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Thank a teacher

Dear Mr Fossey

He has been supportive and inspiring for the past four years of my teacher education and has always been there to listen to any questions.

Stacey Wilkinson The Dharma school

Dear Mr Sanders

Thankyou for your help throughout the year's at Sandbach school. You have help me through every dillema that has occured to me and have helped me put them right. When an opportunity has come up, you have helped me achieve that and have helped me to have the chance to take part in it. I dont think i would achieve as much throughout thge years without the support from you as a teacher. And i would just like to mention again, THANKYOU!

Henry Baker Sandbach School

Dear Mr Miles

HEY MR. MILES! We wrote you this thank you card because YOU ARE AMAZING! And we think that you are a really good teacher!

Amy and Nicole . The Gryphon School

Dear Mr Attelmann

He is such an amazing teacher and I really think that he deserves to know this.

Becky Savage The Polesworth School

Dear Mr Wilkinson

He rescued my cat that was stuck in the school tree.

Jordan Barber Maltby Community School

Dear Mrs Ayling

ms ayiling because she is a very good geography teacher and im hitting those A*, A-b's in most of my assesment

Awais Hayat New College Leicester

Dear Mr Patel

am am thankin him because he great to teach very funny and good sence humer, my ict skills have gone up by millies cheeres

mason chamberlain New College Leicester

Dear Mr Cambridge

Daniel is always making us laugh and telling us stories... giving us advice and independence... He's great!

Tessa Ann McMillan Cronton Sixth Form College

Dear Mrs Fieldsend

Thanks for being a brilliant teacher and always offering all the advice that was necessary to attain better grades in A-Level maths - even where it meant you sacrificing a well deserved lunch break here and there! For me getting into Uni, every mark counted and I'm grateful for all the help you gave me as it definitely had a positive impact on my future. Looking back at College your lessons were definitely amongst the best despite maths not being my strongest subject. You made the lessons engaging and as a class we all had good fun. Just wanted to say thanks for putting up with our antics - all the hard work was appreciated! I hope you enjoy a long and happy retirement.

James Beck Tendring Technology College

Dear Mrs Spence

Helped me get the grades i need for my university course, and even though at times i doubted my abilities she always made me believe in myself. THANK YOU

Rachael Webster Cambridge Regional College

Dear Miss Boyd

thanku for being such i good teacher

tyler sheppard New College Leicester

Dear Mr Vyas

This man helped me through my sciecne GCSE and his videos on youtube are outstanding, he clearly has put a lot of time and effort into making them. I cant thank him enough and he deserves this award!

Charlie Riley Northwood School London Borough of Hillingdon

Dear Mrs Thomas

She is really funny and helps me learn and helps me to do well in,my tests

Adaobi azie Queen Elizabeth's Girls' School

Dear Mr Curtis

Thank You For Being An Amazing Year Head And Not Giving Up On Year 8 Because Of The Bad Behaviour.

Lucy Ellis Ernesford Grange Community School

Dear Mrs Clarke

Mrs Clarke is the best teacher we could have. Thanks for making 2012 such a wonderful year!

Your year 11 English class The Brooksbank School

Dear Ms Ramdeen

Thank you for just being you! Funny and caring. You're awesome and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Many thanks and best wishes Amy Allison

Amy Allison Kingsford Community School

Dear Miss Cook

Jenni, thanking you for all you have done for me and our 6th formers. You have been a huge support throughout the year and have made a huge difference. Thank you!

Ipek Cinik The Forest Academy

Dear Dr Toczek

She's the best chemistry teacher ever!

Lucy Belk Woodkirk High School

Dear Mr Waite

Andy helped me apply for full time jobs in the industry aswell as making sure my cv was the best it could be. He also supported me though my interview and I got the job! Thankyou :)

danielle squirrell Exeter College

Dear Mr Woods

he is the best tutor in our school and he is really nice and he is really funny.

Liam Kerr Tendring Technology College

Dear Miss Symes

You have been the most amazing Tutor this term. Thank you for pushing me to do better than i first thought possible in everything. Xxx

Kelly Mwaamba The Matthew Arnold School

Dear Mr Turner

He is funny, he helps with my work and he is great to talk to and i will miss him.

Jordan Marshall New College Leicester

Dear Ms Thomson

I've decided to write you a small note, thanking you for your help and guidance. I enjoyed being taught by you immensely; you where an excellent teacher and have inspired me to continue learning with an open and positive mind. I appreciate all your hard work, it's meant so much to me an enabled me to go further. Once again, thank you so much for your time, expertise and patience!

Daniel Harrison Dixons City Academy
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