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Thank a teacher

Dear Mrs Sanderson

I think Claire diserves this award as she is a wonderful, kind caring tutor. You can talk to her about anything, as well as her pushing us towards our goals. Thanks Claire.

robyn keller Chesterfield College

Dear Miss Cerrone

she is the best teacher ive ever had in my whole 12 years at school

hannah nutt Finham Park School

Dear Mr Mitchell

I would not be where i am today if not for Mr Mitchell.. i am now in year 9 and in year 6 he was amazing , helpful, kind and listened to everything that troubled me.. thank you Mr Mitchell you will always be the best teacher ever!

William Bell William Cobbett Junior School

Dear Miss Purdey

Miss Purdy is a very kind and helpful teacher and is really supportive. She is also very very good at art and makes lessons fun.

Mal Crook Birch Copse Primary School

Dear Miss Donnelly

Thank you for being a fantastic teacher to both my children and for supporting me.

Gillian Smith Sinfin Primary School

Dear Ms Lynch

For being such valuable member of the Learning Support Team & working with such enthusiasm!

Martina Garry St Catherine's College

Dear Mr Fossey

It's nice to see a teacher/lecturer still so passionate about working with children. Selfless, kind and a really special man.

Laura Parsons The Dharma school

Dear Dr Ibrahim

Sir, I've just had you in Year 10, that too for only four months but the effect you've had on me was great. You're a really inspirational teacher and you've always pushed me to the best of my ability. Before I didn't enjoy Science but now I look forward to your lessons. As well as teaching us, you always give us inspirational talks and careers advice. You've been a great support to me and it saddens me to hear that you're leaving, but all I can say is I wish you all the best in the future. I pray that one day you'll be back. Thank you so much for everything you've done and may you get your share of happiness, Inshaa'Allah.

Ramsha Malik Plashet School

Dear Mr Collins

hes so amazing! his meditation lessons are the best so relaxing and its nice to do something different! i love hearing about his stories of where hes been on holiday, hes such an interesting man :)

Hollie Ball Newcastle Under Lyme College
Newcastle under Lyme

Dear Mr Patel

I really enjoy your ICT lessons. You make learning fun and interactive! Thank you.

Scarlett Linthwaite New College Leicester

Dear Mrs Lovett

We'd like to thank you for all your hard work and dedication throughout many aspects of the college, you're caring and friendly and absolutely hilarious! you've have been the best tutor ive had at Shebbear College and have always been there for me.We love you.

Harriet + Polly Thomas Shebbear College

Dear Mrs Kirk

Enter the reason for your choice here... Excellent first term in Maths department. Good with kids. Organised with work, accurate with marking. Improved displays. Thank you

Jim Saint Ruth Kensington and Chelsea Pupil Referral Unit

Dear Miss Shepherd

An outstanding teacher full of drive, energy and support for all her students.

Susie Gower Beaumont School

Dear Mrs Gillatt

Lesley has been an inspiration to anyone who wants to enter the professsion - her organisation, support and positive relationships with the kids are second to none. She quickly establishes relationships built on trust and mutual respect. and has been the best colleague to work with.

Andy Love Waingels College

Dear Ms Woodward

Thanks for being the best teacher and providing support throughout the term. From Demi x

Demi Dwyer Riverside College

Dear Mrs Raffermati

I would like to nominate Mrs Raffermati because she is an excellent form tutor, also very good at organising trips. for example She organised a Media Trip to Disney in Paris. She is currently organising a trip to New York. If it wasn't for her organising trips, we probably would not have many trips here at St. Paul's. She is funny, kind and inspirational, she believes in us and wants us to achieve.

Aisha Cook St Paul's School for Girls

Dear Mr Heavey

thank you for helping me getting higher levels in P.E and helping me through secondary school.

Mitchel Williams Ernesford Grange Community School

Dear Miss Fitton

For helping me understand the topics in History and being a great teacher! Thank You!!

Shivani Pala New College Leicester

Dear Ms Woodward

thank you for being the best tutor this year, love cat-pat x

Catherine Brownlow Riverside College

Dear Ms Upham

A fantastic teacher who really cares about her students. She will be truly missed!! Lots of love Lucy xxxx

Lucy Williams Chilton Trinity School

Dear Mr Whelan

you were always there for us and was very kind! youalways made us laugh and made us smile when we were upset.

sophie prue Grange Farm Primary School

Dear Mr Thomas

The whole school helped me, taught me respect and gave me the greatest start in life.

andrew hopkins Whitecross Hereford High School and Specialist Sports College

Dear Mrs Baney

HEY MISS, We are sending you this award because we think that you are the best English teacher ever, and we love your lessons!

Nicole and Ollie . The Gryphon School

Dear Mrs Pinda

To mrs pinder, I would like to say thank you for helping me through my operation and everthing. I hope you have a nice christmas and a happy new year!

julia monaghan Ernesford Grange Community School

Dear Mr Fossey

An amazing teacher, such an inspiration!

Nicky Francis The Dharma school

Dear Mr James

For being a fun and entertaining teacher, for always being encouraging and helping you grasp complicated concepts yet make them so easy to understand. The BEST science teacher I could ever have wished for, chemistry was never boring.

Olivia Kelly The St Marylebone CE Girls School
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