Dear Miss Bidwell
Literally I don’t know where to start to say thank you! Miss Bidwell is the most inspirational and amazing person I have ever come across. She isn’t just a History teacher, she has gone beyond all expectations of a teacher to help me so much to the point where I am en route to get a scholarship and a career sorted. If there is anyone that I can credit with the success that I have had today and the five A*-A at GCSE it would be her. I cannot stress how inspirational this lady is!

Rassin Rochdi
The Emmbrook School

An Inspiration!
Judith was an inspirational teacher for me and was always my favourite when she taught me at Green Gates. When I went back to the school on placement, she helped me to become a successful teaching assistant. More lately, she encouraged me to gain a degree and complete the GTP. I am now coming to the end of my first year of teaching and owe this to Judith. Hopefully, I am now making the impact on children that she did to me.

Sarah Hambley
Green Gates Primary School

Dear Mrs King
Thank you for the outstanding job you do on a daily basis in the Design & Technology department. Your determination to ensure learning and progress by producing differentiated resources, detailed feedback and total commitment to every student. Thank You!

Jan Hanly
Rosebery School

Thank you Ms Cummings!
I would like to say a massive thank you to Anna Cummings. She has helped me pass an exam that I have battled with for 10 months and failed 5 times! Anna has supported and helped me to get ready for the exam and I couldn’t have done it without her. Anna has believed in me and encouraged me from the start and making me believe I can do it. She has helped me with everything small or big and nothing has been too much trouble for her. She has put me at ease with it all and gone through this to make sure I fully understand what I am doing.

Megan Mitchell
Babington Business College

Thank you Mrs Banks!
Mrs Banks has inspired my daughter Tess. She has fostered her confidence and self-belief. Tess has flourished in her class and has developed a real love of learning. It’s wonderful to know your child is being challenged whilst feeling safe and secure. Mrs Banks, from day one, has embraced Tess\' personality and brought out her individuality. I am so happy Tess has had Mrs Banks in year 2 as it ensures she goes to upper school with a wonderful attitude and positive experience of school life. I can\'t thank her enough and hope Tess is fortunate enough to experience such excellent teaching again.

Susan Stevenson

\"We would not be here without Ms. Cross”
I would like to thank Ms Cross for all the help she has given my son this year. Ms. Cross has done an amazing job thinking of innovated ways to help my son learn. She has worked tirelessly to get him more resources and help in the area\'s that he struggles. I know in the future whenever Sullivan has a success we will look back and say \"We would not be here without Ms. Cross\". I truly believe that she has been one of those once in a lifetime teachers for my son and I will be forever grateful. Oundle CE Primary School is full of amazing teachers but Ms. Cross has gone above and beyond for Sullivan. Thank You for all your hard work.

Meghan Cook

To the Best Maths I’ve Ever Had!
Miss Cherry is the best Maths teacher I have ever had – she has taught me so much over the past 2 years and every lesson we have had with her is enjoyable. She has helped me to get my target grades in year end tests and always supports you in class when you don’t understand something. Miss Cherry makes Maths fun!

Imogen Whigham
Ribblesdale High School