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Thank a teacher

Dear Miss Benson

If it wasn't for her, i would never have gotten a B in my English exam. She's an amazing teacher.

Thahmina RAHMAN Sidney Stringer Academy

Dear Mrs Alonzi

Mrs Alonzi, you have been great help to my during year six. Also, a great teacher! Thank You! :D

Shaakirah Faizar Frederick Bird Primary School

Dear Mr Sanders

He is a brilliant rugby coach and a great KS3 school council leader. Thanks for making my first half term at Sandbach School really enjoyable.

Callum Sussex Sandbach School

Dear Mrs Cummings

Anna has helped me achieve my goals whilst studying AAT and helped me in passing my exams. Anna makes classroom learning a fun and enjoyable environment. She is always available to be contacted when support is needed which is great for a part time learner who works full time like myself. Anna teaches AAT well making it simple yet being in great depth, her teaching style is amazing. She allows the group to work at our own pace ensuring we are all ready and prepared for exams. She is always going the extra mile creating her own work for us. She is a great tutor with a great personality and definitely deserves an award to show how much her students appreciate her hard work!!!!!!

Emma Cunningham Babington Business College

Dear Mr Curtis

for being a great year head and a lot of fun its been a great year so far and im sure theres lots more to come thankyou a lot

marcus beaufoy Ernesford Grange Community School

Dear Miss Watkins

For being the best English teacher ever!!!

Alex Wilson West Moors Middle School

Dear Mrs Williams

Dear Mrs Williams, Thank you for helping me out this year. I'm so pleased with my A* and i couldn't have done it without you. I'm so excited to start next term in your class! Thanks miss Love Ella xx

Ella Peel Llandovery College

Dear Ms Torrance

She's really friendly and a great laugh in class while still being a great eatcher and makes English fun to do even while teaching GCSE's.

Holly Readman George Spencer Academy

Dear Mr Robinson

mr robinson, i would like to say thankyou for introducing me to drama and helping realize how fun and interesting acting&drama is. Not only do you teach great lessons but you've also brought me to three wonderful experiences during my time in jma. Also, i now know what i want to achieve when im older & how to achieve it thanks to you sir. so basically, uhh, thanks, for everything and umm, yea, thanks :D

Gemma Collins The John Madejski Academy

Dear Mr Curtis

Because he always does fun practicals in Design Tech and he always makes people in our year laugh

George Cadman Ernesford Grange Community School

Dear Mr Fossey

Kevin is an outstanding tutor who made my first year of University spectacular! He always brought a smile to each one of our faces and made the lessons fun and engaging! He is very down to earth and taught us a lot about the tricks of the trade when we finally end up becoming teachers! Thank you Kevin!

Gemma Donsow The Dharma school

Dear Mr Attelmann

He is such an amazing teacher and I really think that he deserves to know this.

Becky Savage The Polesworth School

Dear Mr Chand

Mr Chand has taught me for 5 years and has been great support. His lessons were always fun and his teaching was incredible! Thank you!

Safina Begum Bordesley Green Girls School

Dear Mr Patel

am am thankin him because he great to teach very funny and good sence humer, my ict skills have gone up by millies cheeres

mason chamberlain New College Leicester

Dear Miss Summers

Miss Summers is the most enthusiastic and dedicated teacher I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. My daughter adores her and we, as a family, feel so lucky to have had her as our daughters teacher this acedemic year. She not only is an excellent role model for the Children in her class, but as head of year 2, she is hands on with all children in the year group. She is honest with parents, nurturing towards the children across the capability spectrum and an excellent example of what a teacher should be. All parents at the school rave about Miss Summers, all children want to be in her class and her enthusiasm is passed down to the rest of the year 2 team. An absolute inspiration. Words can't thank you enough Miss Summers!!!

Lindsay Basta Peartree Spring Infant School

Dear Ms Madden

Enter the reason for your choice here.. i have chosen ms.madden for being a brilliant mentor. always cheerful. always kind and helpful.

Prabjeet Virk Finham Park School

Dear Mrs Lovett

You have been a great help for me over this year and i hope that you win, because you always make every lesson worth while.

Chloe Law Shebbear College

Dear Mr Murdoch

for being the awesomest form tutor ever!

Neelam Sidhu Upton Court Grammar School

Dear Mr Fossey

He is a highly amaing and passionate teacher. An inspriation to us all. Motivated and determinded to keep going. His lessons are brillaint!!

Abigail Lee The Dharma school

Dear Mr Vyas

Amazing YouTube videos (myGCSEscience) that have helped me so much with all of my science exams.. Without them I defiantly would of failed.

Charlotte Lumley Northwood School London Borough of Hillingdon

Dear Miss Humphrey

I have really struggled with History this year and you have helped me so much. Thank you Maddy

madeleine connor Ringwood School

Dear Mrs Epstein

Thank you for being so patient with us and you have helped me with my English skills a huge amount!

Paniz Nobahari Queen Elizabeth's Girls' School
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