dean

For helping me improve my grades and being a great teacher! Thank You!!

Shivani Pala New College Leicester

Dear Ms Papastylianou

I would like to nominate Ms Papastylianou because when our form 7S came to Quegs we thought our maths teacher would be really mean but when we had our first lesson with her she was really nice and helpful and not mean at all !

Georgina Mutabazi Queen Elizabeth's Girls' School

Dear Mr Fossey

Thank you for all the incredable work you have done in school. You are an amazing teacher and person. I'm so glad I had the oppertunity to meet you.

Shani Marquis The Dharma school

Dear Mrs Wootherspoon

For helping and for supporting me with all my school work and friendship problems!

Anne-Marie and Ria Andonov and Jagani Christ Church CE Primary School

Dear Mr Poole

Mr Poole was my mentor and also my form tutor . He always encourages me to be the best i can and to never give up even when things are tough. because of his inspiration i got 4 A*s, 5As and 1 B

joel chilaka St Peter's Academy

Dear Miss Fitton

For helping me understand the topics in History and being a great teacher! Thank You!!

Shivani Pala New College Leicester

Dear Mr Sharples

Mr sharples is our head teacher but he is all so my form tutor. He also does house band because he can play the guitar . He gets involved in lots of school events e.g our musical festival which we have each year were our schools and near by primary's show off their music talents! Last year it was in the rain but he carried on. In form he forgets about all head teacher things and focuses on us kids. He is very friendly and easy to talk to which is a good thing to have when your a teacher. No one is scared to talk to him like other head teachers. When I started in year 7 he helped me get involved in clubs e.g samboteler (samba) school counsil and the boiler room ( after school club which has games and helps with homework)

Leah Brooker Sir Thomas Boteler CE High School
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