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Thank a teacher

Dear Mr Curtis

Thanks for being a good year head, and for taking us to germany and being on our side arguing against the boys!, and thankyou for being such a funny year head too!!!

Anna Henderson Ernesford Grange Community School

Dear Ms Bamber

She has helped me soo much, she deserves a big thank you :)

Sophie Sweeney Cardinal Newman College

Dear Miss Bath

Passionate about her subject, Miss Bath always makes an effort to find new and interactive ways for students to learn and revise, as well as being able to interact with each other with a class blog. A*

Eleanor Phillips Budmouth College

Dear Mr Curtis

Because he always does fun practicals in Design Tech and he always makes people in our year laugh

George Cadman Ernesford Grange Community School

Dear Mr Fossey

You have been such an inspiration to everyone on the course since you first welcomed us to the University of Brighton in the Asa Briggs Hall. You have such a wealth of knowledge and you are always happy to pass it on and share stories of what you have been through as a teacher to help prepare us for our own teaching careers. I think I can safely say that everyone that has been taught by you will always remember you throughout their teaching career as a man who loved education, and for that we will always thank you!

Rachel Martin The Dharma school

Dear Miss Purdey

Miss Purdy is a very kind and helpful teacher and is really supportive. She is also very very good at art and makes lessons fun.

Mal Crook Birch Copse Primary School

Dear Miss Ward

I would like to thank Nic as she has been there for me whenever i have needed to ask questions regarding work, she has explained things more when needed and doesnt make me feel like i am a pain. she is really friendly and teaches us all in a fun way that we all learn. she is a fab tutor and needs to know this so thought this would be a nice way to do so.

Kira Gillespie Riverside College

Dear Miss Holcombe

Your so amazing and when I'm upset you make me laugh your so good as a teacher and I hope we stay in contact when I leave

Sarah Ambrose The Appleton School

Dear Miss Burton

You made the lessons really interesting and very funny!!!

Alex Luxford Queen Elizabeth's Girls' School

Dear Mr Fouabi

A teacher that you can always talk to no matter what. He is someone that the students can relate to and is an easy person to get along with. He has always been one of my favourite teachers. Thank you!

Gaurav Sood Featherstone High School

Dear Mr Fossey

He is a highly amaing and passionate teacher. An inspriation to us all. Motivated and determinded to keep going. His lessons are brillaint!!

Abigail Lee The Dharma school

Dear Miss Crowley

I would like to give this award to miss.crowley because she is really nice and the best English teacher ever.

Alina Ahmad Whalley Range High School

Dear Mr Gabbett

Because he really cares for his students and he's a good man and a brilliant teacher and he did some thing meaningful for my friend

Matthew McCullough Trinity Catholic School

Dear Mrs Hastings

Thank You for supporting me in Geography and for the amazing treats like Fair Trade chocolate :)

Abdullah Khan Upton Court Grammar School

Dear Mrs Finnegan

If It Wasn't For Your Kindness And Patience With Me, I Would Not Be Going To Uni. Thank you Ever So Much. x

Naila Shafiq Solihull College

Dear Mr Perry

Outstanding dedication to all his class members and cookery club. Mr. Perry has amazing teaching techniques and always goes the extra mile without hesitation.

Laura Gittins Ysgol Maesydre

Dear Mr Curtis

Thank you for being a great headteacher for year 8

Ashleigh Smallman Ernesford Grange Community School

Dear Miss Tagoe

I would like to thank miss Tagoe because she is really caring and she always listens to me, and I always know if I have a problem I can always go to her :) xx

Asly Umar Uxbridge High School

Dear Ms Bartlett

For being kind and making lessons fun

Hayden Betteridge Kings International College

Dear Mr Farrow

Thank you so much for pushing me to achieve my best. Thank you for always being willing to tell me how I can improve. You have really helped me a lot in the last two years of Geography. Lucy

Lucy Taylor The Sir John Colfox School

Dear Miss Gore

The reason I'm saying thank you is for being helpful and funny but always being nice.Thank you for everything your my favourite teacher !!

fiza iqbal Whalley Range High School

Dear Miss Dale

Not only does Miss Dale make every lesson exciting, useful and memorable but she gives each one of her students something they will carry with them forever. Confidence. She clearly believes in every one of her students and she is not afraid to say it. Miss Dale has gone above and beyond the call of duty for her classes, but also seems happy to do so. She is one of a kind, and one great teacher.

Deanna Bayford Banbury Academy

Dear Mrs Spence

Helped me get the grades i need for my university course, and even though at times i doubted my abilities she always made me believe in myself. THANK YOU

Rachael Webster Cambridge Regional College

Dear Mr Boateng

Thank you for being such an amazing and inspirational teacher!

Tahshin Rahman Central Foundation Girls School Performing Arts College

Dear Mr Bullock

Thank you for being a great head teacher and being there for me and i hope u can be head teacher at that school for many years and you have made inglehurst a very great school and the z\onepark was amazing!!!!

keenan smalley Inglehurst Junior School
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