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Thank a teacher

Dear Mr Morley-Souter

He makes the lessons fun; makes sure there is plenty of information and activities to help with revising for exams.

Sarah Johnson Clacton Coastal Academy

Dear Mr Bader

He is the general beast of a teacher. He got me through all of my coursework. HE IS A LEGEND

Ryan Dosdale Wilberforce College

Dear Mrs Marsden


Adetunji Dosunmu Sydney Russell Comprehensive School

Dear Mr Perry

Outstanding dedication to all his class members and cookery club. Mr. Perry has amazing teaching techniques and always goes the extra mile without hesitation.

Laura Gittins Ysgol Maesydre

Dear Miss Humphrey

I have really struggled with History this year and you have helped me so much. Thank you Maddy

madeleine connor Ringwood School

Dear Mr Foley

for 45 mins of jokes and 15 mins of maths!

Emily Woodruff Banbury Academy

Dear Ms Woodward

Thanks for being the best teacher and providing support throughout the term. From Demi x

Demi Dwyer Riverside College

Dear Mr Goddard

I'd just like to say thank you! For being a great teacher and a wonderful person who has done so much for me for the past SIX years! You've become a good friend, I really do appreciate it and seeing as it's our last year together- I thought I would send you a special Thank you!!! Hope this put a big, happy smile on your face :)

Muneerah Patel Batley Girls' High School

Dear Miss Green

she makes me laugh she helps me out and helps me get through my mistakes lots of love louise cooke

Louise Cooke New College Leicester

Dear Mrs Milnthorpe

We would like to say a big 'Thank you' to Mrs Milnthorpe for all of the extra effort that she has put into supporting and challenging our daughter throughout her first few years at primary school. This has led to our daughter having a real passion for school and flourishing in every area of the curriculum. Our daughter is reading and writing above the standard that she would be expected to be at and we thank her teacher for providing great learning opportunities for her and her peers. Mrs Milnthorpe is always so kind to the children in her class and appears to really care for them all.The children always look happy to be going to school and enjoying all of the various activities that are on offer. Our daughter already tells us that when she is a big girl she wants to be a teacher like Mrs Milnthorpe!

Mark Lewis Guyhirn CE Primary School

Dear Mr Curtis

a amazing head teacher always funny and make me laugh everytime he is in the same room as me

luke flegel Ernesford Grange Community School

Dear Mrs Wheatley

thank you for a great year 7 and half of year 8 you have helped me with my english and more

efstratios giachagia Ernesford Grange Community School

Dear Mr Patt

Very helpful takes own time to help via email feel very encouraged by his concern for my end results

Adeola Shokunbi Chatham Grammar School for Boys

Dear Mr Keogh

he is the best RE teacher ive had. he is not just a headteacher but also a mentor, thank you sir.

yedidia mizuma The Becket School

Dear Miss Rodriguez

Thank you for all the extra help in maths and for all the support in year 11, I wouldn't done it with out you and Miss Micklethwaite.

Susanna Bannister St Philomenas Catholic High School for Girls

Dear Mr Davison

You are the best teacher ever and your just too funy! :D

Dominik Nowacki New College Leicester

Dear Mrs Sanderson

thanks youy misss for helping me with my maths you got me to stay in class instead of leaving its sad that your leaving but i understand why you are leaveing so thats okay im gonna miss you

karl roberts Silverbank Centre

Dear Mr Sanders

He is a brilliant rugby coach and a great KS3 school council leader. Thanks for making my first half term at Sandbach School really enjoyable.

Callum Sussex Sandbach School

Dear Ms Torrance

She's really friendly and a great laugh in class while still being a great eatcher and makes English fun to do even while teaching GCSE's.

Holly Readman George Spencer Academy

Dear Mr Randall

Most Legendary teacher. Really Easy to get along with and such a great teacher.

Abigail Jones George Spencer Academy

Dear Miss Bakare

Miss Bakare thank you so much for your help with my science work , you are the most helpful teacher, also you are too nice. I am very glad to have a teacher like you!

Tahmina prity Whalley Range High School

Dear Mr Pillay

He is my favorite teacher ever!!

Jack White Axe Valley School

Dear Miss Snares

Helen, you are a fantastic teacher, and I'm so proud of how you have developed and progressed both at Appleton and Maltings. I hope you continue to flourish and fly as the amazing teacher you are! Kelly x

Kelly Holcombe Maltings Academy

Dear Miss Tagoe

I would like to thank miss Tagoe because she is really caring and she always listens to me, and I always know if I have a problem I can always go to her :) xx

Asly Umar Uxbridge High School

Dear Mr Calder

Thank you for all of your help and inspiration, you're a fantastic teacher!

Lauryn Baker Bradon Forest School

Dear Mr Gilles

Enter the reason for your choice here... My reason for thanking my teacher is before I went to high school my maths needed a lot of work and mr Gillies helped me to reach my end of year 9 target although I am only in year 7

Lucy Simpson Carr Hill High School & Sixth Form Centre
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