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Thank a teacher

Dear Mr Winsor

The whole A-level English class of 2012 wanted to thank you for your support. Great teacher!

Rebecca Salt Aldercar Community Language College

Dear Mrs Burrell

Thanks for everything that you do at our school. It's difficult to find a more caring, committed and hard-working colleague whose every effort is dedicated to seeing students achieve and gain success. You are a genuine role model for all and as a young colleague give well beyond what could reasonably be expected of you. You are a pleasure to work with.

Donovan Spencer Heritage High School

Dear Mr Fossey

He inspires many young teachers and has a great range of experiences which he is willing to share with all

Rebecca Simmons The Dharma school

Dear Mrs Blackman

She is most honestly,one of the most fantastic teachers at laurence jackson school in which i am having the pleasure of being taught by for my final year in GCSE Art.She is just so lovely! The amount of commitment to not just our group but other classes which she teaches is unbelievable.Even though she sets homework everytime i see her,it just proves how much she cares and wants me to do well-she's part of the everlasting bond which creates the Art department and if she was not present,as the others also,the bond would break.Thanks so much for making Art even more enjoyable,which i didn't think was actually possible! :D

Lara Humphrey The Laurence Jackson Secondary School

Dear Miss Benson

If it wasn't for her, i would never have gotten a B in my English exam. She's an amazing teacher.

Thahmina RAHMAN Sidney Stringer Academy

Dear Miss Eggleton

your always very supportive and you are a great teacher!! you always help me and push me to go far! :D

Tayeba Bhamjee Stretford High School

Dear Mr Vyas

Fantastic teacher :)

umar khan Northwood School London Borough of Hillingdon

Dear Mrs Hartly

Thank you for being an amazing teacher! Pretty sure I would have got a U without you! I sincerely appreciate all that you have taught me and would like to say a huge thank you :)

Cassum Latif Heston Community School

Dear Mr Gill

he is very funny and makes lesson's interesting.

Katie Alford Bowsland Green Primary School

Dear Miss Young

You were the perfect teacher for me. You knew my strengths and weaknesses from the get go which helped me progress on so many levels. Thank you so very much and good luck with future plans.

Ami Blaikie St Michaels CE Primary School

Dear Miss Smith

My daughter is thriving in Miss Smith's class. I have been impressed by the quality of feedack we receive (especially at parents evening).

Debbie Williams Emersons Green Primary School

Dear Mr Fossey

You have been such an inspiration to everyone on the course since you first welcomed us to the University of Brighton in the Asa Briggs Hall. You have such a wealth of knowledge and you are always happy to pass it on and share stories of what you have been through as a teacher to help prepare us for our own teaching careers. I think I can safely say that everyone that has been taught by you will always remember you throughout their teaching career as a man who loved education, and for that we will always thank you!

Rachel Martin The Dharma school

Dear Miss Donnelly

Thank you for being a fantastic teacher to both my children and for supporting me.

Gillian Smith Sinfin Primary School

Dear Ms Madden

Enter the reason for your choice here.. i have chosen ms.madden for being a brilliant mentor. always cheerful. always kind and helpful.

Prabjeet Virk Finham Park School

Dear Mr Marr

Maintaining very high standards in his year group.

Chris Gabbett Trinity Catholic School

Dear Mr Morley-Souter

He makes the lessons fun; makes sure there is plenty of information and activities to help with revising for exams.

Sarah Johnson Clacton Coastal Academy

Dear Ms Smith

A teacher who enables to students to believe in themselves and schieve beyond their dreams

nicki adams Brooklands College

Dear Mr Edwards

He's the best teacher

lian yates New College Leicester

Dear Ms Agar

Thank you for being my teacher this year. You are the best! You make learning fun. I am going to miss you being my teacher.

Charlotte Lee Upminster Junior School

Dear Miss Blake

Deb has concistently put in strategies that have kept our attendance over the School and national Average.

Will Monk The Priory School

Dear Mrs Lovett

You have been a great help for me over this year and i hope that you win, because you always make every lesson worth while.

Chloe Law Shebbear College

Dear Mr Fossey

His lectures were very inspirational. If I wasn't sure about becoming a teacher before, then I definitely am now! He's a teacher to remember.

Emma-Louise Hawthorn The Dharma school

Dear Miss Bedows

She is funny, kind and makes learning fun

Esha Randhawa Stivichall Primary School

Dear Mrs O' Neil

For a brilliant first year, for being so motivated and inspiring the imagination with every lesson you teach.

Lorna Smith Bishop Harland CE Primary School

Dear Miss Dawson

Thankyou for being such an amazing teacher! You have always supported me in my work, I could not have done it without you.

Mazzia Batool Upton Court Grammar School
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